The suppression of almost-free energy is the biggest crime of all (and a sophisticated coverup is ongoing) (8)

–Canada MP breaks cover; long-dated crude oil should be falling; NYT’s podcaster looks into it; CarrZee’s take …also on the questionable Bonn intersessional climate talks

By Mathew Carr

June 19-30, 2023 — Given the dire state of the climate, the suppression of technology that masters gravity and would solve the energy and climate crisis within two decades is a deeply sinister crime.

It seems, that’s what happened.

While the uncovering of the world’s biggest cover up is a bit of a slow burner, a growing number of people are keen to hold culprits to account unless they come clean in the next six months.

Military whistleblower David Grusch on the cover up (more below):

‘One of the most scandalous facets of withholding the technology is that we could have been generating clean energy for decades, but continue to deliberately pollute the earth with oil. Climate change tech is being withheld. This technology has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the ecosystem. The Department of Energy, which is also part of the secret services, has some explaining to do, because this is a crime against humanity and the earth. We use the tech for war and not for peace and nature. The people who withhold this will one day have to apply for amnesty somewhere for crimes against humanity.’

Need to come clean

Cover upperers will need to come clean, according to Steven Greer, a former trauma doctor who is bringing together military and contractor whistleblowers and has founded the Disclosure Project to show how the US government, military officers and weapons makers have covered up the existence of alien technology, and much more, since the second world war. There are other credible whistleblowers coming forward.

If you have not watched this June 12 press conference below, please do so. I also watched Greer’s new film, The Lost Century and How to Reclaim It (Amazon Prime), which I also recommend because it calls into the question the existing political and economic foundations of the world. I’m not exaggerating.

If true (and it seems to be credible to me), the revelations mean humankind has had the ability to tap energy from water, or soil, easily and cheaply for the past eight decades, or so. It turns out the “conspiracy theories” are true.

David Grusch, a credible whistleblower, has come out and said there’s a massive cover up and he’s made the story too compelling to ignore, yet much of the media continues to do so.

Grusch, above. It’s not a Newsnation exclusive, really – news of Grusch speaking out was broken by The Debrief on June 5. I’ve covered the cover up since October 2021 but it’s 8 decades old and aging — so many whistleblowers have been harmed and even murdered, according to credible allegations.

In the three weeks since The Debrief article, the mainstream media are still mostly ignoring it, even though more and more influential lawmakers in the US are speaking about it. See this

News coverage is starting to change.

There also might be somewhat of a pushback happening from the military-industrial-intelligence complex, with potential whistleblowers being pressured to sign new non-disclosure agreements. This may be against the wishes of congress, said Ross Coulthart, a leading journalist investigating UFOs. See the video in this tweet.

See, also, this explainer from Encyclopedia Britannica on how the zero-point energy mentioned by Greer might work (the Encyclopedia is not citing Greer, but explaining the terms used by Greer and his many compelling contacts and historical scientists):

zero-point energy, vibrational energy that molecules retain even at the absolute zero of temperature. Temperature in physics has been found to be a measure of the intensity of random molecular motion, and it might be expected that, as temperature is reduced to absolute zero, all motion ceases and molecules come to rest. In fact, however, the motion corresponding to zero-point energy never vanishes.

Zero-point energy results from principles of quantum mechanics, the physics of subatomic phenomena. Should the molecules ever come completely to rest, their component atoms would be precisely located and would simultaneously have precisely specified velocities, namely, of value zero. But it is an axiom of quantum mechanics that no object can ever have precise values of position and velocity simultaneously (see uncertainty principle); thus molecules can never come completely to rest.

I asked Google’s Bard AI to put it in layman’s terms, which I repeat here:

Zero-point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical system may have. This means that even at absolute zero, where all thermal motion has ceased, there is still some residual energy present.

The reason for this is that quantum mechanics tells us that particles cannot have a precise position and momentum at the same time. This is known as the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. As a result, even when a particle is in its lowest energy state, it is still fluctuating in position and momentum. This fluctuation gives rise to a small amount of energy, known as zero-point energy.

Zero-point energy is a very real phenomenon, and it has been experimentally verified. However, it is very difficult to harness because it is spread out over a very large volume. In order to extract any significant amount of zero-point energy, we would need to create a very small vacuum chamber and then cool it to absolute zero. This is a very challenging task, and it is not yet clear whether it is even possible.

If it is possible, houses could be built anywhere on earth, no matter how bad climate change gets because energy and water would be free or close to free. A home’s power source could be small box sitting in the corner on the living room, like this (according to two snips from Greer’s film):

From big power stations to tiny ones

Now, Greer reckons some people who have covered up the technology should be considered for immunity against prosecution, if they come clean within about 6 months. A few hours after I first published a version of this story on June 19, this happened:

Greer’s point is you don’t want to escalate what’s already a very dangerous situation for the planet by starting aggressive new police actions / litigation, until we know what’s to know.

And perhaps China and the US scaling back their aggression this month is a good first sign.

Yet, this coverup story is really about a global establishment class that is refusing to be held to account. The mainstream media, some of the biggest beneficiaries from greenwash, are declining to cover the story properly.

See this:

And this:

CarrZee’s take on the UFO technology story:

The reason why I’m so curious about reverse-engineered alien technology is I’ve dedicated the past 20 years of my career to reporting about the climate crisis and solutions.

I began writing about the EU carbon market in about 2003 as a financial reporter for Bloomberg News, the New York-based global news service that’s perhaps the world’s most influential provider across markets, servicing giant banks and global corporations and hundreds of thousands of others.

The carbon market is Europe’s cornerstone climate policy, placing a price on greenhouse gas emissions and helping the region cut them down. They’ve fallen by about one third since peaking around 1980 — as global emissions continue to reach records.

See this chart:

Instead of listening to rational calls for aggressive action the past 20 years, certain countries have been feasting on ill-gotten energy money while others suffer terribly.

If it’s true that we had cheap and abundant clean technology all along, and it was just being suppressed, then I’ve arguably wasted a serious amount of my life. And the world has been placed in the most serious jeopardy for no good reason.

I was fired by Bloomberg in May 2020 after years of blowing the whistle about the firm’s bad climate news.

I argued the media company was underplaying the global heating crisis and it was dismissive of the reporting that I wanted to do to show how humankind could prevent disaster by installing EU-like policies across the world.

My bosses in the newsroom got weirder and weirder in the 10 years leading up to my dismissal.

Bloomberg LP eventually made up false allegations that I was incapable of doing my job. I’ve been in a bitter litigation ever since they fired me and the firm, one of the most profitable on earth, now wants me to pay some of their legal costs. They said I should pay £40,000 (of probably millions) and the court has ordered I pay £10,000. I’m still resisting.

I argue the firm mislead the UK judicial system the past three years and/or the judiciary simply didn’t want to properly deal with my case. The UK is a close ally of the U.S.

The sophisticated coverup of UFO-linked clean technology by the US military industrial complex makes the behaviour of Bloomberg LP more understandable, from my point of view, at least.

It seems that media barons around the world are complicit in demonising people who wanted climate action and wanted to disclose the existence of clean alien technology, while companies made trillions of dollars out of polluting fossil fuels. Remember the US is the world’s biggest petro state, by far, yet has only 4% of the world’s people.

I will add to the following timeline over the next few days. 

June 2023

CarrZee’s been trying to get story into the open

I contend a sophisticated coverup operation is ongoing.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get senior officials within the United Nations, environmentalist Greta Thunberg, leading envoys overseeing climate talks and the US Department of Defense to comment.

On June 13 of this month, I attended this event held by

Anne-Sophie Cerisola

Director, Climate Action Team, Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General (Antonio Guterres)

Guterres seems to think another talking shop will help save the climate, specifically one planned for September of this year.

I asked Cerisola at the event whether she or the wider UN was going to find out over the next few months who has been suppressing information on available non-fossil-fuel technology. (Not just the US but all nations, including space travellers China and Russia.)

She didn’t know about that, she said.

Here is the webcast.

According to Cerisola, the UN is now keen to “accelerate” action. “We are really far from where we need to be,” she said.

What is interesting about the webcast delivered onto the website is that the UNFCCC secretariat seem to have messed it up. (Remember Mike Bloomberg is a UN appointed climate envoy ….just saying…not saying he’s involved in any coverups. He’s too philanthropic for that.)

The event was about two hours, yet only about one quarter of it is actually available for you to watch. Much of it has been suppressed, including my question, near the end.

It’s probably just another mistake. Or part of the coverup.

Another interesting thing to note is the slide above, which again seems to be a UN attempt to demonize carbon trading, or offsetting, or compensating for climate damage, a scientifically valid strategy which companies and emerging nations want to undertake because it gives them a way to manage risk / win climate finance during one of humankind’s most frightening global transitions ever — away from unabated fossil fuels.

Note in the slide it says “no use of offsets.” It’s not hard and fast, Cerisola said.

You could not make this stuff up.

I’m not saying the UNFCCC deliberately is suppressing the whole event or demonizing legitimate climate action. I don’t want to be threatened again with a defamation lawsuit.

Yet, it’s a weird mistake. (Remember also that Mike Bloomberg is also pushing a global transparency initiative to make all companies disclose more information on their emissions and climate-action efforts.)

I reckon real transparency would require all agreements between all countries and fossil-fuel companies to be made public and those who made them should be held to account for each and every clause in them. The secrecy and coverups need to stop.

Note also the weirdness in the slide above over the phrase “economy wide” in the first column. This is crucial as it indicates carbon pricing or climate policy should be economy wide in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) made by 2025 (many OECD and big nations are late with their climate plans, known as NDCs in UNFCCC jargon. Oh …And “absolute” emission cuts will be needed — again …you can’t completely offset your way out of trouble, folks.

Don’t forget that. That’s the most important thing, you see! [yes I’m being a little sarcastic here, you see]

Here’s a picture I took at the event itself.

Why has the gobbledegook been placed over the “economy wide” phrasing? Please let me and my readers know at, UNFCCC secretariat.

Later on the same day, there was a press conference held by Greta Thunberg and others about scaling back fossil fuels.

The webcast of that event has failed to turn up on the website, though it must have been filmed because there was an “overflow” room, apparently. The other press conferences seem to be there.

I’m probably just missing it. Or is it part of the cover up?

Perhaps the video will show up. See also how it is also listed at the wrong time (I think)?

Indeed, there are 544 events at the intersessional climate talks held in Bonn June 5-15, yet the most interesting events are not recorded and nor are they available for webcast viewing pleasure.

Envoys are not being held to account for what they say, whether they push for more ambitious action, or argue for delay. (eg the loss and damage event listed below for the last day.)

There is quite a lot of interesting stuff there, still …yet little accountability for the millions of euros spent of taxpayer’s money on the really important stuff (and it’s almost as if CarrZee was never there).

Also, the global mainstream media are not nuanced enough to handle real transparency, anyway — I have real empathy with this argument, having been a 25+ year insider.

Near the end of my visit to the negotiations on the second-last day, I asked an envoy standing in the over-air-conditioned space under the glass roof of the World Congress Centre Bonn whether the climate talks were deliberately being made much more complicated than they really need to be — to water down accountability for the damage being caused.

Yeah, it does seem like that, he said….having spent a frustrating volume of hours of his life in meetings designed largely to stroke the egos of the greedy and reckless.

The negotiations are really about two things:

— keeping heat-trapping gas from getting to the atmosphere where they warm the planet and keeping them from damaging the oceans (and also in a just way); [and if it takes alien tech to make that happen, then so be it]

— providing for adaptation, loss and damage in a just way

Inclusion and accountability are important. Negotiations between 190 or so countries are never going to be a breeze.

But 544 siloed events for a halfway-through-2023-UN meeting when everyone pretty much knows by now what needs to be done (despite the misleading and greedy behavior by rich countries over the past 80 years)? Really is that necessary?

One thing is for sure. Coverups should be avoided. Did I mention that?

Another envoy shivered in her slip dress because of the “too much” aircon, and despite the warming outside temperatures.

June 14

Here is part of my attempt to get the secretariat of the UNFCCC speaking:

I’m writing a feature on the potential impact on the climate transition of technology derived from recovered UFO crash / landing sites by the US government / weapons makers the past 80 years and then covered up, according to credible military and contractor whistleblowers.

These credible whistleblowers made detailed allegations June 12, including at the National Press Club in Washington.

For details, see this and links therein.

If true, the disclosures may mean the UNFCCC process has been unnecessarily operating in the dark the past 30 years.

Questions for the UNFCCC

1. What do you plan to do to ensure all nations know what technology is available for the climate transition so that negotiations in Dubai later this year make more productive progress? Would you require new powers under the convention?

2. Given Michael Bloomberg’s dual role as chairman of the US Defense Innovation Board and UN climate representative, shouldn’t he have to resign his UN climate position or at least be suspended while there is an investigation? Otherwise, how has the potential conflict of interest been dealt with by the UNFCCC?

That board met in secret Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 on topics that might cover some of the disclosures being made by the military whistleblowers. (See the document attached)

[I need to be cautious asking the questions above because I used to work for Mr Bloomberg as a reporter and so have inside experience of his newsroom. I was fired in May 2020 and still in a legal fight. So I am conflicted too and am dealing with it by being very transparent. Mr Bloomberg is also conflicted because his company Bloomberg LP gets perhaps a $1 billion a year from the fossil fuel industry / commodity traders.]

3. Should the UNFCCC require the US and Mr Bloomberg to detail how they deal with these conflicts of interest? If not, why not? (the US congress has been kept in the dark, too, btw).

Also, why is this money below being kept from the UNFCCC and is it related to the above?:

UNFCCC Secretary General – part of the cover up?

I also asked Bloomberg’s press office directly on June 23:

I’m writing about Mr Bloomberg’s conflicts of interest re his dual role as chairman of the Defense Innovation Board and UN climate envoy and I’m wanting to give him a chance to comment.

He possibly does not want to comment as I asked the UNFCCC about it on June 14 and have not heard back.

See this: Do you want to comment on any of it?

I sent to him the questions I had sent the UNFCCC.

Michael ‘Mr climate transparency’ Bloomberg — part of the cover up?

Source: Defense Innovation Board website

UN centre, Bonn

(Stay tuned)

Light orb over Washington DC: source is person who regularly sees this phenomenon — exclusive to CarrZee

CarrZee: I’m surprised long-dated crude oil futures are not falling even further on these UFO disclosures:

Brent futures


Greer, below, introduces Garcia, below that, who is among about 90 lawyers looking to hold people to account

Involvement of billionaires needs to be investigated, especially if they have information that markets don’t have. I have no evidence they do, but it needs investigating by market regulators that oversee prevention of insider trading.

From tweet linked above:

Bombshell new interview with David Grusch for Dutch mag. Blendle (paywall)

Are you threatened by what you are putting out now? ‘I can’t comment on that, but very unpleasant things have happened, both on a personal and career level.’

Why are you ringing the bell? “I know that the US Department of Defense is withholding crucial information from Congress, especially the possession of UAPs and alien remains by our Secret Service. They refuse to share crucial information and deny its existence. It is even criminal to withhold this from your drivers. That’s why I started ringing the bell.’

How were you able to do that? Do you have some sort of security clearance? ‘This is partly due to the NDAA whistleblower act, which guarantees the protection of whistleblowers. I filed a complaint in May 2022 and had an intelligence officer testimonial drawn up.’

How did you get the inspector general to let you share information about the Mussolini uap? “Because this UAP crash happened on Italian soil and it happened almost 90 years ago.”

Are only America and Italy involved? ‘No, there are also known cases in Russia, for example. It even resulted in a race with the Russians to see who could master the UAP technology first.’

What is the most important thing this uap technology can offer humanity? ‘One of the most scandalous facets of withholding the technology is that we could have been generating clean energy for decades, but continue to deliberately pollute the earth with oil. Climate change tech is being withheld. This technology has the potential to have a hugely positive impact on the ecosystem. The Department of Energy, which is also part of the secret services, has some explaining to do, because this is a crime against humanity and the earth. We use the tech for war and not for peace and nature. The people who withhold this will one day have to apply for amnesty somewhere for crimes against humanity.’

Has anyone tried to address this before? ‘Yes, but they have disappeared, or have been silenced with serious threats. This is life-threatening knowledge.’ Translated with google translate.


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