Expect Market Fireworks as World’s Biggest Energy Cover Up Seen Revealed During Next 2 Weeks (3)

By Mathew Carr

May 26-27, 2023 — LONDON — I’m not fully understanding this yet …. but it’s certainly worth looking into, especially if you are trading forward in energy markets.

Some conspiracy theories … might just be truth about a real conspiracy.

Make up your mind.

I’m fairly convinced that the US government is covering up information about clean technology breakthroughs — or at least some kind of electro-magnetic technology that MIGHT be useful in the energy transition— and more well-known journalists than me also think that including Ross Coulthart linked below.

This tentative view is also based on observing the behavior of politicians and officials testifying in Congress about UFOs. See links below.

The US, UK and Australian governments have illegal programs with military corporations to develop and / or suppress technology that might have helped save the climate, says Steven Greer, an American ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project, which seeks the disclosure of alleged classified UFO information.

A group of citizens is preparing a lawsuit to get better disclosure and accountability from governments and companies involved, details of which will be released June 12, 2023 at the 2-hour press conference flagged below, Greer said in the You Tube interview with Chris Lehto broadcast Friday, also linked below.

There would a payday from the 75-year cover up “if we were to come up with an energy device that would sit on your table there that would run your house from the quantum vacuum and zero-point energy field with no pollution at zero energy cost. It literally is free energy. And those systems exist,” Greer said. He’s been waiting for 30 years for disclosure.

“Getting to the bottom of this will result in — within 10 to 20 years — the ending of pollution and poverty on the planet. Even if you don’t care about the alien issue and ufology, most people certainly should care.”

There will be a streamed multi-day conference leading up to the press conference June 10-11, he said. I have reached out to Greer and will keep you updated.

The technology is reverse-engineered UFO technology collected over more than 50 years, he said. Few in government have a clear view across the extent of the programs, he said.

There will be multiple military and weapons-industry contractor whistleblowers coming forward over the next two weeks, including one with links to Raytheon Technologies, he said.

CarrZee: Oil, natural gas, coal and carbon allowance futures prices could plunge.

Note the disclaimer at the bottom here:

Note this event next week too, by NASA

I’ve got no financial interest in this movie trailed below and I watched the trailer for the first time Friday May 26, 2023. Listen to Greer first about the press conference, if you don’t mind me being bossy. It’s worth the time:

Now, think about weird government behavior in covering up useful tech and tell me what you think at mathew@carrzee.net. Either for the record. Or not. The behaviour is outlined by Greer above and in the next few links. I’m not providing a narrative, really. I’m sharing:

Didn’t happen last year:

Nor the year earlier:



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