Don’t Underestimate Just Stop (New) Oil

I spent some time with activists from Just Stop Oil and you don’t want to underestimate their determination to make sure govts stop granting new fossil fuel exploitation licenses.

They realise stopping oil full stop is a bit silly.

They are putting off their immediate lives to make sure they get a liveable life.

What is the point of studying or making music if the world becomes so wrecked that those benefits are worth nothing? They asked.

There were tears, fears and plenty of anger.

Their physical safety is being threatened online…including sexual threats.

3 degrees C of warming will make a fifth of the world uninhabitable, they said.

The future is looking fucked, they said.…repeatedly.

The UK govt is not listening, they said. It will pay for its lazy inaction, they said.

The most subversive thing to do is to create hope, they said.

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