Octopus Handouts Related to Push for US Trade Deal? Rival UK power groups slam interest-free loans| FT (1)

Government support included in sale of failed provider to Octopus, which has US links, threatens to distort energy market, court hears.
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CarrZee: The determination of the UK government to hand taxpayer money to Octopus is curious, indeed.

Especially at a time when households face massive hikes in costs because of a war that NATO provoked.

Interest-free loans are market distortive after the massive jump in interest rates that are also handing money unnecessarily to banks: Centrica and others, CarrZee

Is it part of a deal to win a post-Brexit trade agreement between the U.K. and the US?

Does the British government have no shame?

Key snips, for convenience:

Natgas futures have plunged (see below). Octopus can hedge risks in the market. Why is this handout needed? Is getting handed a bunch of new customers really such a serious blow?

See this background:

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