Chevron and Exxon’s $100 Billion in Probable Profit in 2022 Mocks Climate Target of Same Amount (Correct)

CarrZee: It’s like the rich countries are mocking the poorer ones.

“Ok …I know we promised in 2009 that we would provide $100 billion by 2020 for poor-nation climate action,” they seem to be saying.

“But we changed our mind and instead…this”:

“We like money way too much to be helping clean up our own mess by helping you,” they seem to be saying.

In an alternative, fair reality the oil giants would be making $100 billion of asset- value write downs… because they KNOW their business models have seen their best days.

(Corrects on Jan. 20, 2023 to say Chevron instead of Shell in headline. I confused the giant oil companies…sorry about that confusion in your minds, dear reader)

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