Three Years of Horrible Geopolitical Shocks May be Followed by Several Pieces of Good News: Wolf+EBRD

FT’s Martin Wolf, an economist, on the next year, speaking in videocast. Most of these won’t surprise regular CarrZee readers, but it’s still a fairly neat summary:

What could come good in the world in the next 12 months (but might not):

  • War could end or the end could be in sight
  • Inflation problem could disappear
  • Negatives of deglobalization will come to light
  • Dealing with inequality to become bigger focus
  • Energy shock gone
  • Could be a year without a negative shock
  • Monetary policy loosening
  • Leadership looks less “completely insane” (“…and that’s rather cheering”) after departure of former Brazil and US leadership (Putin still an issue?)

EBRD’s Beata Javorcik, chief economist:

“What Martin said, it’s possible. The biggest challenge is finding a stable solution to the Ukrainian war. I hope when we are here next year we are really talking about reconstruction that’s already getting into full flow.”

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