AirCarbon has 150 participants; sees ‘exponential’ growth going forward (1)

Trading carbon credits might be cheaper than you think, if you are going professional.

AirCarbon Exchange’s Zeenat Iqbal comments in Redshaw Advisors / Net Zero Markets videocast.

Since Feb. 2021, about 17 million tons traded on AirCarbon, she said. Sees growth advancing “quite exponentially.”

Trade costs about $25 in fees for 5,000 tons …equates to about half a cent per ton. (“In the over-the-counter market it’s very difficult to get this type of pricing efficiency.”)

Global volume last year was about 300 million tons, with small % handled by exchanges. Most are handled by more expensive brokers.

There are yearly fees as well, not just volume-based ones.


Please join us tomorrow at 11AM GMT for the second webinar in our three part series ‘A Guide to Corporate Offsetting’, co-curated with AirCarbon Exchange and European Energy Exchange Group.  

This session will provide a guide to the key players in the sector and detail the different products available through them. Businesses looking to enter the voluntary carbon market will find the webinar useful for identifying suitable offsetting solutions and reputable partners. It will also feature practical examples of how to buy credits from exchanges and retailers. 

Partaking in this panel are: Claire Dorrian – Head of Sustainable Finance, Capital Markets and Post Trade – London Stock Exchange Group
Sam Hope, Senior Voluntary Carbon Market and net zero advisor – Redshaw Advisors
Zeenat Iqbal, Senior Business Development Manager – AirCarbon Exchange We hope to see you there. Regards,The Net Zero Markets Team
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