‘Clear Cover Up’: I Can’t Wait Until Tuesday … to See if UFO Technology Might Help Save the Climate

May 13, 2022

By Mathew Carr (CarrZee)

If you think this seems like a silly headline, think again.

The USA has gradually boosted disclosure about Unidentified Flying Objects over the past few years, now called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena …because the term UFOs has become synonymous with … well “silly”.

Yet U.S. air-force pilots and increasingly sophisticated radar are among those seeing the UAPs.

So the topic is seriously serious.

There could some seriously good tech. See this:

See PDF below

Here is the notice for the US government event happening on Tuesday:

The event was announced on May 10, as you can see, above.

That’s 17 days after I sent this email to the US Dept. of Energy:

I’m not saying there’s a link between my request and the 3C sub-committee hearing.

The pressure for disclosure has been building, including from journalist Ross Coulthart, author of In Plain Sight, an investigation into UFOs and impossible science.

This is the guy leading Tuesday’s meeting:

And note committee members below

There has been a substantive pivot toward nuclear power, of late. Including this:


If the meeting does disclose cool tech and I’m not saying it will, expect some downward pressure on crude, natgas, coal and carbon contracts. Expect rapidly tighter emissions budgets. Expect jubilation, indeed, and questions about why the tech has been withheld from markets, until now.


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PDF here.

Politico’s take on May 10:


The NYT version was written by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal:

The 300 or so comments at the end of the NYT piece are good too. I like what Ralph says here:

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