Markets Are Failing Investors on Sustainability: Mother of All Market Regulators

By Mathew Carr

Feb. 25, 2021 — LONDON: The mother of all market regulators says global markets are in a mess on sustainability.

Investors wanting clear disclosure on the climate and natural-environment impact of the bonds and shares they buy are not being well served, the International Organization of Securities Commissions said yesterday.

“Companies often report sustainability-related information selectively, referencing different frameworks,” the organization said in a statement on its website:

IOSCO said there was an “urgent need” for globally consistent, comparable and reliable sustainability disclosure standards.

On the same day, the Division of Corporation Finance of the Securities Exchange Commission was ordered to enhance its focus on climate-related disclosure in public company filings. SEC staffers “will review the extent to which public companies address the topics identified in the 2010 guidance,” said Acting Chair of the SEC Allison Herren Lee.
See this:

Allison Herren Lee

At the end of 2020 various organisations jointly released a ‘prototype’ climate financial disclosure standard “cobbled together in some haste from existing offerings,” according to this column in Responsible Investor from last month:

The landscape is acronym city.

“Whilst anyone familiar with Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), integrated reporting and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards is likely to be favourably disposed to the proposed reporting requirements, the conceptual framework underpinning them is flawed,” said Carol Adams, Professor of Accounting at Durham University Business School and technical expert to the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goal Impact Team..

Instead of simply making polluters pay, regulators are getting caught up in this sort of stuff (I’m not claiming it’s easy — check out of the chart on the last page of this):

The Era of Climate Brinkmanship is Ending as Carbon-Free Cashflow Rises (2)

— The climate transition is set to be better managed
— Climate activist Greta Thunberg will be pleased

By Mathew Carr

OPINION, Feb. 9-13, 2021 — LONDON: Not before time, the right things are becoming desirable in the previously cut-throat world of financial markets.

The push-pull for climate-friendly products has become so strong, pension funds are starting to ignore profits made from burning coal, crude oil or even natural gas.

Instead of black gold, examples of emissions-cutting market innovation are gushing thick and fast.

Green is the new black in the commodity world.

A few days ago research and rating provider S&P Global joined dairy group Danone to become one of the first companies to introduce a carbon-adjusted-earnings-per-share metric into its financial reporting.

The metric – based on a theoretical cost per share of the company’s emitted carbon dioxide subtracted from regular earnings per share – provides transparency into how far down the climate transition curve a company is.

The world’s biggest investor Blackrock, belatedly on board with the climate transition itself, said a couple of weeks ago that the global coronavirus pandemic “presented such an existential crisis – such a stark reminder of our fragility – that it has driven us to confront the global threat of climate change more forcefully and to consider how, like the pandemic, it will alter our lives.”

Carbon-adjusted EPS is another way of progressing toward net-zero targets, favored by more than 2,000 businesses, cities, states, universities and investors around the world, according to UN data. ESG standards and climate disclosure is increasingly becoming mandatory rather than optional.

So, a compelling stage has been set, because these measures imply demand for carbon allowances and renewable-energy credits will rise, as corporates and governments seek to hit targets in 2025, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2045 and 2050.

Photo by Zukiman Mohamad on

Stockmarket darling Tesla made $1.6 billion from selling regulatory carbon credits it received last year, far outweighing its net income of $721 million — meaning it would have otherwise posted a net loss, according to CNN.

A carbon credit boom isn’t quite set in stone. Remember, they were going to be huge 10 years ago, but politics got in the way and demand never showed up.

Now though, things seem different.

Occidental Petroleum’s sale of a shipment of carbon-neutral crude was another recent surprise. The shipment from the Permian to India was apparently made carbon neutral via green emission-reduction projects in both India and Thailand. I’m seeking confirmation and more information.

Trading in the voluntary carbon market could merge with compliance buying and selling under the Paris climate deal, according to some enthusiasts. That climate deal is meant to be biting from this year, but the pandemic has also slowed the number of possible negotiation meetings.

Further, not all emerging nations are on board with a surging voluntary carbon market. They prefer a UN system. Rich countries and companies say the failure of politicians to set carbon trading rules is a key reason why the climate crisis is now so acute.

Giving the market a bigger size won’t necessarily be easy, the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets concluded on Jan. 27. It needs to be turning over about $100 billion a year instead of $320 million, it said. See this:

If demand does show up this time, it could stir prices a lot. EU carbon allowances have more than doubled since the start of the pandemic to about 38 euros a ton. Voluntary carbon allowances are mostly more like 6 euros.

Perhaps soon, commodity indexes such as Bloomberg’s BCOM will include EU allowances or voluntary emission credits for the first time. At the moment, the energy element of the index is made up largely of fossil fuels, even though carbon has reached about half the cost of Europe’s wholesale electricity price. And electricity is where it’s at.

The past few years has seen a lot of climate brinkmanship. Mr Donald Trump expanded oil and natural gas, China and India are planning coal-power expansion, Brazil’s Amazon is burning at a rapid pace.

So the shift to greener markets is sorely needed.

Carbon credits could for instance reward striking Indian farmers should they agree to pivot toward more climate-friendly agriculture. They could make the Amazon worth more alive than dead.

See this:

To be sure, the pandemic has placed the global airline industry in severe doldrums, drying up a key area of previously expected offset demand.

Demand Recovers Scenario

Assuming demand does recover, one useful thing that’s happened over the past five years is testing of a cool mechanism for efficiently buying and selling emission credits.

The Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation handled by the World Bank employs auctions to maximize the use of public resources. Private corporations could use the same system.

Emissions-project investors bid for tradable put options that give the right to sell emission reduction credits, in this case to the World-Bank overseen fund. The projects willing to sell for the lowest price, win the options.

That injects price tension into the mix, reducing the chance of overblown profits for sellers and helping buying companies push up their adjusted carbon earnings per share.

A fund buying like this for corporates would lower the cost of meeting their net-zero targets. All this assumes emission-credit markets are well managed and not oversupplied. It’s going to be tough to make that happen in the next few weeks or months.

The World-Bank-overseen facility was created five years ago to keep projects running because carbon-credit prices plunged amid the flagging demand I mentioned earlier. Rich countries put in the cash.

The first sales result back in 2015 showed the program was “extremely efficient and scalable,” providing sorely needed finance to projects and making capturing methane worth the cost, the bank said at the time. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas with a global-warming potential 25 times that of carbon dioxide.

I wrote this in 2015:


The facility hosted three successful auctions between 2015 and 2017, allocating nearly $54 million in climate finance, with the potential to abate about 21 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent, according to its website. The Pilot Auction Facility also addressed nitrous oxide through 2020. The volume is about a day and one half of U.S. energy emissions. It’s a start, at least.

Such structures should prevent profiteering in the next batch of carbon markets, something the first batch was criticised for.

They could also boost transparency and increase the incentive to install strict oversight of the green projects, including in countries with a history of corruption. Auction rules can insist on high standards and stipulate which projects can buy the put options.

That means countries would want to make sure their projects are attractive and so they would make sure they are managed properly. Projects looking to sell into the fund (buy the put options) would also need to make sure they meet standards, or they won’t be able to use this as a revenue-generating route.

No one wants to be seen buying bad credits, whether they’re bad because of their environmental credibility, bad because of the behavior of the people running the project, or bad because of the national oversight.

See this:

Tate Britain: Kumari Singh Burman’s ice cream van — Diwali inspired art

(Corrects to capitalize Indian, adds link, adds S&P Link, adds details Saturday)

Countries Seen Setting Emissions AND Removals Targets Separately: the Price of Carbon ‘Needs to be Higher Than the Cost of Capturing it Later’ (1)

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 24, 2020 — LONDON: Countries are seen setting both emissions limits and targets for removing heat-trapping gas from the atmosphere.

The idea is important as countries set their contributions to the Paris climate agreement, ideally by the end of this month.

Such a move would eliminate the false compensation arguments being made by companies and countries seeking to “offset” their emissions and hit “net zero” targets, said Niklas Höhne, a founding partner of NewClimate Institute. He is also Special Professor “mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions” at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

“To find a balance between the removal target and the emissions target will be a bit difficult,” Hohne said. “One could say that this is a downside but the advantages really outweigh the downside.”

Here are some of the ways forward for country policy makers, he said:

The price of emitting greenhouse gases needs to be higher than the cost of removing them later from the atmosphere, says Louise Jeffery.

“The crux then is that it has to be more expensive to emit carbon dioxide than it is to remove it,” said Jeffery,  a Climate Policy Analyst at  NewClimate Institute working on tracking climate action and carbon markets.

“The correct policies and the correct action and the correct pricing today is not going to be the same today as it is in 30 years’ or in 50 years’ time,” she said.

Shoutout to Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, who highlighted policy ideas for countries.

Removal options and costs here:

Snip from: Professor Dr.
Stefan Ulreich

Link: Catalysing large-scale Carbon Dioxide Removal – Louise Jeffery… #CarbonDioxideRemoval. Watch the full webinar:

See this for global rich country carbon prices aligning:

East London graffiti

(Updated Thursday afternoon with chart)

Business Net Zero Limits, Climate Disclosure Spurring CO2 Credit Demand

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 17, 2020 — LONDON: Standards that require companies to disclose their climate risks and measures to ensure a clean exit to the coronavirus pandemic are seen boosting demand for carbon credits.

“A number of large multinationals including Unilever, Microsoft, Mars, Maple Leaf Foods, Google, Nike, HSBC, Swiss Re have committed to making their business operations carbon neutral,” said Lisa DeMarco, senior partner at DeMarco Allan LLP and others, in an article published Wednesday on the Energy Regulation Quarterly website. The firm specialises in climate law.

“And any number of entities are purchasing carbon offsets in the voluntary carbon market in order to achieve those targets. These developments herald a new age of climate commitment veracity that are certain to require additional climate-related financial disclosures to both shareholders, investors, and ultimately, end-use customers.

United Nations emissions credits have already registered a tiny uplift in market prices in recent days. See this from ICE Futures Europe. It could be a sign of more to come. See this:

CER Futures in Euros/metric ton from ICE Futures Europe

The UN has bedded down somewhat a transition from the Kyoto Protocol the Paris climate agreement beginning next year, giving investors some certainty about how to allocate capital. See this:

The government responses of the world’s 200 nations to the global pandemic have largely included incentives to use cleaner, health-conscious measures and climate policies to spur economic production and employment.

“Many of those policy responses and economic stimuli have ‘green strings’ in the form of enhanced climate change and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure obligations. Canada is no exception,” DeMarco said.

On May 11, 2020, the Canadian government released the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF), to provide Canada’s largest employers that are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with liquidity relief, she said.

Companies are required to demonstrate a long-term commitment to addressing climate change and commit to publishing annual climate-related financial reports in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Supporting TCFD organizations represent 77 countries and include companies with a combined market capitalization of over $15 trillion, and more than 750 financial firms, responsible for assets of over $155 trillion. Over 110 regulators and governmental entities from around the world support the TCFD, including the governments of France, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

See this:

DeMarco article link here:

Full text here:
The COVID-19 pandemic is anticipated to trim global economic growth by 3–6 per cent in 2020, result in levels of unemployment not experienced since the Great Depression of the 1930s, and curtail global trade by 13–32 per cent.[1] Virtually all of the governments of the more than 200 countries affected by the pandemic have enacted fiscal and/or monetary policies that are intended to facilitate economic recovery from the pandemic. Many of those policy responses and economic stimuli have “green strings” in the form of enhanced climate change and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosure obligations. Canada is no exception.

On May 11, 2020, the federal Government released the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF), to provide Canada’s largest employers[2] that are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with liquidity relief. Companies are required to demonstrate a long-term commitment to addressing climate change and commit to publishing annual climate-related financial reports in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). The government’s stated intent of mandating TCFD was to ensure that recipient corporations are (i) thinking about the challenges that climate change will pose to the company’s future and have a response for it, and (ii) disclosing their climate footprint, and the related challenges that they may face to their shareholders. While there is no reported uptake of the LEEFF to date, its existence and its climate-related disclosure obligations are consistent with recovery programs in other jurisdictions.

The EU has also tied its economic recovery programs to stronger climate-related financial disclosure and support for the goals of the Paris Agreement. On May 27, 2020 the EU released its Next Generation EU Plan, which basis the EU economic recovery largely on the EU New Green Deal and includes climate disclosure obligations.[3] It includes a €750 billion recovery plan that relies heavily on sustainable and digital transitions to COVID-19 economic recovery and climate resilience. The spending will be guided by a sustainable finance taxonomy (the “Taxonomy”) aimed to channel private investments into technologies and solutions that contribute to at least one of six pre-defined environmental objectives: (i) climate change mitigation, (ii) climate change adaptation, (iii) sustainable use and protection of water and marine resources, (iv) transition to a circular economy, (v) pollution prevention control, and (vi) protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems.[4] The taxonomy sets performance thresholds for economic activities. The standards and thresholds set are anticipated to inform the EU’s proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) and shape new tariffs on higher emission products imported into the EU.[5] In Canada, the Canadian Standards association is also developing a Green Taxonomy for sustainable finance.[6]

All of these recovery plans include climate disclosure obligations consistent with the recommendations of financial leaders including Mark Carney, the former governor of the Bank of England, who has identified the recovery from COVID-19 as a “chance to avoid returning to the status quo.”

This article outlines the existing requirements and developing trends in climate-related and ESG financial disclosure in Canada and other jurisdictions during this time of COVID-19 economic recovery. We postulate that enhanced climate related financial disclosures and standards may form the basis for sector specific GHG emission standards and potential carbon-related border measures. We expect similar requirements to emerge in this increasingly trade protectionist context that is shaping the global pandemic economic recovery and the Paris Agreement pathway to a carbon neutral world in or around 2050.


There are a number of climate related standards and requirements,[7] but global consensus appears to be emerging around the TCFD.[8] Support for the TCFD has grown to include over 1,027 organizations, with a market capitalization of over $12 trillion as of the beginning of 2020.[9] TCFD requires climate-related disclosure in four core areas[10]:

  1. Governance. Disclose the organization’s governance around climate-related risks and opportunities. The guidance affirms that the tone from the top is critical. A recent legal opinion for the Climate Law Initiative confirmed that directors are legally obligated to address climate change risk and opportunities as part of their oversight of the companies they serve.[11] In the context of climate change risks, directors and officers that exhibit conscious disregard or wilful ignorance of the material financial risks of climate change may be liable for breach of their fiduciary duty of trust and duty of loyalty.[12] Failure to consider climate change risks may lead to liability and actions against the corporation, and in some cases, personal liability for directors and officers.[13] Accordingly, securities disclosure requirements necessitate that material risks associated with climate change be disclosed. Stakeholders, broadly defined, are increasingly demanding that directors and officers understand, measure, mitigate, and report on the risks associated with climate change.
  2. Strategy. Disclose the actual and potential impacts of climate-related risks and opportunities on the organization’s businesses, strategy, and financial planning where such information is material.
  3. Risk Management. Disclose how the organization identifies, assesses, and manages climate-related risks.
  4. Metrics and Targets. Disclose the metrics and targets used to assess and manage relevant climate-related risks and opportunities where such information is material.

Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) and the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) have each promulgated instruments supporting climate-related financial risk disclosure. The CSA issued Staff Notice 51-358 Reporting of Climate Change-related Risks (the “Notice”) in August 2019, which expressly cites the TCFD recommendations and provides guidance on preparing disclosure of material climate-related risks.[14] The Notice follows and expands upon CSA Staff Notice 51-333 Environmental Reporting Guidance, issued in 2010.[15]

The Notice was motivated by (i) increased investor interest, (ii) room for improvement in disclosure, and (iii) domestic and global developments, including the recommendations of the TCFD and domestic voluntary disclosure frameworks. It organizes climate-related risks into two categories:

  1. Physical risks which are acute (event-driven), and chronic (longer-term shifts in climate patterns).
  2. Transition risks which include reputational, market, regulatory, policy, legal, and technological risks.

The Notice recognizes that climate risks are difficult to quantify but encourages: (i) issuers to carefully consider if they have any material exposure to climate risks; and (ii) boards and management to adopt relevant, clear, and understandable entity-specific disclosure of how the business is specifically affected by all material risks resulting from climate change.

The OSC has emphasized that “companies already have an obligation to disclose material environmental and governance information,” and has committed to “continue to monitor the appropriateness of disclosure being provided” and “determine the need for a regulatory response” to the TCFD.[16]


Over 1,010 companies have committed to taking science-based targets toward achieving a maximum of 1.5 degrees of global warming in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative and guidance documents for various sectors, including the financial sector.[17] A number of large multinationals including Unilever, Microsoft, Mars, Maple Leaf Foods, Google, Nike, HSBC, Swiss Re have committed to making their business operations carbon neutral. And any number of entities are purchasing carbon offsets in the voluntary carbon market in order to achieve those targets. These developments herald a new age of climate commitment veracity that are certain to require additional climate-related financial disclosures to both shareholders, investors, and ultimately, end-use customers.

While standards do exist for the voluntary carbon markets,[18] a number of new initiatives are pushing toward enhanced standardization, harmonization and transparency. These initiatives address some but not all potential customer confusion around net zero, carbon neutrality, carbon offsets and include:

  • The Mark Carney lead Task Force on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets;[19]
  • The Environmental Defence Fund and ENGIE initiatives around the voluntary market;[20] and
  • The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14030 initiatives around green finance.[21]

There are a breadth of issues, terminologies, and a corresponding increase in demand for corporate entities to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, even in the face of a member state’s failure to do so. As a result, we do not see the demand for increased standardization and climate related disclosure diminishing. In fact, it is our view that it is only a matter a time before the TCFD requirements and related carbon consumer protection standards become mandatory. The increasing interest of consumer protection agencies and competition/anti-trust bodies also signals the growing trend.

We expect this trend to follow a hockey stick increase in importance should the Taxonomy and/or the related ISO standards be used to support border measures including the CBAM set out in EU New Green Deal and/or carbon border related measures in other jurisdictions. In conclusion, the “carbon writing on the wall” is clear: enhanced climate related disclosures are here to stay and will increasingly become a part of stakeholder expectations and integrated financial disclosures.

*Elisabeth DeMarco,Senior Partner, DeMarco Allan LLP.

Jonathan McGillivray, Senior Associate, DeMarco Allan LLP.

Daniel Vollmer, Student-at-law, DeMarco Allan LLP.

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Seven Carbon Markets Seen Linking and Covering Much of the World’s Emissions (3)

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 15, 2020 — LONDON: Seven carbon markets, existing and possible, could link and cover most of the world’s emissions, according to a key China academic.

China, the U.S., the EU, Russia, South Africa, Korea and Southeast Asia could link carbon markets, providing an incentive to reduce climate-damaging emissions, said Xiliang Zhang of the Institute of Energy, Environment & Economy at Tsinghua University.

The tokenisation of commodities and products, blockchain may help spur linking of carbon markets, Zhang told the online European Climate Summit.

Speakers on the summit panel discussing carbon-market linking expressed doubt linkages were likely anytime soon. Australia and the EU had a failed attempt at linking. A link between the EU and Switzerland took years. China’s planned domestic carbon market is years behind schedule and the U.S. does not even have plans for a national market.

The U.K. is leaving the EU carbon market at the end of this month, shrinking it and probably reducing trading liquidity.

See this:

The U.K. may link with Europe’s program or it might set out its own global cooperation with other countries, after Brexit. Carbon market linkages don’t need to be struck between nations in close geographical proximity, because trading is done electronically. However rules and the ambition of emission-reduction targets would probably need to be similar.

“I personally think that it would be so much easier for the U.K. to join the EU emissions trading system, which they know and which they have institutionalised than any other ETS,” said Silke Karcher, head of division, EU Climate and Energy Policy, European Climate Initiative, carbon markets, at the German Ministry for the Environment. “I find it hard to imagine they would try anything else, but who knows?”

Slides from presentation

For summit website:

(Updates with charts, with context, with German official Tuesday afternoon, more to come)

Panel Extends UN Carbon Market Until Glasgow Climate Talks

–Transition from Kyoto to Paris set (sort of)

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 15, 2020 — LONDON: The board overseeing the main UN carbon market agreed to extend the program into next year, at least temporarily, creating a transition into the era of the Paris climate deal.

The move gives investors in carbon credits created in developing countries under the Kyoto Protocol a chance to get a return on their investment, which is currently threatened by low demand and near-zero prices.

The panel, the executive board of the Clean Development Mechanism, will continue registering emission-cutting projects and issuing credits on a provisional basis for the 10 months until the November talks in Glasgow, a decision needed because of delays blamed on the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision will boost risks for project investors. They must “accept the risk that it may not be possible for certified emission
reductions (CERs) to be issued for the emission reductions achieved,” according to a report of the board meeting that ended Monday (see below for link).

In euros per metric ton. UN CER futures matched on Monday their highest close for more than two years — still only 30 euro cents a ton, about 1% the value of EU carbon allowances, which reached a record high of more than 31 euros a ton

Emitters in the EU carbon market, the world’s biggest by traded value, can use CERs for a portion of their compliance in 2020.

The Paris climate deal establishes new carbon markets under its Article 6, which could encompass elements of the CDM.

If rich nations expect to be able to use Article 6.2 of Paris to cut the cost (and cut the risk) of meeting their Paris emission-reduction targets for 2030 and beyond, UN envoys will need to also agree rules for a carbon market under Article 6.4 of Paris, according to one emerging-nation envoy familiar with global climate negotiations.

For a report of the CDM board meeting:

OPINION: Clever Climate Contracts Already Levelled the Energy Playing Field and They Could Help Ease Brexit (2)

–The U.K. could store EU emissions for 18 years, handy when Europe’s seeking net zero by 2050

By Mathew Carr

Dec. 11-13, 2020 — LONDON: Contracts for difference, measures being considered in climate policy circles to help decarbonize industry, have already pulled offshore-wind-energy investment forward in Britain.

They could now help to level the “state-aid” playing field after Brexit in sectors other than energy, as well as speed global decarbonization.

“The U.K. is already using CfD contracts in the space of renewable energy and has the expertise to extend them to other technologies,” according to report published by Vivid Economics and the University College London last week to inform the U.K.’s Climate Change Committee on the country’s mid-2030s emissions budget – which is about 80% less than 1990 levels.

The EU and Germany are also considering using them.

The market-based incentives can be linked to electricity prices and/or carbon market prices and can demonstrate to the world key net-zero-emissions pathways, Vivid/UCL said (see below for an explainer how they work).

“The U.K. could further accelerate the introduction of industrial clusters, carbon capture and storage, and hydrogen infrastructure. U.K. has a distinct advantage in CCS potential compared to other countries due to the high availability of usable CO2 storage sites for CCS infrastructure (70 billion tons of CO2, equivalent to the EU’s combined storage capacity) as well as having existing oil and gas expertise.”

That means it’s in the EU and U.K.’s interest to cooperate. Seventy billion tons would cover current EU emissions for about 18 years — handy when you’re seeking net zero within three decades.

It also makes sense for both sides of the Brexit divide to aggressively create a hydrogen industry, initially from natural gas (with CCS – blue hydrogen), but also from renewables (green hydrogen via electrolysis), because that market will end up being huge given the Paris emission limits. The carbon CfDs can help create that industry now, helping replace fossil fuels in cement and steel for instance.

“With more than 60% of modelled hydrogen use outside the leadership regions by 2050, the U.K. has clear opportunities in developing early domestic markets for hydrogen, as in the offshore-wind case,” Vivid/UCL wrote.

Michael Grubb, Professor of Energy and Climate Change at UCL, recently flagged the potential for EU-U.K. energy cooperation.

The UK, as historically the most free-market of all the member states, should agree that state subsidies to declining industries should not undermine markets – which need not imply the full panoply of State Aid provisions, as is obvious from the wide range of existing trade agreements.

However, principles will not be enough, for either side. Some concrete deals are needed to show it is possible, to build on, and to preserve momentum and trust in an evolving relationship.

The EU has consistently refused to countenance a sector-by-sector approach, pointing to the sheer complexity of the Swiss model, and seeks a package. Yet a set of clear principles, with an agreed agenda of sectoral implementation following a successful lead, could offer the only feasible compromise.

One sector stands out as an obvious candidate for a prompt deal because it combines clear mutual interests with higher political and legal principles and institutions to which both sides adhere. There are reasons why the basics of an energy sector deal are already in place.

See this:

CCS and hydrogen could provide such a “concrete deal.”


HOW THEY WORK: The CfD already worked well in the U.K. power sector, encouraging offshore wind. Renewable generators located there that met eligibility requirements applied for and won a CfD by submitting a ‘sealed bid’. There can be a range of different renewable technologies competing directly against each other for a contract.

Successful developers of renewable projects entered into a private law contract with the Low Carbon Contracts Company (LCCC), a government-owned company (see link below). Developers are to be paid a flat (indexed) rate for the electricity they produce over a 15-year period, cutting their financial risks in the power market.

That rate is the difference between the ‘strike price’ (a price for electricity reflecting the cost of investing in a particular low carbon technology) and the ‘reference price’ (a measure of the average market price for electricity in the British market).


The CfD system could in theory be attached to the steel and cement industries, but it becomes complicated with long supply chains and where the outcome isn’t completely green (which would be a case for blue or green hydrogen, or CCS), said Trevor Sikorski, carbon and natural gas analyst at Energy Aspects in London.

Because there’s one carbon price (at least for a couple more weeks), it could make sense to use that liquid market rather than power contracts.

There’s a lot of policy work going on right now to decide how to best structure the deals.

The clever thing about the CfDs is that they protect taxpayers as well as industry. If carbon prices end up higher than the strike, the holder of the contract will need to return the extra value to the government.

This prevents the companies from making too much profit from the climate measure, which is what happened back in 2006 when the EU handed out free EU carbon allowances to industry and utilities. This means dirty companies can be punished and clean ones rewarded … but the rewards need not be so high as to become a detriment to the taxpayer.

Super-normal profits also occurred in the United Nations carbon markets about a decade ago, which caused those markets to be criticised by environmental groups. Some of the credits were created for less than 1 euro a ton and sold for 15 euros a ton shortly afterward.

So, lawmakers can learn the lessons of the past when setting new climate policies in a bid to win more public buy in for the transition, which now needs to happen much faster.

The U.K. is likely to link its carbon prices to the EU market, whatever the outcome of post-Brexit trade talks, according to sources close to industry and finance.

Because anyone could compete for a clean-tech subsidy in Britain, the playing field would be level – something the EU’s Brexit negotiators are concerned about. They don’t want Britain creating national champions unfairly, nor attracting too big a share of available clean-tech capital.

Use of specialist green banks and development banks in the CfD auction process could also tip the system in favor of emerging countries, where modernization investment is sorely needed. That could be a political plus for climate justice.

The U.K. Climate Change Committee is recommending the British government consider using the (carbon) contracts for difference measure more widely to bring through the new clean investments, where investors won’t need to worry so much about immediate competition from fossil fuels.

Done well, this could become a more global climate measure that works for the world across industry, especially in areas with carbon prices.

So there are benefits beyond Brexit. As it seeks a green recovery from the pandemic and the greening of its financial sector, the U.K. could introduce innovation and commercialisation funds, according to the Vivid/UCL report. The EU could too.

Through its presidencies of both the Group of Seven (G7) and the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in 2021, the U.K. “could play a prominent role in forming alliances together with other key players (e.g. the EU or China) and encouraging others to commit to green recovery measures,” the authors wrote. “Through international organisations, the U.K. could push for green conditions to be attached to any finance packages to developing countries.”

Finance can also favor countries phasing out coal, oil or even natural gas, which could drive demand for CCS and hydrogen.

There’s a lot for the U.K. and the EU to collaborate on, or lose out on.
See this cool video from Ryse – the hydrogen bus company in London that’s building the U.K.’s first network of green hydrogen production plants




SEE THIS STORY FROM LAST MONTH (Includes links to other stories):

(Updated late Friday to add climate justice, taxpayer protection, added Vivid, UCL, Sikorski on Sunday morning)

The U.K. 2030 Emissions Target ‘Should be’ One-Third Stricter – a 91% Cut, Perhaps (1)

By Mathew Carr

EXCLUSIVE: Dec. 9-10, 2020 — LONDON: Britain has tightened its emissions-reduction target for 2030 quite dramatically, but arguably it should be much tighter still.

This chart shows that based on historical responsibility and its capability, Britain should be going for a cut of about 91% by 2030 if the world is serious about limiting global warming to 1.5C. That is one-third stricter than what it is going for — a 68% cut:

UK Committee on Climate Change The U.K.’s Path to Net Zero report, p324

Check out the small green line on the top right. Here is the open source document, cited in the chart:

The ‘Greenhouse Development Rights’ (GDR) approach reflects the ‘responsibility-capability-need’, and allocates emissions shares based on the historical and projected business-as-usual emissions, the population and the wealth distribution of each country. Note it’s from 2016 and somewhat out of date.

When the U.K. government advisor the Climate Change Committee advised for a 68% emissions reduction target for 2030 vs 1990 levels, that was for domestic emissions. It stated it would be open for the U.K. to adopt a tighter targets and use international emission credits to meet that element.

It didn’t suggest an upper range because climate negotiations are continuing at the UN level through November, when envoys are planning to meet in Glasgow.

“Those metrics are so judgemental, it’s very hard to pick what’s the correct way to fight fair across an international problem,” said Mike Thompson, chief economist at the CCC, by phone. “It’s not as simple as taking a view as to what do we think is fair. It’s going to be tied up in negotiations. We haven’t tried to second guess any of that, I’m afraid.

“We recognize there are legitimate arguments out there that say the U.K. should be going further than this,” Thompson said.

“We decided our job here is to say, what should the U.K. be doing, what’s the right path for us on our emissions? And the way to go further is not to try and tighten your own belt even tighter, but to help others with with their reductions. And one of the ways you might do that would be by buying credits. But we’re also really conscious once you’re into that space, but (it) isn’t necessarily what other countries want to do, actually.

“A lot of the time, they would rather have some technological support, they’d rather have some finance provided, and be able to actually cut the emissions and claim them themselves — but with some help to get there.

“We thought about it, we asked ourselves this question, should we have a number which is where we should go including Paris credits, but actually, we decided that in looking at the problem, and trying to solve it practically, that isn’t a sensible way into it. It’s much better to say do what you need to do at home and do what is the most effective and most helpful internationally. And we’re not best placed to say what that looks like.”

With the likes of the U.K., Germany and China dramatically cutting renewable energy and clean-tech costs, that’s somewhat of a gift to the world that will allow a cleaner path forward for every country.

“So our vision really I guess is that developed countries like the U.K, they walk the talk, the follow the path, they get to net zero and they do it quickly. And in doing so they develop the technologies that can be adopted elsewhere,” Thompson said.

So, a top-down argument indicated by the small green line above does not necessarily take into account the technology already paid for and developed by countries that are most to blame for the climate crisis.

Those most to blame can pass on use of the technology AND help finance use of it in emerging nations, according to some seasoned climate fighters. That could include climate finance, Article 6 of Paris or the Green Climate Fund.

Yvo de Boer, former UNFCCC executive secretary, says richer countries should consider emission cuts of about 75% by 2030 versus 1990 levels — including some finance to help emerging nations.

See this:

(Smoothed on the 10th)

Britain’s Cunning Plan to Take the Political Sting Out of Massive Emission Cuts (1)

By Mathew Carr

 Dec. 9, 2020 — LONDON: Britain is tackling one of the hardest parts of its energy transition in the mid 2030s, and it’s finding a way to shield taxpayers/consumers/voters from the huge shifts in store for them.

Taken separately, some of the numbers look enormous, and politically scary.

The country is set to raise 27 billion pounds ($36 billion) a year via a 75 pounds a ton carbon price across most domestic sectors. That price is about double current levels — at the moment the country’s carbon price does not apply to transport and household emissions. It mainly covers electricity and industry and only raises about 3 billion pounds a year.

Eek. I can imagine the headlines in the red-top newspapers saying the government’s “green crap” will send us all broke.

But, wait a minute. The existing fuel duty is completely disappearing as the country zeros out emissions by the middle of the century. How much does that currently raise? 28 billion pounds.

WOW. That’s very close to the new carbon price’s 27 billion pounds.

So new costs for voters are coming, but old costs are going. So the total cost increase is tiny — less than 1% of output, according to official government adviser the Committee on Climate Change.

Here’s another example.

Electric vehicles are set to save customers 500 pounds a year in fuel costs. This will make transport potentially very cheap indeed. Everyone will head to the roads, clogging them up and causing congestion (at least we won’t have to breath in toxic exhaust as we sit in the tailbacks).

I can see the headlines again, saying how incompetent the government is for creating all this clean, cheap transport without investing properly in roads.

Britain has a cunning plan for that too, it can start a widespread road-charging system, which will prod people onto trains and electric buses where possible, cutting more emissions and helping protect the climate a little bit more. (London’s tightening its congestion charge. It now applies even on Sundays *Note to self — I paid 145 pounds for fines on Tuesday after not realising this).

“If we can line things up nicely, then there’s a good story,” said Mike Thompson, chief economist at the committee.

Instead of lumping consumers with huge costs, the country can tackle the problem through clever tax changes and some well-thought-out finance, even for the most controversial investments in private homes, he said in a phone interview.

“It’s about insulating the houses better. It’s about, in some cases, upgrading that radiators, and then sticking in a heat pump. Once you’ve done that once, well, then you can kind of leave the market to do the replacements in 15 years’ time, probably.

“That would be a legitimate investment programme. We know there’s a payoff at the end where we get more cost savings on our bills. So to borrow and do that — it’s not a crazy thing to do, particularly coming out of a recession when we need to stimulate the economy.”

Here’s an illustration:

U.K. Climate Change Committee.

The chart above shows that replacing the spacial heating could mean costs of 35 billion pounds a year, when added to existing fuel costs. But the other savings,help out to the tune of 25 billion pounds a year.

Effectively, the country — most countries — will have to replace their spacial heating systems completely while still using the old one for several years or even longer.

Politicians can work out how to keep voters’ eyes on the prize:

“In the long term, the energy costs are lower for everything,” Thompson said. “And by 2050, electricity is cheaper. Eating is cheaper, driving cars is cheaper. But it’s just that period in between when you’ve got this investment as well, you’ve got to pay for that — you need to get through.

“So to say we’ll borrow and we’ll spend on that as a national infrastructure program really — knowing that at the end, when you’ve got to pay back that borrowing, you’re also leaving people with with much lower costs. That’s potentially quite an attractive policy.”

The Climate Change Committee on Wednesday published its first ever detailed road map for a fully decarbonised nation, what it claims is a world first.

Last year, the U.K. became the first major economy to make net zero emissions law for 2050. The Sixth Carbon Budget (2033-2037) charts the decisive move to zero carbon for the U.K. because polluting emissions must fall by almost 80% by 2035, compared to 1990 levels–a big step-up in ambition. Just 18 months ago this was the U.K.’s 2050 goal.

This chart shows what Britain’s trying to do:

From the Climate Change Committee of the U.K. IAS=International Aviation and Shipping

The world is ramping up effort to protect the climate, but the fraught politics of shifting away from fossil fuels continues to slow progress.

The EU achieved emission cuts since 1990 because of a fall in the greenhouse gas output of lower-and-middle-income Europeans, charity group Oxfam revealed Tuesday. Meanwhile, pollution produced by the richest 10% rose.

Tackling an inequality of blame for the climate crisis is key to delivering the new EU 2030 climate target, which is due to be discussed by EU leaders later this week, Oxfam said in a report.

The EU is proposing an emissions cut of at least 55% below 1990 levels in 2030, while the U.K. is now going for at least a 68% reduction.

See this link for source documents.

(Updates with Oxfam at the end, adds comments, first chart.)

MASSIVE CHALLENGE: This is What China’s 2,267 Fossil-Fuel Power Companies Look Like on Paper (2)

By Mathew Carr
Nov. 21-25, 2020 — LONDON: Here below is my messy list of the power companies/enterprises that China’s putting in its carbon market this year (formatting is not easy. This is not China’s fault, but mine).

Published Friday.

I’m putting it here to show the scale of China’s challenge.

Here is the Website from where the Google-translated list below was obtained:

Annex 3

Included in the 2019-2020 national carbon emissions trading

List of key emission units for quota management

Reported by each region to be included in the 2019-2020 national carbon emission trading market (Hereinafter referred to as the National Carbon Market) 

The list of key emission units under quota management shall be screened according to the following principles

First, the key emission units that have been closed and stopped production are not included;

The key emission units of units included in quota management are not included. 

According to the screening results, from 2019 to 2020, the national carbon market will include a total of 2,267 key emission units in the power generation industry.

The details are as follows.

Serial Number,  Area,  Company Name

BeijingDatang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. Beijing Gaojing Thermal Power Plant91110107X00093147W2BeijingHuaneng Beijing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110000X26000551M3BeijingHuadian (Beijing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9111000080110573G4BeijingBeijing Jingneng Gaoantun Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9111000056745587455BeijingBeijing Jingfeng Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.9111000075467892686BeijingBeijing Jingqiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9111000075823181487BeijingBeijing Jingxi Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9111010759387006XH8BeijingBeijing Taiyanggong Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110000781700113N9BeijingBeijing Jingneng Future Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110114067316755U10BeijingShenhua Guohua (Beijing) Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110000596040272N11BeijingChina Resources GCL (Beijing) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110302765505908J12BeijingBeijing Zhengdong Electronic Power Group Co., Ltd.91110000101101150L13BeijingBeijing Shangzhuang Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91110108597688310714TianjinGuohua Energy Development (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.91120116600566606D15TianjinShenhua Guoneng Tianjin Dagang Power Plant Co., Ltd.91120116MA0746773M16TianjinTianjin TEDA Energy Development Co., Ltd.91120116MA0799365G17TianjinTianjin Bohua Yongli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120116681880348918TianjinTianjin Dagang Guangan Jinneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.911201167182588797

Page 2

Chinatown, Singapore

— 24 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code19TianjinTianjin SDIC Jinneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91120116761252202U20TianjinTianjin Tianbao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120116749111765Ctwenty oneTianjinTianjin Guodian Jinneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911201107773170746twenty twoTianjinTianjin Military Electric Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9112011078034978XQtwenty threeTianjinTianjin Chentang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120000103066846Etwenty fourTianjinTianjin Datang International Panshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91120225700560092E25TianjinTianjin Guohua Panshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91120225712823929W26TianjinTianjin Huaneng Yangliuqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120111103069465F27TianjinHuaneng Lingang (Tianjin) Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120116300370556228TianjinTianjin Binhai Electric Power Co., Ltd.91120116700561095Q29TianjinTianjin Guodian Jinneng Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9112011655946210XF30TianjinTianjin Huadian Fuyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120222589789218031TianjinTianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd.91120000103607112F32TianjinChina Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Tianjin Branch91120000722958405G33TianjinNine Dragons Paper (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.91122221668809790334TianjinTianjin Junliangcheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91120110783300412F35TianjinTianjin Tianbao Energy Co., Ltd.9112011610310702XW36TianjinTianjin Huadian Nanjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91120116061228287837TianjinTianjin Huadian Beichen Distributed Energy Co., Ltd.91120113578344985R38HebeiGuodian Hebei Longshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130426763441832N39HebeiHebei Hanfeng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130000601167076E40HebeiHebei Guohua Dingzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130000601110408T41HebeiHebei Xibaipo Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130000752436982B42HebeiHebei Datang International Wangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130294784073944E43HebeiHebei Jiantou Shahe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130582687024809Y44HebeiHebei Guohua Cangdong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130911735605449245HebeiShenzhen Energy Baoding Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130607329731669D46HebeiGuodian Chengde Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130803782591983647HebeiGuodian Luanhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130803056500661348HebeiJiantou Chengde Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130805398850557149HebeiDatang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. Zhangjiakou Power Plant91130700806316389T50HebeiHebei Construction Investment Xuanhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130705792675945251HebeiGuodian Huaian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9113072878981246XN52HebeiHebei Hengfeng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130000601683011853HebeiHengshui Hengxing Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130000743415047154HebeiXingtai Guotai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130500752441650E55HebeiSanhe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91131082109315911R56HebeiGuodian North China Electric Power Co., Ltd. Langfang Thermal Power Plant9113100008376462XH57HebeiShijiazhuang Liangcun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911301826741840451

Page 3

— 25 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code58HebeiHebei Huadian Shijiazhuang Luhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9113000067468690XP59HebeiHebei Xibaipo Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130131804328802160HebeiJiantou Xingtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130527319819886661HebeiChina Resources Power Tangshan Fengrun Co., Ltd.91130200063394043P62HebeiCangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130900717868157F63HebeiChina Resources Power (Bohai New Area) Co., Ltd.91130900560490124E64HebeiHebei Jiantou Renqiu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9113098277615447XY65HebeiQinhuangdao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130300700611419P66HebeiDatang Baoding Thermal Power Plant91130600805943583967HebeiDatang International Power Generation Co., Ltd. Xiahuayuan Power Plant91130700718304767668HebeiHebei Datang International Zhangjiakou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9113070167990964XU69HebeiDatang International Power Co., Ltd. Douhe Power Plant91130200804791805G70HebeiTangshan Kailuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130200732912363171HebeiHebei Datang International Qian’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130283782576062F72HebeiDatang Qingyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130608550425281173HebeiGuodian Power Development Co., Ltd. Handan Thermal Power Plant91130405789847822774HebeiHebei Handan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130400700713327375HebeiHebei Huadian Shijiazhuang Yuhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130000791380651Y76HebeiHebei Huadian Shijiazhuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130100713187645Q77HebeiDatang Hebei Power Generation Co., Ltd. Matou Thermal Power Branch91130492697578047C78HebeiZhuozhou Yilida Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130681757519453079HebeiChina Resources Power (Tangshan Caofeidian) Co., Ltd.91130230769817810G80HebeiHebei Datang International Tangshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130200737384950W81HebeiTangshan Wanpu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130200601078647782HebeiHebei Datang International Fengrun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130221685724510X83HebeiHebei Jihao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91130182107892133684HebeiXingtai Dongcheng Energy Co., Ltd.91130528766620983P85HebeiLaiyuan Xinchang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130630108160102X86HebeiHebei Changrun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.91130628091101842J87HebeiGuangdong Evergreen (Group) Mancheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130607329815723C88HebeiHebei Zhongke Energy Co., Ltd.91131181560480911789HebeiTangshan Kailuan Dongfang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130200785722889H90HebeiKailuan GCL Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130200072066391391HebeiYutian County Shunfei Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.91130229776185065F92HebeiQian’an Henghui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130283731426873793HebeiDatang Wu’an Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130481553326887994HebeiLongyao Tianwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130525758926624M95HebeiJizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Dongpang Coal Gangue Thermal Power Plant91130500766638198R96HebeiJizhong Energy Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. Jiulong Gangue Thermal Power Plant91130492692089340T97HebeiJizhong Energy Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. Minmetals Gangue Thermal Power Plant911304066920863932

Page 4

— 26 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code98HebeiJizhong Energy Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. Xuecun Gangue Thermal Power Plant91130406676015405U99HebeiChengde Dongsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911308043361508037100HebeiShijiazhuang Xinle Dongfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911301846012366925101HebeiHebei Hongyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130124713145381T102HebeiShijiazhuang Chengfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130100601905657E103HebeiZhaoxian Zhaozhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130133748460226P104HebeiHebei Yutai Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd.91130181347876052D105HebeiWu’an Dingfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130481601083243C106HebeiXinglong County Pengsheng Heating Power Co., Ltd.91130822670334050F107HebeiXinglong County Xinglong Heating Power Co., Ltd.9113082273289699XR108HebeiQinhuangdao Qin Thermal Power Generation Co., Ltd.911303007484866886109HebeiTangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd.911302945576763157110HebeiHebei Dongguang Chemical Co., Ltd.9113090010967384XY111HebeiHebei Caike Chemical Co., Ltd.911309230694210142112HebeiHebei Jianmin Starch Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.911305287415091621113HebeiNine Dragons Paper (Hebei) Co., Ltd.9113020075548164X9114HebeiHebei Changtai Paper Co., Ltd.91130229560475338Q115HebeiHebei Xingbo Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.91130133MA07R80107116HebeiQinhuangdao Lihua Starch Co., Ltd.91130300700806160H117HebeiQinhuangdao Pengyuan Starch Co., Ltd.91130322105438498G118HebeiCangzhou Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd.91130900567377896F119HebeiHebei Lingang Chemical Co., Ltd.9113093177916047XG120HebeiJizhong Energy Co., Ltd. Zhangcun Coal Gangue Thermal Power Plant91130582766631359A121HebeiHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Shang’an Power Plant91130100X01701132K122HebeiTangshan Sanyou Chemical Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch91130230MA07QBF35M123HebeiYufeng Industrial Group Co., Ltd.91130528601068705w124HebeiTangshan Jiecheng Energy Co., Ltd.91130282752407233L125HebeiHandan Jinpeng Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91130481776192433J126HebeiShijiazhuang Xinjing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91130107754038566R127HebeiPingshan County Jingye Coke Acid Co., Ltd.911301317791503511128ShanxiTaiyuan Tongzhou Energy Co., Ltd.911401007540698642129ShanxiShanxi Xingneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.911401817460348726130ShanxiDatang Shanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Taiyuan No. 2 Thermal Power Plant9114000011001469X2131ShanxiJinneng Power Group Co., Ltd. Jiajie Gas Thermal Power Branch911401055833024809132ShanxiHuaneng Taiyuan Dongshan Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911401000837015739133ShanxiShanxi Xishan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140100748583402N134ShanxiShanxi Taigang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.91140000701011888X135ShanxiGujiao Riyue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9114018176466953X7136ShanxiDatong Fuqiao Waste Incineration Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140200666633576D137ShanxiGuodian Power Development Co., Ltd. Datong No. 2 Power Plant91140200110391065W

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— 27 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code138ShanxiTongmei Datang Tashan Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140200346885838L139ShanxiShanxi Datang International Yungang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9114020071986538XQ140ShanxiChina Coal Datong Energy Co., Ltd.91140200764693433P141ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Tongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140200083709727T142ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Datang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9114020076246440XK143ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Datang Tashan Power Generation Co., Ltd.911402007942082751144ShanxiGuodian Datong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140200736341078X145ShanxiShanxi Synthetic Rubber Group Co., Ltd.9114000011039029X4146ShanxiDatong Huayue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911402007572728253147ShanxiYangmei Group Heshun Chemical Co., Ltd.911407236991054381148ShanxiHuadian International Power Co., Ltd. Shuozhou Thermal Power Branch911400005929697708149ShanxiShanxi Datang International Shentou Electric Co., Ltd.91140600715928128B150ShanxiShenhua Guoneng Group Co., Ltd. Shentou Second Power Plant9114060011141066XH151ShanxiShanxi Pingshuo Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.911400007435456699152ShanxiShanxi Yuguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140600686259104J153ShanxiShanxi Yonghao Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.911406217646679567154ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Guodian Wangping Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140624664453096E155ShanxiShanxi Jingyu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140600678161334N156ShanxiShanxi China Coal Dongpo Coal Industry Co., Ltd.911400007435208403157ShanxiZhongdian Shentou Electric Co., Ltd.91140000588516824H158ShanxiHuadian Xinzhou Guangyu Coal Power Co., Ltd.91140900757296798E159ShanxiShanxi Luneng Hequ Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140930736333166M160ShanxiShenhua Shendong Electric Power Shanxi Hequ Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140930092629921Y161ShanxiPianguan County Dacheng Electric Metallurgical Co., Ltd.9114093277516094XK162ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Tonghua Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000792213230A163ShanxiState Power Investment Corporation Shanxi Aluminum Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch911409007460401990164ShanxiPower Generation and Power Supply Branch of Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.91140300X022057983165ShanxiShanxi Hepo Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000701071880K166ShanxiYangquan Nanmei Longchuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140321660436993T167ShanxiShanxi Sunshine Power Co., Ltd.91140000713679818W168ShanxiShanxi Zhaofeng Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd.91140321MA0GRFJY93169ShanxiFenyang Zhongke Yuanchang Renewable Energy Co., Ltd.91141182556581445R170ShanxiShanxi Guofeng Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91141182054194760B171ShanxiShanxi Guojin Electric Power Co., Ltd.91141100692219088E172ShanxiShanxi Guojin Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91140000680226352U173ShanxiShanxi International Energy Group Hongguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9114112567233066XK174ShanxiShanxi Huaguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000781002286M175ShanxiShanxi Liulin Electric Power Co., Ltd.91140000110055707G176ShanxiShanxi Xiaoyi Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.91141181734000923K177ShanxiShanxi Xinfa Chemical Co., Ltd.911411815833470804

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— 28 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code178ShanxiLiulin County Senze Coal and Aluminum Co., Ltd.911411257832809098179ShanxiShanxi Shengan Electric Aluminum Co., Ltd.911411307198862363180ShanxiHuozhou Coal and Electricity Group Luliangshan Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.911400007646973384181ShanxiShandong Dongyue Energy Jiaokou Feimei Aluminum Co., Ltd.91141130757250722U182ShanxiShanxi Datuhe Coking Co., Ltd.911400007410965483183ShanxiTaigang Group Lanxian Mining Co., Ltd.911411276942946714184ShanxiXiaoyi Xing’an Chemical Co., Ltd.91140000672317270E185ShanxiJinneng Datuhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91141100325745721K186ShanxiXiaoyi Jinyan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91141181776718773M187ShanxiJiaokou Tianpeng Smelting Co., Ltd.911411307435067583188ShanxiShanxi Zhongyu Energy Co., Ltd.911411296644746208189ShanxiChinalco Shanxi Jiaokou Xinghua Technology Co., Ltd.91141100583345990F190ShanxiShanxi Huaxing Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.9114000055870084XW191ShanxiShanxi Loudong Junan Coal Gasification Co., Ltd. Gangue Power Plant91140000746043963Y192ShanxiWenshui County Zhenxing Fertilizer Co., Ltd.9114112170112484XR193ShanxiLingshi County Xinhe Waste Incineration Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140729554115938K194ShanxiGuodian Yuci Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140000672340884J195ShanxiHuaneng Yushe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000602730027C196ShanxiHuaneng Zuoquan Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.911407226966807527197ShanxiJiexiu Guotai Green Energy Co., Ltd.9114078179827320X3198ShanxiJiexiu Maosheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140781767147235J199ShanxiShanxi Ruiguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140000664455059A200ShanxiShanxi Yaoguang Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91140728666615845K201ShanxiOriental Hope Jinzhong Aluminum Co., Ltd.91140729563586973H202ShanxiShanxi Lukuang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.91140700060742751T203ShanxiShanxi Qiangwei Paper Co., Ltd.91140725689876909P204ShanxiShanxi Fenxi Mining (Group) Co., Ltd.911400000112731529F205ShanxiShanxi Qiguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140729068005449Q206ShanxiShanxi Luan Yuwu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911404247767343355207ShanxiShanxi Zhangze Electric Power Co., Ltd. Zhangze Power Generation Branch911404007198421379208ShanxiWuxiang Xishan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140429746011494Q209ShanxiChangzhi Huoshi Self-provided Power Co., Ltd.91140400736331910L210ShanxiShanxi Lujin Wangqu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140400701040056U211ShanxiShanxi Zhangshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.911400007319097447212ShanxiJinneng Changzhi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911400006764393470213ShanxiXiangyuan County Chengfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.914404237832600780214ShanxiShanxi Luan Ronghai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140423776722449K215ShanxiShanxi CECEP Lu’an Electric Power Energy Saving Service Co., Ltd91140423395420033K216ShanxiShanxi Lu’an Xiangrui Coking Co., Ltd. Tunliu Power Plant91440424696667013Y217ShanxiChangzhi Yayuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9114040078583715XH

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— 29 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code218ShanxiShanxi Lu’an Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. Wuyang Thermal Power Plant9114042377518348XM219ShanxiShanxi Qinxin Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Gangue Power Plant91140431MA0KJJ0Y9Q220ShanxiTianji Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd.911400001109001308221ShanxiShanxi Kingboard Lubao Chemical Co., Ltd.91140000788542760L222ShanxiHuguan County Changping Thermal Power Plant911404277410735222223ShanxiYangcheng International Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000602003081C224ShanxiDatang Yangcheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140000776713657A225ShanxiYangcheng Jinmei Energy Co., Ltd.9114052269427315XM226ShanxiSDIC Jincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140525767122601Q227ShanxiJincheng Hengguang Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140500734005580U228ShanxiJincheng Dongfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91140525764674830K229ShanxiGuodian North China Electric Power Co., Ltd. Huozhou Power Plant91141000813099239P230ShanxiShanxi Datang International Linfen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91141000696654247B231ShanxiShanxi Linfen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91141000778122105C232ShanxiShanxi Zhangze Electric Power Co., Ltd. Houma Thermal Power Branch91141081666623693G233ShanxiPu County Changyisheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91141033776743450N234ShanxiShanxi Zhaoguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.911400007159345871235ShanxiShanxi Puxuan Energy Co., Ltd.91140881MA0K4CLU9H236ShanxiShanxi Datang International Yuncheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91140800748556615Y237ShanxiShanxi Zhangze Electric Power Co., Ltd. Hejin Power Generation Branch91140882113872091J238ShanxiHejin Yongxin Electric Power Co., Ltd.91140882754095894C239ShanxiShanxi Zhangdian Puzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911408000870768000240ShanxiShanxi Shuguang Electric Power Co., Ltd.911408827393365778241ShanxiYunchengguan Aluminum Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911408006802097711242ShanxiShanxi Sunshine Coking (Group) Huasheng Power Co., Ltd.91140882767122046B243ShanxiShanxi China Coal Huajin Energy Co., Ltd.91140000581240378F244ShanxiShanxi Fusheng Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91140829078344516Q245ShanxiChinalco Shanxi New Materials Co., Ltd.91140800748551128Q246ShanxiYuncheng Ziqiang Paper Co., Ltd.91140802113664700K247Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Jinshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150121MA0MW0LQ8N248Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Hohhot Jinqiao Thermal Power Plant91150100756689928F249Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingneng Shengle Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150100053932362B250Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150122114179096U251Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Datang International Tuoketuo Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150122660972390N252Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Datang International Hohhot Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150122752561871G253Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Fengtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150100710920928A254Inner MongoliaHohhot Kelin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150100114153398C255Inner MongoliaFenghua Biomass Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Shengleyuan District, Helinger County911501007201809866256Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 1 Thermal Power Plant9115020377224817XK257Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 2 Thermal Power Plant91150204772232899T

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— 30 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code258Inner MongoliaBaotou Donghua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911502007479399139259Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huayun New Material Co., Ltd.911502023290247296260Inner MongoliaBaotou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.911502006743838451261Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Baotou No. 3 Thermal Power Plant911502077722104463262Inner MongoliaHuadian Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. Baotou Power Branch91150207695943880M263Inner MongoliaQilu Pharmaceutical (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd.911501916865202453264Inner MongoliaDongfang Hope Baotou Rare Earth Aluminum Co., Ltd.91150291740146937K265Inner MongoliaBaoshan Iron and Steel Group Baoshan Mining Co., Ltd.91150206057829223H266Inner MongoliaChina Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. Saraqi Power Plant91150221695935821H267Inner MongoliaHuadian Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd. Tumote Power Generation Branch91150221695949828U268Inner MongoliaBaotou Shansheng New Energy Co., Ltd.91150221756698445Y269Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Fufeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91150100787050094U270Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingke Power Generation Co., Ltd.911522226640559280271Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Xing’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911522005612266163272Inner MongoliaXing’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91152200779467447K273Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Hefeng Agriculture Co., Ltd.91152200053922615N274Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huadian Wuda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911503007525555436275Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Junzheng Energy Chemical Group Co., Ltd.9115030074389683XQ276Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd.911503046865301602277Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Hengyecheng Organic Silicon Co., Ltd.911503006769008425278Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Dongyuan Technology Co., Ltd.91150304680049026H279Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Menghua Haibowan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150300720158287E280Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Mengdian Huaneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Wuhai Power Plant91150300772232426Y281Inner MongoliaNational Energy Group Coal Coking Co., Ltd.91150303MA0PU94K7A282Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jinghai Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150300793601294T283Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Wuhai Thermal Power Plant9115030075257770XU284Inner MongoliaChifeng Zhongyi Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.911504040755956949285Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Xilin Gol Baiyinhua Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Chifeng New City HeatElectric branch91150404099763189P286Inner MongoliaAngel Yeast (Chifeng) Co., Ltd.91150426626480683J287Inner MongoliaGuodian Chifeng Chemical Co., Ltd.91150403683442149K288Inner MongoliaChifeng Pingzhuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9115040375256321XC289Inner MongoliaChifeng Ruiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.9115040377612641X1290Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yipin Biological Technology Co., Ltd.911504035706498480291Inner MongoliaYuanbaoshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150400701280332N292Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Xing’an Silver-Lead Smelting Co., Ltd.9115042579717316XC293Inner MongoliaChifeng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.911504006609783463294Inner MongoliaChifeng Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.91150402114791584N295Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Datang International Keshiketeng Coal-to-Natural Gas Co., Ltd.91150425564194197J296Inner MongoliaJingneng (Chifeng) Energy Development Co., Ltd.91150402793633608C

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— 31 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code297Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Dadi Yuntian Chemical Co., Ltd.9115040309937591X9298Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Daban Power Generation Co., Ltd.911504237901799805299Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Baihuisheng New Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.911504001150111054300Inner MongoliaChifeng Daban Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150423764491428B301Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Harun Energy Co., Ltd.911529006673470967302Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Taixi Coal Group Xingtai Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.911529217610867346303Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Lantai Industrial Co., Ltd. Salt Manufacturing Branch91152921318440268W304Inner MongoliaSoda Ash Branch of China National Salt Jilantai Salt Chemical Group Co., Ltd.91152900MA0Q44QM9W305Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Taixi Coal Group Changshan Duoyuan Alloy Co., Ltd.91152922790190784Q306Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group Co., Ltd. Ustai Thermal Power Plant91152991664054976R307Inner MongoliaChina Salt Jilantai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.91152991667320563Y308Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Lantai Na Industry Co., Ltd.911529007401020618309Inner MongoliaXiwu Jinshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91152526764476615A310Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Xing’an Copper and Zinc Smelting Co., Ltd.91152526670683162Y311Inner MongoliaBaiyinhua Jinshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91152526783036623R312Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Shangdu Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91152530570635913F313Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Shangdu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91152500747941116B314Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Generation Investment Group Co., Ltd. Xilin Thermal Power Plant91152500664077828U315Inner MongoliaXilin Gol Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91152500779464916K316Inner MongoliaDongwu Zhumuqin Banner Guangsha Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911525257525858651317Inner MongoliaShenneng North (Xilinguole) Energy Development Co., Ltd.91152528072599956D318Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingneng Kangbashi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150691680022333P319Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huineng Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.911506276706839047320Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huineng Group Mengnan Power Generation Co., Ltd.911506277722279939321Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia North Mengxi Power Generation Co., Ltd.911506245851610282322Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Ordos Electric Power Co., Ltd.91150693790161393J323Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Ordos Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.91150693075552774F324Inner MongoliaOrdos Shuangxin Electric Power Co., Ltd.91150693764499438W325Inner MongoliaGuodian Construction Investment Inner Mongolia Energy Co., Ltd.911506277794974781326Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yidong Group Oriental Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91150694670667736K327Inner MongoliaShenhua Zhuneng Group Co., Ltd. (The power plant is a subsidiary of Shenhua ZhungeerEnergy Limited Liability Company)91150622318546994F328Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Zhungeer Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911506227525835010329Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150622667336100M330Inner MongoliaNorth Weijiamao Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.911506226928597128331Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Guohua Zhungeer Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150622701419883H332Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Zhunda Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150622MAOMWOLL7P333Inner MongoliaGuodian Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150602783006563L334Inner MongoliaOrdos Beijiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150602597348121W335Inner MongoliaOrdos City Mengtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911506027901505632

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— 32 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code336Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Ordos Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911506028169313343337Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yitai Chemical Co., Ltd.91150625695922289F338Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Hangzhou Jin Power Co., Ltd.911506255669091174339Inner MongoliaOrdos Haohua Guotai Chemical Co., Ltd. (formerly Ordos LuzhouIndustrial Co., Ltd)91150625585177468E340Inner MongoliaCoal Gangue Thermal Power Plant of Inner Mongolia Mengtai Buliangou Coal Industry Co., Ltd.91150622MA0MX4TN0T341Inner MongoliaShenhua Shendong Electric Power Co., Ltd. Shangwan Thermal Power Plant91150627MA0N27RBX3342Inner MongoliaOrdos Junzheng Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91150624552812701U343Inner MongoliaShenhua Yili Energy Co., Ltd. Power Plant91150621797172626N344Inner MongoliaDalateqi Hongzhu Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150621779465054F345Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Mengda Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150621114121054C346Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingda Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150621736136736Q347Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Juda Power Generation Co., Ltd.911506215756981470348Inner MongoliaOrdos City Ulan Coal Group Ruifeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150627761062644K349Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Shuangxin Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd.91150600690059383Y350Inner MongoliaOrdos City Baoheng Coal Coking Power Co., Ltd.911506277525796250351Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huayizhuozi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150921588844537B352Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jingning Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150900053936558E353Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huaning Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150900761080535C354Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Daihai Power Generation Co., Ltd.911509257479396499355Inner MongoliaUlanqab Hongda Industrial Co., Ltd.911509005888296958356Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Energy Power Xinfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150981MA0MW0LN3B357Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jinglong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150981752591376J358Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Fengdian Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150981MA0PXD4941359Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Mengwei Technology Co., Ltd.91150928683409648H360Inner MongoliaUlan Qab China United Cement Co., Ltd.91150900701392318R361Inner MongoliaBotian Sugar (Chayouqianqi) Co., Ltd.91150926341308177P362Inner MongoliaShangdu Baihuisheng Sugar Co., Ltd.91150923594619504W363Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Urad Power Plant91150823772224653Y364Inner MongoliaBayannaoer Zijin Nonferrous Metals Company911508257678664400365Inner MongoliaNorth United Power Co., Ltd. Linhe Thermal Power Plant91150802767894388M366Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Temir Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150826752551083G367Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Dengkou Jinniu Coal Power Co., Ltd.91150822761084026M368Inner MongoliaUnited Laboratories (Inner Mongolia Co., Ltd.)91150800797175755Y369Inner MongoliaWuyuan County Tongxin Trading Co., Ltd. (namely Wuyuan County Hongzhu Environmental Thermal Powerlimited liability company)91150821318488501W370Inner MongoliaTongliao General Power Plant Co., Ltd.91150591115792052G371Inner MongoliaTongliao Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150591772201363R372Inner MongoliaTongliao Sheng Heating Power Co., Ltd.9115050076109673XG373Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Huomei Hongjun Aluminum Power Co., Ltd.911505007438743312

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— 33 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code374Inner MongoliaTongliao Huolinhe Kengkou Power Generation Co., Ltd.911505817722024549375Inner MongoliaTongliao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9115050079018646XD376Inner MongoliaTongliao Meihua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91150500752570057W377Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Jinlian Aluminum Co., Ltd.911505005641513573378Inner MongoliaErgun Xingtong Heating Power Co., Ltd.91150784591965073L379Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Hailar Thermal Power Plant911507008151927363380Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Donghai Laer Power Plant91150700752572140L381Inner MongoliaOlunchun Guangming Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150723752556378K382Inner MongoliaGenhe Guangming Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911507857901573193383Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Guohua Hulunbuir Power Generation Co., Ltd.911507006800037495384Inner MongoliaHulun Buir Jinxin Chemical Co., Ltd.9115070077222950X9385Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Baiyecheng Alcohol Manufacturing Co., Ltd.911507837794616782386Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Zhalantun Thermal Power Plant91150783115282036X387Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Daxinganling Pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.91150700756675251F388Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Northeast Fufeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91150783555458832X389Inner MongoliaManzhouli Lianzhong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150781097810893P390Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Manzhouli Thermal Power Plant911507817722133563391Inner MongoliaManzhouli Dalai Lake Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9115078176786885XX392Inner MongoliaHuaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.911507001151964613393Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Mengdong Energy Co., Ltd.91150700764499366J394Inner MongoliaBeijing Enterprises City Service (Ewenki Autonomous Banner) Co., Ltd. (ie Inner MongoliaDayan Mining Group Co., Ltd.)91150724MA0Q45KL50395Inner MongoliaHulunbuir Antai Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Huiliuhe Power Plant91150782752578681C396Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yakeshi 59 Coal (Group) Co., Ltd.91150782115319900U397Inner MongoliaHulunbuir North Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.91150782686543623L398Inner MongoliaChina Shenhua Coal-to-Liquid Chemical Co., Ltd. Ordos Coal-to-Liquid Branch91150627772214877G399Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Broad Field Chemical Co., Ltd.91150600692895676B400Inner MongoliaYili Clean Energy Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch (formerly Ordos YidingEcological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd.)91150625594628603D401Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Yili Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.91150621761064025A402Inner MongoliaBalinzuoqi Xincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.911504227401444564403Inner MongoliaXilin Gol Sunite Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.91152524701378479H404Inner MongoliaJingneng (Xilinguole) Power Generation Co., Ltd.91152500MA0N055K77405Inner MongoliaHuolin Gol Jinyuankou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150500761063559C406Inner MongoliaTongliao Jinmei Chemical Co., Ltd.911505916609973369407Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia China Coal Yuanxing Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91150626089568072E408Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia Liniu Biochemical Co., Ltd.91150523752567894A409Inner MongoliaChifeng Baoshan Energy (Group) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91150403772224418B410Inner MongoliaOrdos Zhengneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91150627MAOPR3UM69411Inner MongoliaShenhua Baotou Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.911502000783949434

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— 34 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code412Inner MongoliaInner Mongolia China Coal Mengda New Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91150626779496002T413Inner MongoliaDatang Inner Mongolia Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.91152531767899488Q414Inner MongoliaZhongtian Hechuang Energy Co., Ltd.91150600667316636C415LiaoningDongdian Shenyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912101064106189621416LiaoningGuodian Northeast Power Co., Ltd. Shenxi Thermal Power Plant9121010667952931334417LiaoningShenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912101061177560718418LiaoningShenyang China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210100604606521K419LiaoningShenyang Huanggu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210100243380714N420LiaoningShenyang Jinshan Energy Co., Ltd. Jinshan Thermal Power Branch91210111720996870Q421LiaoningGuodian Kangping Power Generation Co., Ltd.91210123774809655P422LiaoningShenyang Paraffin Chemical Co., Ltd.91210106242652597C423LiaoningShenyang Antibiotic Factory912101131181120919424LiaoningNine Dragons Paper (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.9121018156467393XX425LiaoningGuodian Northeast Thermal Group Shenyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210106117981631E426LiaoningWanhai Energy Development (Haicheng) Co., Ltd.912103816036523071427LiaoningChina Rubber (Anshan) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.91210300728395586J428LiaoningAnsteel Group Mining Co., Ltd. Qidashan Branch912103007683068241429LiaoningLiaoning Dongfang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91210400742716972K430LiaoningState Power Investment Corporation Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. Fushun Thermal Power Branch91210400068329216Y431LiaoningChina National Petroleum Corporation Fushun Petrochemical Branch Thermal Power Plant9121040071960098XP432LiaoningFushun Mining Zhongji Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210400059810913M433LiaoningHuanren Jinshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210522759125204A434LiaoningDandong Huafu Yalujiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912106007557504753435LiaoningDandong Jinshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210600667289092k436LiaoningHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Dandong Power Plant9121068160389287XC437LiaoningChina National Petroleum Corporation Jinzhou Petrochemical Branch91210700716459108G438LiaoningLiaoning Datang International Jinzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210700680082491D439LiaoningJinzhou Jinri Paper Co., Ltd.91210724794809396F440LiaoningJinzhou Yuancheng Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.91210700729071954N441LiaoningCITIC Jinzhou Metal Co., Ltd.912107007256735369442LiaoningJinzhou Energy Saving Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210700120554497Y443LiaoningHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Yingkou Power Plant91210800604051941k444LiaoningHuaneng Yingkou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210800MA0QEC9M71445LiaoningLiaoning Chuncheng Yinzhu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210800794823219B446LiaoningYingkou Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210800771418472J447LiaoningYingkou Changyi Heating Power Co., Ltd.91210881076293487H448LiaoningFuxin Shengming Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912109217407861411449LiaoningFuxin Jiechao Coal Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210900121524636A450LiaoningZhangwu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210922785107763T451LiaoningFuxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91210900121562106B

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— 35 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code452LiaoningFuxin Jinshan Coal Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912109057618209005453LiaoningChina National Petroleum Corporation Liaoyang Petrochemical Company91211000701696207Q454LiaoningLiaoyang Guocheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912110005948275221455LiaoningDengta Hongyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91211022747149241M456LiaoningLiaoning Shenmei Hongyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912110226800985819457LiaoningLiaoning Huadian Tieling Power Generation Co., Ltd.912112007746295315458LiaoningLiaoning Qinghe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91211200122852690W459LiaoningLiaoning Diaobingshan Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.912112817915934389460LiaoningKaiyuan Hongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91211282761806957L461LiaoningTiefa Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91211281823833580X462LiaoningLiaoning Yihai Jiali Dier Si Starch Technology Co., Ltd.91211200785104634U463LiaoningChina Resources Power (Panjin) Co., Ltd.912111005646264710464LiaoningChangchun Chemical (Panjin) Co., Ltd.91211100567572640Y465LiaoningPanjin Liaohe Futeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91211100710938546K466LiaoningBeipiao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91211381777765678B467LiaoningChaoyang Yanshan Lake Power Generation Co., Ltd.91211300670494388J468LiaoningLingyuan Taihe Heating Co., Ltd.912113820598030786469LiaoningChina National Petroleum Corporation Jinxi Petrochemical Company91211400716427237D470LiaoningGangue Thermal Power Branch of Liaoning Nanpiao Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.912114047714130817471LiaoningHangjin Technology Co., Ltd.91211400123728536M472LiaoningSuizhong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91211400120771168R473LiaoningDalian North Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9121020024118962P474LiaoningDalian Power Generation Co., Ltd.912102007824511639475LiaoningDalian Jinzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210213118698934T476LiaoningDalian Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (Beihai Thermal Power Plant)91210200241297917U477LiaoningDalian Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (Donghai Thermal Power Plant)91210200241297917U478LiaoningDalian Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Xianghai Thermal Power Plant91210200716976375N479LiaoningDalian Taishan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91210200751554784C480LiaoningDalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd.912102006048219425481LiaoningGuodian Power Dalian Zhuanghe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91210283751581264N482LiaoningGuodian Power Development Co., Ltd. Dalian Development Zone Thermal Power Plant912102137234651783483LiaoningHengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Co., Ltd.91210244550622058M484LiaoningHengli Petrochemical (Dalian) Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.91210244089087324F485LiaoningHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Dalian Power Plant912102006048541979486LiaoningChina Hualiang Logistics Group Beiliang Co., Ltd. Dalian Thermal Branch912102423114973687487JilinHuaneng Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd. Changchun Thermal Power Plant912201226687116466488JilinHuaneng Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd. Jiutai Power Plant912201816687057133489JilinDatang Changchun Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220101124019221E490JilinJilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Changchun Thermal Power Branch912201123100599059

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— 36 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code491JilinGuodian Jilin Longhua Changchun No. 1 Thermal Power Plant91220101715366364J492JilinDatang Changchun Third Thermal Power Plant91220101675608655E493JilinJilin Province Yuguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Changchun High-tech Thermal Power Branch91220101MA0Y34LLOP494JilinJilin Xinxiang Co., Ltd.9122010171536975XB495JilinChangchun Dacheng Biological Technology Development Co., Ltd.912201017944322770496JilinChangchun Dahe Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.91220101748435207w497JilinChina FAW Kinetic Energy Branch91220101578591927A498JilinCOFCO Biochemical Energy (Elm) Co., Ltd.912200007868175134499JilinGuodian Jilin Longhua Jiaohe Thermal Power Plant9122028182483303X4500JilinGuodian Jilin Longhua Jilin Thermal Power Plant91220201824519999P501JilinSonghuajiang First Thermal Power Branch of Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd.91220294696101845F502JilinJilin Songhuajiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220201732541953Q503JilinJilin Yuanyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220201724876630R504JilinGuodian Jilin Jiangnan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912202016773249396505JilinJilin Shuangjia Environmental Energy Utilization Co., Ltd.912202017952164028506JilinHuadian Fengtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220282316794089E507JilinJilin Chenming Paper Co., Ltd.9122020177872435X0508JilinChina National Petroleum Corporation Jilin Petrochemical Branch(Power Plant No. 1)91220201717174219W509JilinChina National Petroleum Corporation Jilin Petrochemical Branch(Power Plant No. 2)91220201717174219W510JilinJilin Qifeng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91220201244076116L511JilinGuodian Shuangliao Power Generation Co., Ltd.912203821251220366512JilinGuodian Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd. Shuangliao Power Plant91220382125115792M513JilinJilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Siping No. 1 Thermal Power Company912203946910286180514JilinJilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Siping Thermal Power Company91220394565097321G515JilinTiancheng Corn Development Co., Ltd.91220300774201447C516JilinSiping Zhongke Energy Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.91220300673301852M517JilinJilin Xintianlong Industrial Co., Ltd.91220300584615518C518JilinDatang Liaoyuan Power Plant912204026733458472519JilinTonghua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9122050177420690XM520JilinJilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Erdaojiang Power Generation Company91220501125369856C521JilinBaishan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9122060177420316XX522JilinBaishan Qixiang Paper Co., Ltd.91220601795209800B523JilinDatang Changshan Thermal Power Plant91220721244431683Y524JilinCargill Biochemical Co., Ltd.91220700605132575U525JilinGuodian Jilin Longhua Baicheng Thermal Power Plant91220802744565127W526JilinTaonan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912208817911220547527JilinJilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Baicheng Power Generation Company912208006642880511528JilinGuodian Longhua Yanji Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912224016773343793

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— 37 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code529JilinYanbian Shixian Shuanglu Industrial Co., Ltd.91222402340010379R530JilinChangbaishan Forest Industry Group Dunhua Forestry Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant912224037911200753531JilinDatang Hunchun Power Plant9122240466427977XY532JilinGuodian Longhua Helong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9122240657891436X3533JilinCOFCO Biochemical Energy (Gongzhuling) Co., Ltd.91220000786815796J534JilinHuanglong Food Industry Co., Ltd.912200006051123395535JilinMeihekou Fukang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220581744588548U536JilinMeihekou Haishan Paper Industry Co., Ltd.91220581702430179K537JilinHuaneng Songyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91220701MA15BCLH9W538HeilongjiangHarbin Harbin Investment Co., Ltd.91230100128025258G539HeilongjiangHuadian Energy Co., Ltd. Harbin Thermal Power Plant91230100300879731E540HeilongjiangGuodian Harbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912301086769877578541HeilongjiangHarbin Huaneng Central Heating Co., Ltd.9123010072367843XU542HeilongjiangHarbin Zhonglong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230103744186717Q543HeilongjiangHarbin Third Power Plant of Huadian Energy Co., Ltd.91230100769212838T544HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Suibao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230100607169128L545HeilongjiangDatang Heilongjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Harbin No. 1 Thermal Power Plant91230102676974243A546HeilongjiangBinxian Hongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230125799286635N547HeilongjiangHarbin Pharmaceutical Group Pharmaceutical General Factory912301008280277137548HeilongjiangYilan County Dalianhe Zhengtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230123063685246F549HeilongjiangChina Huadian Group Harbin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91230100127051980N550HeilongjiangHarbin Shuangqi Environmental Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.912301007631654010551HeilongjiangVeolia (Harbin) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912301997495298386552HeilongjiangTonghe Hengtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912301285582539478553HeilongjiangMulan County Shunhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9123012757808698XX554HeilongjiangHarbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912301001270509108555HeilongjiangHuadian Energy Co., Ltd. Fulaerji Thermal Power Plant91230200565170066D556HeilongjiangHuadian Energy Co., Ltd. Fulaerji Power Plant91230200565166278K557HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Huadian Qiqihar Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912302007553431166558HeilongjiangHuadian Energy Co., Ltd. Mudanjiang Second Power Plant91231000130218622C559HeilongjiangMudanjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231000746996078Y560HeilongjiangMudanjiang Jiari Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231000725336206L561HeilongjiangDongning Binhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231024741844809A562HeilongjiangMuling Yiyang Thermal Power Management Co., Ltd.91231085560602878E563HeilongjiangMudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Group Co., Ltd.91231000130302568W564HeilongjiangJiamusi Zhongheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912308000574315064565HeilongjiangHuadian Energy Co., Ltd. Jiamusi Thermal Power Plant91230800677461415U566HeilongjiangJiamusi Canon Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230800752395156U567HeilongjiangHuanan Xielian Baochun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230822795048875G568HeilongjiangFujin Dongfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230882781926112L

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— 38 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code569HeilongjiangFujin Xiangyu Jingu Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.912308823258249058570HeilongjiangTongjiang Changheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912308816774678334571HeilongjiangFuyuan New Century Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912308337026732508572HeilongjiangHuaneng Xinhua Power Generation Co., Ltd.91230607129317965K573HeilongjiangHuaneng Daqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912306005927162634574HeilongjiangChina Petroleum Electric Power Co., Ltd.91230600MA1AT1T11P575HeilongjiangDaqing Zhonglan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91230607777858479R576HeilongjiangDatang Jixi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9123030070287268X6577HeilongjiangDatang Jixi Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912303006888651329578HeilongjiangMishan Chaoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912303826814312432579HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Jidong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230321702701258Q580HeilongjiangJidong Baoxin Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd.91230321588130091B581HeilongjiangJixi Bolian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230300333310963R582HeilongjiangJixi Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. Gangue Thermal Power Plant9123030073690458XA583HeilongjiangCoal Gangue Power Plant of Shenyang Coking Coal Jixi Shenglong Mining Co., Ltd.91230300786036581C584HeilongjiangGuodian Shuangyashan Power Generation Co., Ltd.912305007027341807585HeilongjiangDatang Shuangyashan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9123050073364572XM586HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Longmei Shuangyashan Mining Co., Ltd. Hongyan Thermal Power Company912305007726002766587HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Heima Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230521MA19FNN596588HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Wanli Runda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230523MA1AUWPE27589HeilongjiangRaohe County Chenguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9123052476274935XA590HeilongjiangHuaneng Yichun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230700598216219Y591HeilongjiangYichun Xinqing Thermal Power Plant91230707790549080X592HeilongjiangDailing Forestry Experimental Bureau Thermal Power Plant912307136888831542593HeilongjiangJiayin County Huayin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912307227905329409594HeilongjiangTieli Yuxiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230781692603952J595HeilongjiangYichun Nancha Thermal Power Plant91230703790512691G596HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Longmei Qitaihe Mining Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91230900769249294M597HeilongjiangQitaihe Boli Yida Coal Preparation Co., Ltd.912309217396731158598HeilongjiangBaotailong New Materials Co., Ltd.91230900749673100C599HeilongjiangQitaihe Jiwei Coal Coke Co., Ltd.91230900762749202P600HeilongjiangDatang Qitaihe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91230900130053522E601HeilongjiangQitaihe City Longpeng Coal Development Co., Ltd.912309007418470303602HeilongjiangQitaihe Deli Electric Power Co., Ltd.9123090074695015XB603HeilongjiangSuibin County Shengyun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912304221291905701604HeilongjiangHegang Wanlong Heating Power Supply Co., Ltd.912304000832440180605HeilongjiangLuobei Xinghui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91230421762717139Q606HeilongjiangHuaneng Hegang Power Generation Co., Ltd.912304007027102770607HeilongjiangHegang Heating Company122304004141141551608HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Longmei Hegang Mining Co., Ltd.912304007778801154

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— 39 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code609HeilongjiangSunwu County Haifeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912311246729254951610HeilongjiangGuodian Bei’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912311811316773373611HeilongjiangBei’an Xiangyu Jingu Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.912311813522188988612HeilongjiangHeihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912311001316374232613HeilongjiangNenjiang Shengye Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231121766007513N614HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Qingxiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.912312246774554535615HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Haotian Corn Development Co., Ltd.91231200769249702T616HeilongjiangAnda Shunxiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231281598202204N617HeilongjiangSuihua Zhongmeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231200755331051B618HeilongjiangCOFCO Biochemical Energy (Zhaodong) Co., Ltd.91231200606108585X619HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Chengfu Food Group Co., Ltd.91231200752365547T620HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Longfeng Corn Development Co., Ltd.91231223702822375L621HeilongjiangDatang Suihua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231200325838290K622HeilongjiangHailun Dishikun Biothermal Power Co., Ltd.91231283MA19AQQWXM623HeilongjiangQinggang Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231223769212774Q624HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Xinma Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.91232721781349183W625HeilongjiangDaxinganling Energy Development Co., Ltd.912327005513118334626HeilongjiangDaxinganling District Electric Power Industry Bureau Jiagedaqi Thermal Power Plant91232700352223136Q627HeilongjiangTahe County Chenghui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91232722MA1BQPX177628HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Xinhao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231200MA1BOG117R629HeilongjiangSuihua Xiangyu Energy Co., Ltd.91231200MA1B29KM1Y630HeilongjiangHeilongjiang Yipin Energy Co., Ltd.91230624MA19KAUR5K631HeilongjiangXunke County Lantian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9123112378192140XX632HeilongjiangWudalianchi Guochang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91231182692621288D633ShanghaiShanghai Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310115132236621M634ShanghaiShanghai Shenergy Lingang Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.9131011555430791XW635ShanghaiShanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Wujing Thermal Power Plant91310000752913929P636ShanghaiShanghai Changxing Island Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913102306312569857637ShanghaiShanghai Wujing Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310115631639185E638ShanghaiShanghai Waigaoqiao Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310115632080651P639ShanghaiHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shidongkou First Power Plant91310000660722180A640ShanghaiShanghai Shangdian Caojing Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310116660779822N641ShanghaiHuaneng Shanghai Shidongkou Power Generation Co., Ltd.913101136778617501642ShanghaiShanghai Caojing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913100007178507312643ShanghaiShanghai Wujing Power Generation Co., Ltd.9131000073621794X7644ShanghaiShanghai Fengxian Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310000766472167D645ShanghaiHuaneng Shanghai Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.913101137709264241646ShanghaiShanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Generation Co., Ltd.913101157718269277647ShanghaiHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Shanghai Shidongkou Second Power Plant91310000X07283576F648ShanghaiShanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Luojing Gas Turbine Power Plant91310000084085194J

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— 40 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code649ShanghaiShanghai Huadian Minhang Energy Co., Ltd.91310112586762079X650ShanghaiShanghai Huadian Fengxian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91310120054592849H651ShanghaiShanghai Dongguan Paper Co., Ltd.91310000747642554R652ShanghaiSinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91310000l322l2291W653ShanghaiSinopec Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91310000MA1K38CF47654ShanghaiShanghai Jinlian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91310116798982882A655ShanghaiShanghai Shenergy Chongming Power Generation Co., Ltd.91310230086208960J656ShanghaiShanghai Shenneng Fengxian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91310120351118668P657JiangsuSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Yangzi Petrochemical Branch91320100660691249D658JiangsuHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Nanjing Power Plant913201007162665093659JiangsuNanjing Chemical Industry Park Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320100748249965C660JiangsuJiangsu South Thermal Power Generation Co., Ltd.913200007635837939661JiangsuHuaneng Nanjing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320193088084615B662JiangsuDatang Nanjing Power Plant91320000834754642U663JiangsuHuaneng Nanjing Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320113084175704A664JiangsuHuaneng Nanjing Jinling Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320113771256004P665JiangsuNanjing China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913201147423559195666JiangsuDatang Nanjing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320117754135251X667JiangsuYangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd.91320000710939573X668JiangsuSinopec Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.91320000134751600C669JiangsuChina Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Jinling Branch91320100721730177T670JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Association Energy Co., Ltd.91320282607994371P671JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Xielian Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320282050259774M672JiangsuJiangsu Huaya Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91320282754621292N673JiangsuJiangsu Ligang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91320200607921551C674JiangsuJiangsu Tianhong Chemical Co., Ltd.913202067494325427675JiangsuJiangsu Xiehong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320282MA1MXD0R5A676JiangsuJiangyin Chengxing Shizhuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320281753945287L677JiangsuJiangyin Fuhui Textile Co., Ltd.91320281736541459A678JiangsuJiangyin Huamei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202817357128691679JiangsuJiangyin Ligang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320200767397322T680JiangsuJiangyin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202811422166403681JiangsuJiangyin Huaxi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202817724808849682JiangsuJiangyin Kangshun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320281776887104Y683JiangsuJiangyin Shenghui Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.913202811422850729684JiangsuJiangyin Sulong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202816079840698685JiangsuJiangyin Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320281749410933M686JiangsuJiangsu Sunshine Huangtang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202817564125744687JiangsuJiangyin Zhoubei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320281756410771P

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— 41 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code688JiangsuNanguo Hongdou Holdings Co., Ltd.91320205757322722D689JiangsuWuxi Huilian Waste Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320206778668861Y690JiangsuWuxi Huilian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9132020075798665X1691JiangsuWuxi West District Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320206596985233J692JiangsuWuxi Youlian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913200007178697827693JiangsuYixing Linggu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320282780282714R694JiangsuWuxi Lantian Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913202130881985837695JiangsuWuxi Nengda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320205720634095J696JiangsuWuxi Rongcheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.91320206628287430A697JiangsuJiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co., Ltd.91320281607984202P698JiangsuXuzhou South District Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320300136436196L699JiangsuJiangsu Kanshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320305774662489M700JiangsuXuzhou China Resources Power Co., Ltd.91320300608003410J701JiangsuTongshan County Xinhui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913203127382541468702JiangsuXuzhou Huaxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320312744849322A703JiangsuTongshan China Resources Power Co., Ltd.9132031279905990XA704JiangsuGuohua Xuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320300834754343D705JiangsuFengxian Xinyuan Biomass Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320300748714070N706JiangsuXuzhou Tiancheng Chlor-Alkali Co., Ltd.91320322763597976U707JiangsuShanghai Datun Energy Co., Ltd. Power Plant91320000775435173Q708JiangsuXuzhou Jinshanqiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320301744846623T709JiangsuJiangsu Xutang Power Generation Co., Ltd.913203821370316925710JiangsuXuzhou Hualong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913203827651427990711JiangsuJiangsu Xukuang Comprehensive Utilization Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320305663269799C712JiangsuJiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd.913203017849976109713JiangsuXuzhou Tianyu Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913203225725681600714JiangsuJiangsu Huamei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9132030032396279X7715JiangsuXuzhou Yincheng Electric Power Co., Ltd.91320300136390917D716JiangsuJiangsu Jinmei Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.913203007279965319717JiangsuChangzhou Guangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320402137367399D718JiangsuGuodian Changzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.913204007520003022719JiangsuChangzhou Xingang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320411724414540E720JiangsuChangzhou Changjiang Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.91320411728000513E721JiangsuChangzhou New District Guangda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320411728017438L722JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Qishuyan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320400714099479F723JiangsuChangzhou Asia-Pacific Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320412779662015K724JiangsuChangzhou Hutang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913204122509244766725JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Qishuyan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320400692591779C726JiangsuJiangsu Jiayi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913204136081296386727JiangsuJiangsu Fuchunjiang Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913204813020277007

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— 42 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code728JiangsuJiangsu Hongbo Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320481579546773D729JiangsuHuaneng Suzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320505138002199E730JiangsuSuzhou Jiangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320506251663888R731JiangsuChina Huadian Corporation Jiangsu Wangting Power Generation Branch91320507697937994T732JiangsuSuzhou Xiangcheng Jiangnan Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd.91320507750508102B733JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Wangting Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913205077579877910734JiangsuShanghai Huadian Power Development Co., Ltd. Wangting Power Generation Branch913205078377150675735JiangsuShenghong Group Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch91320509331095710w736JiangsuWujiang Sanlian Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.91320509703702201W737JiangsuJiangsu Dongfang Shenghong Co., Ltd. Shengze Thermal Power Plant91320509951248087E738JiangsuSuzhou Susheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320509752031790H739JiangsuSuzhou Suzhen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320509752743712P740JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Wujiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320509138248965M741JiangsuWujiang Yilong Industrial Co., Ltd.91320509138285299N742JiangsuDatang Suzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320509576686674N743JiangsuWujiang Rosen Chemical Co., Ltd.91320509759677308F744JiangsuSuzhou Industrial Park North Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320594583787967C745JiangsuSuzhou Soochow Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320594754631888X746JiangsuUPM (China) Co., Ltd.91320581608248696M747JiangsuJiangsu Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd.9132058173784235X7748JiangsuChangshu Copper Industry Corporation Co., Ltd.913205812514283780749JiangsuChina Resources Power (Changshu) Co., Ltd.91320000710936305U750JiangsuJiangsu Changshu Power Generation Co., Ltd.913205811377445967751JiangsuChangshu Wangshi Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.913205815866783871752JiangsuChangshu Kuncheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913205817395943883753JiangsuChangshu Jinling Haiyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9132058175968740X6754JiangsuChangchun Chemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.9132058173940381XR755JiangsuChangshu Suyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913205817468173405756JiangsuJiangsu Fuyu Industrial Co., Ltd.91320581739413727Q757JiangsuJiangsu Fumiao Technology Co., Ltd.91320500566862646E758JiangsuJiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd.91320500758983274Y759JiangsuZhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Changyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913205921421974949760JiangsuJiangsu Junma Group Co., Ltd.91320582251500050U761JiangsuZhangjiagang Huaxing Electric Power Co., Ltd.9132058274731733XM762JiangsuZhangjiagang Shazhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.9132058274731880X6763JiangsuZhangjiagang Daxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320582758984883Y764JiangsuZhangjiagang Yongxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320582758460908J765JiangsuNanya Electronic Materials (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.91320583722261579B766JiangsuJiangsu Zhengyuan Chuanghui Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320583740677332B767JiangsuNine Dragons Paper (Taicang) Co., Ltd.91320585739426077D

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— 43 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code768JiangsuHuaneng (Suzhou Industrial Park) Power Generation Co., Ltd.913205941348497635769JiangsuTaicang Hongda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320585703714763X770JiangsuGuohua Taicang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132058577051178XH771JiangsuTaicang Port GCL Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132058573782766XP772JiangsuHuaneng Taicang Power Generation Co., Ltd.913205857628094557773JiangsuSuzhou Industrial Park Lantian Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913205947558549871774JiangsuZhangjiagang Printing and Dyeing Factory91320582142120956F775JiangsuKunshan GCL Blue Sky Distributed Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320583346238956H776JiangsuKunshan Xinkun Bioenergy Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320583608282341G777JiangsuSouth Asia Processing Silk (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.91320583743142229L778JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Kunshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320583087871094L779JiangsuJinhuasheng Paper (Suzhou Industrial Park) Co., Ltd.91320594608243801Y780JiangsuNantong Guanyinshan Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320600753927601R781JiangsuNantong Acetate Fiber Co., Ltd.913206006083098236782JiangsuNanya Plastic Industry (Nantong) Co., Ltd.91320600608316687F783JiangsuJiangsu Nantong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132060057815804XQ784JiangsuNantong Tianshenggang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320600608308601B785JiangsuHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Nantong Power Plant913206006083165729786JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Tongzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320612060209025F787JiangsuHaian Huaxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320621765875271U788JiangsuJiangsu Lianfa Environmental Protection New Energy Co., Ltd.91320621772484367Q789JiangsuRudong GCL Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320623755895543A790JiangsuRudong Yangkou Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320623795351815X791JiangsuJiangsu Prince Paper Co., Ltd.913206917539292283792JiangsuNantong Jiangshan Pesticide Chemical Co., Ltd.91320600138299113X793JiangsuNantong Meiya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320691608319212H794JiangsuGuoxin Qidong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9132068169671916XM795JiangsuJiangsu Datang International Lusigang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320681753238507X796JiangsuJiangsu Datang International Rugao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320682MA1MEUHM5C797JiangsuHaimen Xinyuan Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320684744828716E798JiangsuHaimen Daqian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913206847573094561799JiangsuNantong An Energy Co., Ltd.91320621091491959G800JiangsuLianyungang Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.91320700MA1MFBW470801JiangsuLianyungang Hongyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320700572604053J802JiangsuJiangsu Xinhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.913207001389666764803JiangsuLianyungang Xinneng Sludge Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320700793334798E804JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Lianyungang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320700MA1MGMRG9H805JiangsuRoquette (China) Nutritional Food Co., Ltd.91320000731174602R806JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Huaian Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320803564259667D807JiangsuJiangsu Suyanjingshen Co., Ltd.91320800720586548C

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— 44 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code808JiangsuShanghai Pacific Chemical (Group) Huaian Yuanming Powder Co., Ltd.91320804140093819C809JiangsuHuaneng Huaiyin Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320800763577692Y810JiangsuADAMA Anbang (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.91320800139433337K811JiangsuJiangsu Huaiyin Power Generation Co., Ltd.913208007038150703812JiangsuHongze Dayang Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91320829321306035C813JiangsuChina Salt Huaian Hongyun Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91320829592573020W814JiangsuJiangsu Ruihong Salt Industry Co., Ltd.91320800788866546C815JiangsuChina Power (Hongze) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9132080060857781XW816JiangsuShilian Chemical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.91320891717884421B817JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Huai’an Second Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913208053022745849818JiangsuHuaian Economic Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320891751408613K819JiangsuJiangsu Diamond Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.913208007724971413820JiangsuJiangsu Jiayuan Yuanming Powder Co., Ltd.91320804662739031G821JiangsuHuaian Nanfeng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9132080469553645XX822JiangsuJiangsu Baimei Chemical Co., Ltd.913208047786998019823JiangsuZhonghai Huabang Chemical Co., Ltd.9132080074371424XK824JiangsuYancheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320900729019865M825JiangsuDafeng Sunshine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320982753239120Q826JiangsuYancheng Lingyunhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320982756445659N827JiangsuJiangsu Fengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320982562933929X828JiangsuXiangshui Lianyi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913209215629596869829JiangsuJiangsu Guohua Chenjiagang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320921668987976J830JiangsuJiangsu Senda Chenjiagang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320921757968929H831JiangsuState Power Investment Corporation GCL Binhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320922063286544L832JiangsuJiangsu Senda Coastal Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320922760511655Q833JiangsuFuning Aoyang Technology Co., Ltd.913209237919781516834JiangsuJiangsu Sheyang Port Power Generation Co., Ltd.91320900140148699L835JiangsuJiangsu Shayin Group Sheyang Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.9132092469448095X1836JiangsuJiangsu Qinli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320924578177363U837JiangsuJiangsu Hengtai New Energy Co., Ltd.91320924753933075E838JiangsuDongtai Suzhong Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320981725226218G839JiangsuYancheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91320991140226888A840JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Yangzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.913200006821920611841JiangsuYangzhou Port Sludge Power Generation Co., Ltd.91321091744802225N842JiangsuSinopec Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91321081323786271G843JiangsuJiangsu Ruixiang Chemical Co., Ltd.91321081765862024H844JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Yangzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91321000714106931X845JiangsuYangzhou Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.913210911408615744846JiangsuYongfengyu Paper (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd.9132000076586058XC847JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Yizheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913210815642690561

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— 45 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code848JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Yizheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321081758993384A849JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Gaoyou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321084331130176R850JiangsuZhenjiang Dagang Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.91321191743123976A851JiangsuJiangsu Changfeng Paper Co., Ltd.913211813139926026852JiangsuDanyang Xinglian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321181608874611F853JiangsuJiangsu Huadian Jurong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132118334623391X8854JiangsuHuadian Jiangsu Energy Co., Ltd. Jurong Power Generation Branch9132118307827129XR855JiangsuZhenjiang Hongshun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321112608862012C856JiangsuJindong Paper (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd.91321100608835858J857JiangsuZhenjiang Dadong Paper Co., Ltd.91321191608832649D858JiangsuJianbi Power Plant of China Guodian Corporation91321100834754351A859JiangsuJiangsu Zhenjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91321100608836068D860JiangsuGuodian Jiangsu Jianbi Power Generation Co., Ltd.91321100733742773H861JiangsuJiangsu Thorpe Chemical Co., Ltd.91321100134790773U862JiangsuNational Energy Group Taizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132120075796619XM863JiangsuJiangsu Guoxin Jingjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9132128275204185X8864JiangsuJing Jiangsu Yuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913212827487380804865JiangsuTaizhou Jintai Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913212917439143057866JiangsuTaizhou Meilan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913212007635817981867JiangsuXinghua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321281142653736A868JiangsuDatang Taizhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321204063278931X869JiangsuJiangsu Aoxie Chemical Co., Ltd.913200006720112473870JiangsuXinpu Chemical (Taixing) Co., Ltd.913212836087847472871JiangsuJiangsu New Power (Shuyang) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91321322578143198F872JiangsuNational Energy Group Suqian Power Generation Co., Ltd.913213007527282801873ZhejiangHangzhou Huadian Banshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.913301001430495149874ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Electric Power Co., Ltd. Xiaoshan Power Plant91330109735286433H875ZhejiangSanyuan Holding Group Hangzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330109560569000W876ZhejiangHangzhou Zhixing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913301093218751665877ZhejiangHangzhou Xiaoyue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913301097544239744878ZhejiangHangzhou Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133010972102220X8879ZhejiangHangzhou Hongshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330109609138368T880ZhejiangHangzhou Hangmin Xiaocheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330109067897529A881ZhejiangHangzhou Hangmin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913301097154533457882ZhejiangZhejiang Puxinglan Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913300007682250474883ZhejiangZhejiang Tonglu Huifeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.913301221436436442884ZhejiangTonglu Xinyada Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330122757206676N885ZhejiangZhejiang Xin’an Chemical Group Co., Ltd.913300001429192743886ZhejiangZhejiang Jiande Jianye Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330182697082957E887ZhejiangZhejiang Dayang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.91330100143956405Y

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— 46 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code888ZhejiangZhejiang Fuchunjiang Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913300007572103686889ZhejiangHangzhou Lin’an Huawang Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.91330185689095715U890ZhejiangZhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd.9133010060912074XW891ZhejiangHangzhou Huadian Xiasha Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330101599555247P892ZhejiangHangzhou Hanglian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330101609135829W893ZhejiangZhejiang Baling Hengyi Caprolactam Co., Ltd.913301006706049462894ZhejiangHangzhou Linjiang Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330100670616883D895ZhejiangHangzhou Fulida Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330100MA2CFQY19G896ZhejiangHangzhou Huadian Jiangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330100056721050N897ZhejiangHangzhou Hangmin Jiangdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913301000678980381898ZhejiangNingbo Jiufeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330211728095073U899ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai United Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330000609102322A900ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.913300007200836842901ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913302117685439856902ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Zhenhai Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330211583957321Y903ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Beilun Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330000142942853L904ZhejiangGuodian Zhejiang Beilun First Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330000720083393Y905ZhejiangGuodian Zhejiang Beilun Third Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330206796022773J906ZhejiangFormosa Plastics Group Thermal Power (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.91330200736956291A907ZhejiangNingbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.9133020074218972XP908ZhejiangNingbo Economic and Technological Development Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330206704834839J909ZhejiangNingbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd.913302006102538734910ZhejiangNingbo Guangyao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330281747396162N911ZhejiangZhejiang Guohua Yuyao Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330281756275063N912ZhejiangNingbo Shimao Energy Co., Ltd.9133028175627217X8913ZhejiangZhejiang Guohua Zheneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330000741035171D914ZhejiangZhejiang Datang Wushashan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330212753286162P915ZhejiangNingbo Zhengyuan Power Co., Ltd.91330200610271625T916ZhejiangNingbo Xiebei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913302010944026594917ZhejiangWanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330201750397844L918ZhejiangNingbo Kefeng Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913302017532786568919ZhejiangNingbo Zhongmao Hangzhou Bay Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330201744957892T920ZhejiangNingbo Mingzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330212756295929R921ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Wenzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330300845041779N922ZhejiangZhejiang Wenzhou Trulay Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330300704320838C923ZhejiangChina Resources Power (Wenzhou) Co., Ltd.913303006725714558924ZhejiangWenzhou Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330303704319757A925ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Yueyueqing Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330382775703676W926ZhejiangWenzhou Hongze Hot Spot Co., Ltd.9133030055968364XH927ZhejiangJiaxing Green Energy Co., Ltd.91330402761341635A

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— 47 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code928ZhejiangJiaxing Nengda Buyun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330402146582234J929ZhejiangMinfeng Specialty Paper Co., Ltd.91330000710959275N930ZhejiangZhejiang Xiuzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330402MA28AFAG8M931ZhejiangJiaxing Zhonghua Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd.91330400609459444X932ZhejiangJiaxing Fuxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330402MA28A65M0L933ZhejiangJiaxing Xinjiaaisi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330411769640170M934ZhejiangJiaxing GCL Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330400747735398C935ZhejiangZhejiang Jiashan Xielian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330421609459022C936ZhejiangZhejiang Zhongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133042174100608XH937ZhejiangJiashan Hongfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330421704417779X938ZhejiangPinghu Hongxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330482146682200H939ZhejiangZhejiang Rongsheng Environmental Protection Paper Co., Ltd.91330000710987081Q940ZhejiangPinghu Rongcheng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.91330000660556741J941ZhejiangZhejiang Shanying Paper Co., Ltd.913304247392365998942ZhejiangZhejiang Hengyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330424757071636U943ZhejiangHaining Maqiao Metropolitan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913304817731050663944ZhejiangHaining Hongbao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330481744118693C945ZhejiangZhejiang Baofeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913304817511698355946ZhejiangZhejiang Huadeli Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.91330481755938689A947ZhejiangZhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical Co., Ltd.913300001429396622948ZhejiangZhejiang Xindu Green Energy Co., Ltd.91330000758075524L949ZhejiangTongxiang Taiace Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.91330483MA28A04LXN950ZhejiangHuaneng Tongxiang Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913304830595677145951ZhejiangTongxiang Puyuan GCL Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330400786447516R952ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Jiaxing Power Generation Co., Ltd.913300007200853728953ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Jiahua Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330000730318598H954ZhejiangZhejiang Jiahua Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.913300007463411432955ZhejiangHuzhou Nantai Lake Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913305007590812808956ZhejiangHuzhou Zhili Changhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913305007519057592957ZhejiangHuzhou South Taihu Power Technology Co., Ltd.91330503096775846H958ZhejiangGuodian Huzhou Nanxun Natural Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330503051312098R959ZhejiangHuzhou GCL Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330500753036438F960ZhejiangZhejiang Puxing De Nengran Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913305007652060271961ZhejiangDeqing County Zhongneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913305211470821942962ZhejiangDeqing Green Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330500747736032Y963ZhejiangHuzhou Jiayi Xinshi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330521609585651G964ZhejiangZhejiang Beike Biotechnology Co., Ltd.91330521MA29J05A6N965ZhejiangHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Changxing Power Plant91330000743455620P966ZhejiangZhejiang Puxing Jingxing Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330500769624613R967ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Changxing Natural Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330522054234435F

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— 48 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code968ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Changxing Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330500730338054X969ZhejiangPuxing (Anji) Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133050056819061XR970ZhejiangZhejiang Anji Tianzihu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913305235505314552971ZhejiangHuzhou Jiajun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330500733826395F972ZhejiangShaoxing Zhongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330600145962083B973ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Shaoxing Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330621698257456M974ZhejiangZhejiang Tianma Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330621753014917B975ZhejiangShaoxing Yuandong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330621755902387X976ZhejiangShangyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330000146208058R977ZhejiangShaoxing Shangyu Hangxie Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330600744142984B978ZhejiangZhejiang Chunhui Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.913306047696183368979ZhejiangZhejiang Zhuji Bafang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913306817530166807980ZhejiangZhejiang Xinzhonggang Clean Energy Co., Ltd.91330683704477704R981ZhejiangZhejiang Huajia Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.9133062473150654XA982ZhejiangZhejiang Datang International Shaoxing Jiangbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330600594358594H983ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Jinhua Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.91330702704532451Y984ZhejiangJinhua Ningneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330700059584645P985ZhejiangLanxi GCL Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913307817601806304986ZhejiangZhejiang Hengdian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913307831475390949987ZhejiangZhejiang Wuchan Huaneng Pujiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133072MA28D6Y955988ZhejiangZhejiang Huachuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.91330782147644644X989ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Lanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9133078175492287XQ990ZhejiangQuzhou Donggang Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913308037625035013991ZhejiangHengsheng Energy Co., Ltd.91330825798599066L992ZhejiangHuadian Zhejiang Longyou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330825052815738F993ZhejiangZhejiang Datang International Jiangshan Xincheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913308815877955937994ZhejiangZhejiang Juhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330800X097601458995ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Changshan Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.913308220528342771996ZhejiangLongyou County Jinyi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91330825085267811U997ZhejiangCNOOC Zhoushan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.913309007818347284998ZhejiangShenhua Guohua (Zhoushan) Power Generation Co., Ltd.913309001487166113999ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng China Coal Zhoushan Coal Power Co., Ltd.91330901662877864B1000ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Electric Power Co., Ltd. Taizhou Power Plant91331000848881618T1001ZhejiangTaizhou Jiaojiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91331002704671283F1002ZhejiangTaizhou Lingang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133108259720021511003ZhejiangZhejiang Hongshiliang Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91331023738437612F1004ZhejiangZhejiang Zheneng Taizhou Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91331022055524047Q1005ZhejiangHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Yuhuan Power Plant91330000744117463P1006ZhejiangTaizhou Forest Paper Co., Ltd.9133108170473382771007ZhejiangXianju Modern Heating Power Co., Ltd.91331024793357770X

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— 49 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1008ZhejiangNice Group Co., Ltd.9133110072720358901009ZhejiangZhejiang Kaien Special Materials Co., Ltd.9133000070478504541010ZhejiangLishui Hangli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91331100699526515Q1011ZhejiangZhejiang Longde Environmental Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133062105554326491012ZhejiangZhejiang Taiyi Energy Co., Ltd.91330481MA28BA5T481013ZhejiangZhejiang Zhenya Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9133062172009432461014AnhuiAnhui Huainan Pingwei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340400850220739D1015AnhuiHuainan Pingwei Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340400754894610R1016AnhuiHuainan Pingwei Third Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134040005974697421017AnhuiHuaihu Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91340400769047502L1018AnhuiHuaihu Electric Power Co., Ltd.91340400399370934R1019AnhuiHuainan Mining Group Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Pansan Power Plant, XinzhuangziPower Plant and Guqiao Power Plant)91340400343928791E1020AnhuiAnhui Electric Power Co., Ltd. Huainan Tianjia’an Power Plant91340400850224721G1021AnhuiFengtai Power Generation Branch of Huaizhe Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.9134042177738616891022AnhuiDatang Huainan Luohe Power Plant91340400850224959P1023AnhuiAnhui Huainan Luoneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340400733034777X1024AnhuiChina Coal Xinji Energy Co., Ltd. Xinji No. 1 Mine9134040066423862891025AnhuiChina Coal Xinji Energy Co., Ltd. Xinji No. 2 Mine91340400664238644Y1026AnhuiAnhui Huadian Lu’an Power Plant Co., Ltd.91341500550195121Q1027AnhuiMaanshan Dangtu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340521769021863N1028AnhuiWanneng Maanshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134050068361582041029AnhuiAnhui Maanshan Wannengda Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340500850507377L1030AnhuiShanying International Holdings Co., Ltd.91340500150523317H1031AnhuiSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Anqing Branch91340800799836473R1032AnhuiAnhui Huatai Lin Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.91340800795072306T1033AnhuiAnhui Anqing Wanjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340800711015962L1034AnhuiGuodian Bengbu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340300758506793M1035AnhuiAnhui Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91340300725539433J1036AnhuiCOFCO Biological Technology Co., Ltd. (self-provided power plant including Tushan Branch andMohekou Branch)91340000711722608T1037AnhuiAnhui Fengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91340323MA2NJLBP721038AnhuiAnhui Gujing Wine Co., Ltd.9134000015194000831039AnhuiBozhou Ruineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91341600560699980A1040AnhuiChina Coal Xinji Lixin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91341623554578787C1041AnhuiAnhui Chizhou Jiuhua Power Generation Co., Ltd.91341700750999669L1042AnhuiAnhui Dongzhi Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd.91341721695739222R1043AnhuiAnhui Jinhe Industrial Co., Ltd.91341100796433177T1044AnhuiChuzhou Huahui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91341100095210114B1045AnhuiZhongyan Dongxing Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91341100152824674J

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— 50 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1046AnhuiAnhui Huasu Co., Ltd.91341100686874334U1047AnhuiAnhui Haoyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd.91341200740899007P1048AnhuiAnhui Jinmei Zhongneng Chemical Co., Ltd.91341200705081189C1049AnhuiFuyang China Resources Power Co., Ltd.91341200717869870L1050AnhuiAneng Branch of Hefei Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.91340100MA2N04BX251051AnhuiAnhui Hefei United Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340000704901747G1052AnhuiHefei Dongfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91340100573020340U1053AnhuiHefei Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Jinyuan Branch91340100MA2N0ADR2P1054AnhuiHefei Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Tianyuan Branch91340100MA2N09FL3R1055AnhuiHefei Xinneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91340100MA2N00618H1056AnhuiHefei Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd. Zhongcheng Branch91340100MA2N09AU5T1057AnhuiHuaneng Chaohu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134010066792850191058AnhuiShenwan Hefei Lujiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340124343847107L1059AnhuiWanneng Hefei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340100784910466L1060AnhuiAnhui Wanwei High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.91340100153584043T1061AnhuiDatang Huaibei Power Plant91340600850890257W1062AnhuiHuaibei Guoan Electric Power Co., Ltd.91340600610420256A1063AnhuiHuaibei Shenwan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134060039601197961064AnhuiLinhuan Zhongli Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340600786539357D1065AnhuiHuaibei Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91340621783079092X1066AnhuiHuaibei Mining Co., Ltd. Yangzhuang Gangue Thermal Power Plant91340600790117472A1067AnhuiHuaibei Yuneng Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.9134060076904757XR1068AnhuiAnhui Hengli Electric Industry Co., Ltd.91340600744895636x1069AnhuiWanneng Tongling Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340700783064325W1070AnhuiGuodian Tongling Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340764762754802L1071AnhuiTongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Co., Ltd.91340700151105774A1072AnhuiTongling Xinyaxing Energy Co., Ltd.9134070007871509XD1073AnhuiAnhui Huadian Wuhu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134020876277372061074AnhuiWuhu Xinxing Metallurgical Resources Comprehensive Utilization Technology Co., Ltd.91340208063618529G1075AnhuiWuhu Oasis Environmental Energy Co., Ltd.9134020073002689461076AnhuiWuhu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340200756804914K1077AnhuiAnhui Qianyingzi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134130007722354451078AnhuiAnhui Huadian Suzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134130075299721061079AnhuiGuodian Suzhou Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9134130056218532601080AnhuiSuzhou Chuangyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91341300MA2T08789C1081AnhuiAnhui Ante Food Co., Ltd.91341300760841232F1082AnhuiSuzhou Wanshen Noodle Products Co., Ltd.9134130275299932081083AnhuiAnhui Hongguang Enterprise Investment Group Co., Ltd.9134132273002195411084AnhuiAnhui Golden Corn Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.91341322670907875G1085AnhuiXiaoxian Linping Paper Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province913413227349728611

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— 51 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1086AnhuiSDIC Xuancheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.9134180075682161841087AnhuiHuaibei Huancheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91340600087576407X1088FujianHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Power Plant91350100X11041238G1089FujianFujian Huadian Kemen Power Generation Co., Ltd.9135012275314528XW1090FujianGuodian Fuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.9135018175938614811091FujianFujian Southeast Electrochemical Co., Ltd.9135000070510106341092FujianFuzhou Hete New Energy Co., Ltd.91350181070883603X1093FujianFujian Tianchen Yaolong New Material Co., Ltd.9135018158957244951094FujianFujian Datang International Ningde Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350900754997337N1095FujianFujian Funeng Longan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91350982315661882P1096FujianSDIC Genting Meizhou Bay Power Co., Ltd.91350000717885635L1097FujianSateri (Fujian) Fiber Co., Ltd.9135030055509544521098FujianChina Shipping Fujian Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350000766152681J1099FujianFujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd.9135000015815749751100FujianFujian Huadian Yongan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350481158142500Y1101FujianZhisheng Chemical Co., Ltd.91350400727934314R1102FujianShenhua Funeng (Fujian Yanshi) Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350800665064105M1103FujianHuadian (Zhangping) Energy Co., Ltd.91350881157822846P1104FujianWengfu Zijin Chemical Co., Ltd.9135000055508854431105FujianXiamen Ruixin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9135021176174556871106FujianXiamen China International Power Development Co., Ltd.9135020061202448411107FujianXiamen Haifa Environmental Energy Co., Ltd. (formerly Xiamen International Trade Zhongshun Environmental ProtectionEnergy Co., Ltd.)91350200737892023U1108FujianTamron Specialty Resin (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.9135020061204595541109FujianEast Asia Power Xiamen Co., Ltd.91350200717865802E1110FujianXiamen Tongji Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9135020076171434XE1111FujianGuodian Quanzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9135050575312069941112FujianNine Dragons Paper (Quanzhou) Co., Ltd.9135050055755116841113FujianFujian Jinjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91350582766182784B1114FujianFujian Jinjiang Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350582766165837B1115FujianFujian Hongshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91350581660362488D1116FujianFujian Shishi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91350581705227184G1117FujianFujian Qingyuan Technology Co., Ltd.9135058174638917141118FujianShishi Hongfeng Environmental Protection Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.91350581739523475D1119FujianShenhua Funeng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91350581052340074H1120FujianFujian Yongchun Meiling Artificial Board Factory9135052570522114511121FujianFujian Yongchun Hongmei Paper Co., Ltd.9135052570522168XU1122FujianLiansheng Paper (Longhai) Co., Ltd.9135068155759475891123FujianZhangzhou Youlida Paper Development Co., Ltd.91350627666856315D1124FujianZhangzhou Yingsheng Paper Co., Ltd.91350600786941645K

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— 52 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1125FujianZhangzhou Gangxing Paper Products Co., Ltd.91350627796080164W1126FujianTenglong Aromatics (Zhangzhou) Co., Ltd.91350600717866709A1127FujianFujian Sugar Co., Ltd.91350000156503771U1128FujianShanying South China Paper Co., Ltd. (formerly Fujian Liansheng Paper Co., Ltd.) 91350625764074982U1129FujianDunxin Paper Co., Ltd.91350625156783187N1130FujianHuayang Electric Co., Ltd.9135060061147008761131JiangxiGuixi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9136068175995439501132JiangxiJiangxi Ganneng Co., Ltd. Fengcheng Phase II Power Plant9136098179475490361133JiangxiFengcheng Mining Bureau Electric Industry Co., Ltd.91360981705787878P1134JiangxiGuodian Fengcheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91360981158295873D1135JiangxiJiangxi Fengcheng Xinluo Electric Co., Ltd.91360981744295892M1136JiangxiJiangxi Hongping Pumped Storage Co., Ltd.91360925698497206Y1137JiangxiJiangxi Fidelity Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9136098275999483XD1138JiangxiJiangxi Lanhengda Chemical Co., Ltd.9136090077237375591139JiangxiJiangxi Jinghao Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91360982723906690U1140JiangxiJiangxi Hongyu Energy Development Co., Ltd.91360982680933153L1141JiangxiJiangxi Datang International Xinyu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91360500159872513P1142JiangxiState Power Investment Group Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. Fenyi Power Plant91360521083940646R1143JiangxiGuodian Golden Port Power Generation Co., Ltd.91361127759969546H1144JiangxiHuaneng Anyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91360323674993969D1145JiangxiPingxiang Mining Group Co., Ltd. Anyuan Power Plant91360300859092120Q1146JiangxiJiangxi Kemei Paper Co., Ltd.91360301568657718F1147JiangxiState Power Investment Corporation Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. Xinchang Power Generation Branch91360122054412430Y1148JiangxiJiangxi Chenming Paper Co., Ltd.91360100744264607E1149JiangxiNanchang Fangda Resources Comprehensive Utilization Technology Co., Ltd.91360111MA360KUU931150JiangxiSateri (Jiangxi) Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91360400741955891Y1151JiangxiJiujiang Hengsheng Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.9136040078147279841152JiangxiGuodian Jiujiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91360400705506933B1153JiangxiSateri (Jiujiang) Fiber Co., Ltd.9136040033639892121154JiangxiJiangxi Huadian Jiujiang Distributed Energy Co., Ltd.91360402571167090C1155JiangxiJiangxi Li Cultural Industry Co., Ltd.91360400584010850H1156JiangxiJiangxi Lanxinghuo Silicone Co., Ltd.91360425352070045Y1157JiangxiChina Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Jiujiang Branch91360400716522330T1158JiangxiJiangxi Brothers Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.91360430314636175Y1159JiangxiShenhua Guohua Jiujiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91360429573617139E1160JiangxiLeping Tianxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91360281693721715F1161JiangxiState Power Investment Group Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd. Jingdezhen Power Plant9136020058657751981162JiangxiJiangxi Shilong Industrial Co., Ltd.9136020075675011951163JiangxiJiangxi Lehao ​​Comprehensive Utilization Electric Industry Co., Ltd.913602007814651923

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— 53 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1164JiangxiJiangxi Jiangwei Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.91360200739172564E1165JiangxiJingdezhen Coking Energy Co., Ltd.91360200716583766J1166JiangxiHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Jinggangshan Power Plant91360800763385260K1167JiangxiJiangxi Jineng Coal Power Co., Ltd.9136082177237323791168JiangxiChina Salt Xingan Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91360824162190054G1169JiangxiBright Energy (Shingan) Co., Ltd.91360824MA35K3JY3C1170JiangxiJiangxi Jiuer Salt Industry Co., Ltd.9136073376978246X71171JiangxiHuaneng Ruifa Electric Power Co., Ltd.9136070078412609XX1172JiangxiGanzhou Huajin Paper Co., Ltd.9136070276700175491173JiangxiJiangxi Datang International Fuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91361000674966178Y1174JiangxiJiujiang Fangda Technology Co., Ltd.91360429MA361PRY191175JiangxiJiangxi Five Star Paper Co., Ltd.91360429099477051U1176JiangxiTaisheng (Jiangxi) Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.91360406MA35GGFJ9H1177JiangxiJiangxi Jinjiang Wine Industry Co., Ltd.91360900716533152G1178JiangxiJiangxi Yongguan Technology Development Co., Ltd.91361029591817863B1179JiangxiShangli County Pingfeng Paper Co., Ltd.91360322723931925C1180JiangxiDexing City, Jiangxi Province Baiqinyi VC Sodium Co., Ltd.91361181748505113N1181ShandongJinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370100163155357D1182ShandongHuaneng Jinan Huangtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137000016304353161183ShandongJinan Dongxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137010073171939341184ShandongHuadian Zhangqiu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137018170592974191185ShandongShandong Xinsheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd.9137018135347640XF1186ShandongJiyang Xinhua Energy Industry Co., Ltd.91370125747833780M1187ShandongJinan Qiquan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370124163533637H1188ShandongHuadian International Power Co., Ltd. Laicheng Power Plant91371200723882676E1189ShandongShandong Sunshine Power Co., Ltd.91371200MA3C4XQC911190ShandongJinan Xingquan Energy Co., Ltd.91370181MA3EY333261191ShandongShandong Jinmei Riyue Chemical Co., Ltd.91370181163446509B1192ShandongHuaneng Laiwu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137120069687151691193ShandongShandong Bailun Paper Co., Ltd.91371200571670147X1194ShandongHuadian Qingdao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370200163580003D1195ShandongQingdao Energy Taineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137020071809902XL1196ShandongQingdao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370200264629208Y1197ShandongQingdao Houhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370200743959706J1198ShandongQingdao Dongyi Thermal Power Plant9137021276027434671199ShandongQingdao Hengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370211730633117B1200ShandongSailun Group Co., Ltd.91370200743966332L1201ShandongQingdao West Coast Utilities Group Yitong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370211163981739A1202ShandongDatang Huangdao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370211163861534D1203ShandongChina Fuel Mingyue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370211MA3RFW3W75

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— 54 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1204ShandongQingdao Haixi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137021178757068XF1205ShandongQingdao Hengguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370211718060379J1206ShandongQingdao Shun’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370214053057369H1207ShandongQingdao Jinhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370214725574255T1208ShandongQingdao Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370282760267402N1209ShandongJimo Thermal Power Plant91370282163951978A1210ShandongQingdao Long Heating Power Co., Ltd.91370281169658078Q1211ShandongQingdao Xingping Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370283164076335U1212ShandongQingdao Sapphire Wine Industry Co., Ltd.91370200164033052P1213ShandongQingdao Jiulian Group Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91370285MA3MG4UB1F1214ShandongQingdao Jinlai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370285740378500Y1215ShandongSinopec Qingdao Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.91370200766720175X1216ShandongQingdao Gulf Chemical Co., Ltd.91370200163569824H1217ShandongQingdao Wanqiang Xinhao Investment Co., Ltd.91370285583677530N1218ShandongHuaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Baiyanghe Power Plant91370300MA3MBNBB5D1219ShandongYiyuan County Yuanneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370323168612940L1220ShandongZibo Kunsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370302675504186W1221ShandongZibo Luzhong Cement Co., Ltd.9137030216420032461222ShandongZibo Xinsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137030261329023161223ShandongShandong Luwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.91370300797301985B1224ShandongShandong Hongqiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137032275449967XN1225ShandongZibo Tengfei Biomass Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370322550934190D1226ShandongZibo Lianyu Textile Co., Ltd.9137030072926036831227ShandongZibo Zhonggang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370303733726490L1228ShandongHuantai County Tangshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137032176973973W1229ShandongZibo Huirun Heating Power Co., Ltd.91370321090658198U1230ShandongShandong Dongyue Fluorosilicon Material Co., Ltd.91370300759160640W1231ShandongZibo Qilin Guihe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370321746574190D1232ShandongShandong Tianyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370321164425232L1233ShandongShandong Zibo Fushan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370303164269655B1234ShandongZhutai Thermal Power Co., Ltd., Linzi District, Zibo City9137030549380556X41235ShandongHuaneng Xindian Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137030576095380821236ShandongSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Qilu Petrochemical Branch91370305664437395K1237ShandongZibo Linzi Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.91370305164322030M1238ShandongShandong Zibo Ruiguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370306MA3CBQCD791239ShandongZibo Xuneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370306681732062R1240ShandongZibo Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.91370303MA3CDQEY2T1241ShandongChina Aluminum Shandong Co., Ltd.9137030032836694671242ShandongHuadian Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370300734704736Y1243ShandongZibo Mingrui Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370303MA3C68PR8H

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— 55 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1244ShandongYangmei Group Zibo Qilu First Fertilizer Co., Ltd.91370305756382010G1245ShandongZibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd.9137030073470516541246ShandongShandong Fengyuan Tongda Power Co., Ltd.9137040074567937XQ1247ShandongZaozhuang Bayi Coal Water Slurry Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Phase I91370400752689138F1248ShandongZaozhuang China Resources Paper Co., Ltd.9137040070625573451249ShandongYuantong Paper (Shandong) Co., Ltd.9137000067317931681250ShandongZaozhuang Jianyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137040005093164751251ShandongShandong Wangchao Coal and Electricity Group New Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370400094487867Q1252ShandongShandong Wangchao Coal and Electricity Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370400672209165R1253ShandongHuadian Tengzhou Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137048116991985681254ShandongZaozhuang Mining Group Jiangzhuang Coal Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370400748992046L1255ShandongTengzhou Yida Huawen Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91370481752656942Q1256ShandongTengzhou Fuyuan Low Calorific Value Fuel Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370481757451815Y1257ShandongShandong Hengren Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.9137048116989857341258ShandongTengzhou Bulk Coal Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137048116992175371259ShandongShandong Tengzhou Shengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370481754483897G1260ShandongShandong Xinhua Silicone Co., Ltd.91370481798697504P1261ShandongYankuang Lunan Chemical Co., Ltd.9137040066443274611262ShandongHuadian International Power Co., Ltd. Shiliquan Power Plant9137040016444638311263ShandongZaozhuang Nanjiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370400752679992Q1264ShandongShengli Power Plant of Sinopec Shengli Petroleum Administration Co., Ltd.91370500864731150R1265ShandongShengli Guodian (Dongying) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137050005791185XN1266ShandongDongying Kenli Huineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137052175351238541267ShandongGuangrao County Dawang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370523MA3D4ENL2U1268ShandongDongying Xishui Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370523726687745W1269ShandongShandong Zhenghe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370523737239462A1270ShandongDongying Hengfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370500795319970A1271ShandongShandong Jinling Chemical Co., Ltd.9137000072620003681272ShandongShandong Huatai Heating Co., Ltd.9137052375445851XD1273ShandongLijin Lineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137052275449796581274ShandongLihua Yilijin Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd.9137052216492235191275ShandongDongying Binhai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137050069542447451276ShandongDongying Huatai Chemical Group Co., Ltd.91370500768728314M1277ShandongDongying Jinmao Aluminum High-Tech Co., Ltd.91370500740230506H1278ShandongDongying Gangcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370500576616924Y1279ShandongDongying Huatai Qinghe Industrial Co., Ltd.9137052372670550171280ShandongHuaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Yantai Power Plant91370602MA3MBNPF781281ShandongYantai Hengtong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370612265526657N1282ShandongYantai Yitong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137061275446445041283ShandongYantai Longda Paper Co., Ltd.91370612165345293F

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— 56 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1284ShandongYantai Qingquan Industrial Co., Ltd.9137061376971474XE1285ShandongWanhua Chemical (Yantai) Chlor-Alkali Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137060006197280751286ShandongYantai Western Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370600734698532N1287ShandongNational Energy Penglai Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137068475915892XW1288ShandongPenglai Donghai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137068474566380271289ShandongHuadian Longkou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370000169423228R1290ShandongLongkou Mining Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370681764803188K1291ShandongShandong Nanshan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.9137000070583031141292ShandongShandong Yili Electric Co., Ltd.9137068175548102M1293ShandongLongkou Jiayuan Dongsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137068175445505211294ShandongLongkou Yulong Paper Co., Ltd.9137068174024875761295ShandongZhaoyuan Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.9137068579153418XQ1296ShandongZhaoyuan Linglong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137068575542662461297ShandongHuadian Laizhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370683559920211U1298ShandongLaizhou Longtai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137068376575375XT1299ShandongLaiyang Thermal Power Plant91370682169770430X1300ShandongHaiyang Longfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370687748957371R1301ShandongYantai Dongyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137068676480067321302ShandongAnqiu Shengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370784165645544L1303ShandongChangle Shengshi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137072575541736541304ShandongHuadian Weifang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370700165423394M1305ShandongShandong Haihua Shengxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370781782319672F1306ShandongQingzhou Yineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370781732629242T1307ShandongShandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch9137070086546002201308ShandongShandong Shouguang Juneng Thermal Power Development Co., Ltd.91370783775279561Y1309ShandongShandong Xinli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137078372073121501310ShandongShouguang Golden Sun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137078375745416XQ1311ShandongWeifang Hengan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137070075747227X91312ShandongWeifang Xinfang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137070076871174XW1313ShandongShenhua Guohua Shouguang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370783695434656X1314ShandongZhucheng Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137078274657491651315ShandongZhucheng Economic Development Zone Hengyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370782766664679J1316ShandongZhucheng Longguang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370782766653937A1317ShandongAnqiu Tianyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370784328475114X1318ShandongGaomi Wanren Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (Gaoyuan Thermal Power)9137078561358123191319ShandongShandong Yinying Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91370785165854485A1320ShandongShandong Murray Technology Co., Ltd.9137078386313488061321ShandongShandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Vitamin Branch91370783584532827R1322ShandongShandong Xinhecheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch9137070005498819XK1323ShandongWeifang Ensign Industry Co., Ltd.913707001657698540

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— 57 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1324ShandongWeifang Qirong Textile Co., Ltd.9137070575917011XU1325ShandongZhucheng Tonglu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370782666739143L1326ShandongShandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd.9137000061358898601327ShandongShouguang Meilun Paper Co., Ltd.91370783690649340B1328ShandongShandong Xinlong Group Co., Ltd.91370783727575323J1329ShandongShandong Haitian Biochemical Co., Ltd.9137078675446217281330ShandongShandong Changyi Haineng Chemical Co., Ltd.91370786775282795A1331ShandongShandong Union Chemical Co., Ltd. (1 plant)91370000720749183H1332ShandongWeifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.91370700165557771P1333ShandongHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Jining Power Plant91370800165921385B1334ShandongHuaneng Jining Yunhe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370800MA3BX3TT2T1335ShandongWeishan County Weishan Lake Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137082675638962601336ShandongZaozhuang Mining (Group) Fucun Gangue Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370826752699942D1337ShandongShandong Lutai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370827780792992T1338ShandongJiaxiang County Jiaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137082916628456871339ShandongShandong Jikuang Luneng Coal Power Co., Ltd. Yangcheng Power Plant91370830680687829C1340ShandongSishui Shengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137083176483167221341ShandongLiangshan Linghua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.9137083269688274151342ShandongHuaneng Jining High-tech Zone Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370800742445631P1343ShandongShandong Huaju Energy Co., Ltd. Jier Mine Power Plant91370800MA3C6C6P1L1344ShandongShandong Yankuang Jisan Electric Power Co., Ltd.91370800771045952K1345ShandongHuaneng Jiaxiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370800165959535J1346ShandongHuaneng Qufu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370881753501467B1347ShandongShandong Huaju Energy Co., Ltd. Xinglongzhuang Mine Power Plant91370882MA3C6CY9901348ShandongShandong Dongshan Gucheng Coal Mine Comprehensive Utilization Power Plant91370882550905963P1349ShandongYanzhou Juyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137088273577249021350ShandongYanzhou Yinhe Electric Power Co., Ltd.9137088276669299571351ShandongShandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd.91370800706094280Q1352ShandongShandong Liyan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370800267126657N1353ShandongZoucheng Hongkuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370883763667823W1354ShandongHuadian International Power Co., Ltd. Zouxian Power Plant91370800866156823P1355ShandongHuadian Zouxian Power Generation Co., Ltd.91370883669307768E1356ShandongShandong Huaju Energy Co., Ltd. Baodian Mine Power Plant91370883493566968G1357ShandongShandong Huaju Energy Co., Ltd. Dongtan Mine Power Plant9137088349356712731358ShandongYankuang Group Co., Ltd. Nantun Electric Power Branch91370883687223453L1359ShandongShandong Sun Honghe Paper Co., Ltd.91370883092194518F1360ShandongTai’an Taishan Urban Construction Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370900790372481K1361ShandongTai’an Taishan Dongcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137090075086844XE1362ShandongShandong Taiwen Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91370900MA3PBQCM2N1363ShandongShandong Daiyue Salt Manufacturing Co., Ltd.91370000785020852U

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— 58 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1364ShandongTaishan Gypsum Co., Ltd.91370000720743873W1365ShandongTai’an Liren Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370982767750122R1366ShandongTai’an Xinwen Peak Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370900743392818G1367ShandongShandong Guangming Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137000016960693XY1368ShandongHuaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Zhongtai Power Plant91370982MA3DP8NY7G1369ShandongShandong HP Gangue Power Co., Ltd.91370000267158042G1370ShandongShandong Xinwen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137090075448335201371ShandongXintai Zhengda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137098216959616181372ShandongFeicheng Shengli Salt Industry Co., Ltd.91370983681709268J1373ShandongNational Energy Group Shandong Shiheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137098377741147471374ShandongNingyang County Jinming Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137092173371299601375ShandongTai’an Huafeng Dingfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370900743392826B1376ShandongTaian Huayang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370921732630905U1377ShandongShandong Runyin Biochemical Co., Ltd.71370000724955590Q1378ShandongDongping Light Source Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370923726202955H1379ShandongShandong Zhonghua Power Generation Co., Ltd. Shiheng Power Plant91370900706130712G1380ShandongNational Energy Taian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137090008510932X31381ShandongWeihai Wendeng Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.91371081570486735G1382ShandongWeihai Zhongyin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371081MA3D7BJ38A1383ShandongWeihai Botong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371000266360011K1384ShandongHuaneng Weihai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91371000264206686A1385ShandongWeihai Thermal Power Group Co., Ltd.9137100016668090741386ShandongWeihai Xijiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371002744503882W1387ShandongWeihai Nanjiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137100077973050851388ShandongRongcheng Tianyi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371082760985316K1389ShandongRongcheng Qiujia Aquatic Products Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91371082706084568L1390ShandongRongcheng Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.9137108216687393601391ShandongRushan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371083166779536G1392ShandongRushan Dayang Silicone Factory91371083706252365X1393ShandongWeihai Mingzhu Silicone Co., Ltd.91371083728611357P1394ShandongRushan Dongfang Silicone Co., Ltd.9137108356252406821395ShandongWeihai Longfeng Silicone Co., Ltd.9137083660157097K1396ShandongShandong Kaixiang Sunshine Group Co., Ltd.91371121165882099G1397ShandongRizhao Sunshine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137110074659997XT1398ShandongHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Rizhao Power Plant91371100720727996W1399ShandongShandong Rizhao Power Generation Co., Ltd.91371100614072180P1400ShandongJuxian Fengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137112216853247351401ShandongRizhao Huatai Paper Co., Ltd.91371122762858863C1402ShandongRizhao Xinyuan Heating Power Co., Ltd.91371103052399236P1403ShandongJunan Yuyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.913713277823313485

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— 59 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1404ShandongJunan Liyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371327761874773N1405ShandongShandong Huasheng Jiangquan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371300753517434A1406ShandongHuaneng Linyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137130016827178721407ShandongShandong Yangmei Hengtong Chemical Co., Ltd.91371300613999830P1408ShandongLinyi Hengchang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371322586054873C1409ShandongLinyi Hualong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371324747834724B1410ShandongShandong Yida Thermoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.91371326555230328G1411ShandongYishui Dadi Corn Development Co., Ltd.91371323724267106M1412ShandongShandong Kunda Biological Technology Co., Ltd.9137132368945145X51413ShandongYouth Aid Food Co., Ltd.91371323168571077B1414ShandongYishui County Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137132374096448901415ShandongShandong Zhongchuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137132133463302731416ShandongNoblefone (China) Agriculture Co., Ltd.9137130006874230XQ1417ShandongJinyimeng Group Co., Ltd.91371329168846325C1418ShandongLinshu County Heating Service Co., Ltd.91371329080884423K1419ShandongLinyi Hengyuan Heating Group Co., Ltd.91371300668087775H1420ShandongLinyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Group Co., Ltd.9137130061399303381421ShandongShandong Jiangquan Industrial Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91370000267179185A1422ShandongLinyi Fuyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371300334618302R1423ShandongNational Energy Feixian Power Generation Co., Ltd.91371325760013189T1424ShandongLinyi Sunshine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371325328377063F1425ShandongDezhou North China Paper Co., Ltd.91371400167281684R1426ShandongDezhou Shihua Chemical Co., Ltd.9137140066670531401427ShandongShandong Zhongmao Shengyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.91371421751781610D1428ShandongGushen Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd.91371421723850818U1429ShandongShandong Yucheng Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137148273066751XU1430ShandongShandong Everbright Power Group Company Thermal Power Plant9137148216757083051431ShandongLeling Leyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137148174022988XW1432ShandongShandong Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd.91371425720742774B1433ShandongLinyi Hengli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371424732599282X1434ShandongYangmei Plain Chemical Co., Ltd.91371426167414117R1435ShandongPingyuan County Wanggaopu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371426MA3CA6L6761436ShandongDezhou Liyuan Paper Co., Ltd.91371426MA3PUJ932U1437ShandongShandong Wucheng County Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137142866353088911438ShandongXiajin County Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371427755425031N1439ShandongQingyun Longsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371423312783921E1440ShandongDezhou Kaiyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137140072926942611441ShandongHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Dezhou Power Plant91371400167270774F1442ShandongShandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.91370000723286858L1443ShandongGuanxian Xinrui Muye Co., Ltd.913715257563936685

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— 60 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1444ShandongGuanxian Hengrun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371525762870360C1445ShandongEast Ahuatong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371524760019185M1446ShandongDatang Linqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371581550949296N1447ShandongLinqing Xiangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371581MA3MEQHP291448ShandongLinqing Yunhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371581733717682A1449ShandongShandong Shenxian Senyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.9137152275828156381450ShandongYanggu Senquan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137152174568542X31451ShandongShandong Gaotang Thermal Power Plant91371526168211274W1452ShandongShandong Shifeng (Group) Co., Ltd.9137152616821275281453ShandongShandong Quanlin Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137152672859894951454ShandongChiping Xinfa Huayu Alumina Co., Ltd.91371500769712461N1455ShandongLiaocheng Xinyuan Group Co., Ltd.9137150079151151981456ShandongChiping Qilu Heating Co., Ltd.91371523732603456T1457ShandongShandong Zhonghua Power Generation Co., Ltd. Liaocheng Power Plant91371500727563541E1458ShandongNational Energy Liaocheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91371500787158388B1459ShandongLuxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Power Branch9137150066198022901460ShandongLiaocheng Lantian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371500760047792F1461ShandongHuaneng Liaocheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371500743384762U1462ShandongBinzhou Beihai Xinhe New Material Co., Ltd.91371600581910837L1463ShandongBinzhou Zhanhua District Huihong New Material Co., Ltd.9137162407695002981464ShandongZouping County Huineng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371626MA3C9HLF5B1465ShandongShandong Binbei New Material Co., Ltd.91371600576631585E1466ShandongWudi Bohai Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371623MA3C93RE7C1467ShandongBinzhou Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137160076970951041468ShandongShandong Binzhou Binbei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371602739271386Q1469ShandongShandong Binhua Heating Power Co., Ltd.91371600753514014B1470ShandongBinzhou Dongli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371600758276465E1471ShandongShandong Mingda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371626775295908D1472ShandongHengfeng Branch of Shantou Bo Holding Group Co., Ltd.9137162532620476781473ShandongShandong Shenghe Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.91371625726697150J1474ShandongShandong Xiangchi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137162505093187481475ShandongHuaneng Zhanhua Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371624748960378Q1476ShandongWudi County Xinxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371623753511454T1477ShandongWudi Zhongcheng Heating Co., Ltd.9137162307300274421478ShandongDatang Lubei Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137162368720430861479ShandongBinzhou High-tech Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd.9137160079865802XF1480ShandongZouping Dingfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371600728627885U1481ShandongDatang Binzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137160055788814XE1482ShandongZouping Hongli Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371626MA3C9G8Y5F1483ShandongZouping County Hongxu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371626MA3C9FJ39H

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— 61 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1484ShandongZouping Hongchuang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371626MA3C9HLE7G1485ShandongYellow River Delta (Binzhou) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137160006873854641486ShandongZouping Changqiao Heating Co., Ltd.91371626052358493X1487ShandongZouping County Electric Power Group Co., Ltd.91371626167204179K1488ShandongZouping Huize Industrial Co., Ltd.91371626738167819T1489ShandongJinsheng Ocean Technology Co., Ltd.9137160075915673XT1490ShandongChengwu Jinan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137170076973402XT1491ShandongShandong Dongming Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd.9137172816928036XB1492ShandongShandong Daze Chemical Co., Ltd.9137170059781713531493ShandongShanxian Huaneng Biological Power Generation Co., Ltd.9137172207575174961494ShandongHeze Minsheng Heating Power Co., Ltd.9137170031278771141495ShandongChina Resources Power (Heze) Co., Ltd.91371700669339970P1496ShandongShandong Heze Power Plant91371700168852194K1497ShandongNational Energy Heze Power Generation Co., Ltd.91371700766688259R1498ShandongShandong Zhonghua Power Generation Co., Ltd. Heze Power Plant9137170072672332081499ShandongShandong Hengshun Heating Co., Ltd.9137170005624787001500ShandongShandong Hengli Heating Co., Ltd.91371700557855567B1501ShandongShandong Kaitai Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91370300744504658E1502ShandongRizhao Lingyunhai Sugar Industry Group Co., Ltd.9137110073576938XF1503ShandongShandong Xuguo Energy Co., Ltd.91371103349160621U1504ShandongRongcheng Haoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371082MA3C5JLB6N1505ShandongLinqu County Xicheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370724765764141N1506ShandongSinochem Hongrun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.9137070016544622XB1507ShandongShandong Shouguang Luqing Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91370783724809024G1508ShandongShandong Luzhou Group Yishui Chemical Co., Ltd.91371323732606059Q1509ShandongFeixian Shangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371325753521580C1510ShandongMengyin Dexin Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91373128566734273F1511ShandongZhaoyuan Zhengyan Heating Power Co., Ltd.91370685561430086F1512ShandongLongkou Conglin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370681169461670N1513ShandongHuaneng Shandong Power Generation Co., Ltd. Bajiao Power Plant91370600MA3MBTX9U1514ShandongYantai Hengbang Chemical Co., Ltd.91370612265603085Y1515ShandongJining Xueyan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370800779732300C1516ShandongShandong Weiye Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9137162475638327551517ShandongBinzhou Lvdong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371600MA3PLPM32J1518ShandongBinzhou Lvfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371600MA3PN5QT781519ShandongBinzhou Lvneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371621MA3PLX3GX61520ShandongBinzhou Lvtong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371622MA3PM8JE241521ShandongShandong Xingda New Energy Co., Ltd.9137052108717074981522ShandongShandong Wanda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91370521766657356E1523ShandongShandong Huaneng Liaocheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371500167860766H

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— 62 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1524ShandongShandong Yuhuang Chemical Co., Ltd.91371728869294885K1525ShandongYanzhou Coal Heze Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91370000754456581B1526ShandongYuncheng Jinhe Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91371725768702210N1527HenanChina Resources Power Dengfeng Co., Ltd.91410000717850643A1528HenanZhengzhou Rongqi Thermal Power Energy Co., Ltd.91410100753866482P1529HenanZhengzhou Jujin Thermal Power Energy Co., Ltd.91410100753866474W1530HenanZhengzhou Zhengdong New District Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410100758359631T1531HenanZhengzhou Taixiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410000712644517Y1532HenanState Power Investment Corporation Zhengzhou Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410100763130428H1533HenanChinalco Mining Co., Ltd.9141000071093492411534HenanZhengzhou Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Power Plant91410183790645937F1535HenanZhengzhou Yuzhong Energy Co., Ltd.91410183757133358J1536HenanGuodian Xingyang Coal and Electricity Integration Co., Ltd.91410182789150216G1537HenanHenan Zhongfu Electric Power Co., Ltd.91410000761676443R1538HenanState Power Investment Corporation Henan Electric Power Co., Ltd. Kaifeng Power Generation Branch91410203556927805N1539HenanHenan Jinkai Chemical Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd.91410212761699637C1540HenanDatang Luoyang Shouyangshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410300171086961P1541HenanDatang Luoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410300171078304F1542HenanLuoyang Shuangyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141030017112664421543HenanShenhua Guohua Mengjin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410000674137417P1544HenanHenan China Resources Power Shouyangshan Co., Ltd.9141000071785289261545HenanHuaneng Luoyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141030055960727641546HenanLuoyang Longyu Electric Co., Ltd.91410300745793877G1547HenanWanji Holding Group Co., Ltd.91410323171489218T1548HenanLuoyang Wanji Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410323676706740D1549HenanLuoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum Co., Ltd.91410323772170771H1550HenanHenan Longquan Jinheng Electric Power Co., Ltd.91410329576347920X1551HenanLuoyang Yichuan Longquan Kengkou Captive Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410300757127572M1552HenanLuoyang Wanzhong Geely Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410300590824885K1553HenanLuoyang Junhua Biological Technology Co., Ltd.9141030074577449XP1554HenanPingdingshan Yaomeng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410400755196136Y1555HenanPingdingshan Tianyuan Salinization Co., Ltd.91410422772180494A1556HenanState Power Investment Corporation Henan Power Co., Ltd. Pingdingshan Power Generation Branch9141040055693422081557HenanState Power Investment Corporation Pingdingshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141040075389730XB1558HenanHenan Shenma Nylon Chemical Co., Ltd.91410000170000791G1559HenanPingdingshan Southeast Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.91410411706571286A1560HenanChina Pingmei Shenma Group United Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91410422668883931N1561HenanPingdingshan Ruiping Coal Power Co., Ltd. Deping Thermal Power Plant91410482599101018N1562HenanChina Pingmei Shenma Group Nylon Technology Co., Ltd.9141040009490499031563HenanAnyang Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.91410500172191923G

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— 63 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1564HenanDatang Linzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141058167005887741565HenanDatang Anyang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91410500172195975Q1566HenanDatang Anyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410500F75690906Y1567HenanHenan Feitian Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.91410600786235548G1568HenanHebi Coal Power Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant9141060056247733701569HenanHebi Heqi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141062206890670681570HenanHebi Fenghe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410600763144133G1571HenanHebi Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Chemical Branch9141060058856364791572HenanHebi Baoma Chemical Fertilizer Factory91410603750718388C1573HenanWeihui Yubei Chemical Co., Ltd.9141078170662160XP1574HenanHenan Jinkai Group Yanhua Chemical Co., Ltd.9141072617335102891575HenanHenan Tianbang Technology Co., Ltd.91410782094457465T1576HenanXinxiang County Hongxiang Paper Co., Ltd.91410721055986479P1577HenanHenan Xingtai Paper Co., Ltd.91410721697307482M1578HenanHenan Xinxiang Hongtai Paper Co., Ltd.91410721173169170F1579HenanXinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co., Ltd.91410000173174009G1580HenanHuadian Qudong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141070069599741661581HenanState Power Investment Xinxiang Yuxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410700172930335Y1582HenanHuadian Xinxiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141078275388082371583HenanHenan Mengdian Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410782173241830P1584HenanXinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.9141000017000142851585HenanXinxiang Henry Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141078205225587341586HenanXinxiang Zhongyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141072859084871341587HenanNational Energy Group Jiaozuo Power Plant Co., Ltd.91410821083482155D1588HenanJiaozuo Golden Crown Ka Wah Power Co., Ltd.91410800740728830F1589HenanChina Resources Power Jiaozuo Co., Ltd.91410800562463285Y1590HenanJiaozuo Korea Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410823717852358U1591HenanQinyang Changhuai Electric Power Co., Ltd.91410800615029192N1592HenanJiaozuo Coal Industry (Group) Fengying Electric Power Co., Ltd.91410804745751669G1593HenanJiaozuo Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Electric Metallurgical Branch9141080387348039XF1594HenanGuangyuan Paper Co., Ltd., Wuzhi County, Henan Province9141082375517845601595HenanHenan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd.91410800740722586T1596HenanWuzhi County Sanfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410823MA3XADAP0J1597HenanFengshen Tire Co., Ltd.9141000071263485301598HenanChinalco Zhongzhou Aluminum Co., Ltd.9141082133577261961599HenanJiaozuo Wanfang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91410000173525171F1600HenanXuchang Longgang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141100017428483281601HenanYuzhou No.1 Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd.91411081177521522N1602HenanXuchang Tianyuan Thermal Energy Co., Ltd.9141100057104068XF1603HenanChangge Hengda Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411082563726905Y

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— 64 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1604HenanXuchang Dongfang Heating Co., Ltd.9141102356100380XH1605HenanXuchang Tianjian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141100017427292XA1606HenanXuchang Hongwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411000755195360B1607HenanJinyao Ruida (Xuchang) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.91411000317598709E1608HenanHenan Nengxin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410000770899526W1609HenanHuadian Luohe Power Generation Co., Ltd.9141110068076402X21610HenanHenan Yinge Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.91410000170001516K1611HenanLuohe Tianguan Biochemical Co., Ltd.91411122773676125Q1612HenanLinying County Shenghong Heating Power Co., Ltd.91411122556915089F1613HenanHenan Jindadi Chemical Co., Ltd.91411121772188306R1614HenanChina Salt Wuyang Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91411121750749969J1615HenanLuohe Xinsheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411103MA3X80559B1616HenanDatang Sanmenxia Electric Power Co., Ltd.9141120059625451001617HenanDatang Sanmenxia Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411200753850317Q1618HenanSanmenxia Huayang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411200706662903N1619HenanThermal Power Branch of Yima Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd.9141128174072088XC1620HenanEastern Hope (Sanmenxia) Aluminum Co., Ltd.91411200753877093M1621HenanSanmenxia Yixiang Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91411200757129295M1622HenanHuaneng Mianchi Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9141122139959207841623HenanYima Environmental Power Co., Ltd.91411281761668283A1624HenanSanmenxia Vientiane Industrial Co., Ltd.91411222063845385L1625HenanCayman (Shaanxian) Energy Comprehensive Utilization Co., Ltd.9141120076783359311626HenanNanyang Yahekou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411300614668259H1627HenanNanyang Tianyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411300780526168T1628HenanHenan Tianguan Fuel Ethanol Co., Ltd.9141000074578851761629HenanState Power Investment Nanyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411300775115807W1630HenanHenan Zhongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.91410000706681290G1631HenanNanyang Puguang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91411300614646754G1632HenanHenan Xianhe Special Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.9141132579190742501633HenanTongbai Haijing Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.91411330749227223A1634HenanTongbai Star Chemical Co., Ltd.91411330758398112C1635HenanGuodian Minquan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411421761674528W1636HenanChina Power (Shangqiu) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411400699966385U1637HenanYongcheng Coal and Electricity Holding Group Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant9141148187540000761638HenanHenan Shenhuo Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411400687105991R1639HenanShangqiu Yudong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411400175031431P1640HenanMinyuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd.9141148177365848861641HenanHenan Longyu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.9141000076487663521642HenanDatang Xinyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411500794272250X1643HenanDatang Xinyang Huayu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411500270220687J

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— 65 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1644HenanAngang Group Xinyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.9141150017688258861645HenanHenan China Resources Power Ancient City Co., Ltd.9141000071786116681646HenanZhumadian Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd.9141170071910104831647HenanHuaneng Henan Zhongyuan Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411700753876285Q1648HenanChina Pingmei Shenma Group Lantian Chemical Co., Ltd. Suiping Chemical Plant9141172817603114231649HenanGuodian Zhumadian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91411700671691439X1650HenanHenan Junhua Development Co., Ltd.9141000075227790XK1651HenanGuodian Yuyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91419001750738530W1652HenanHuaneng Qinbei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91419001735514918K1653HenanHenan Yuguang Zinc Industry Co., Ltd.91419001758377389H1654HenanGuodian Puyang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91410900755193656H1655HenanPuyang Yuneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91410900330059101R1656HenanZhoukou Longda Power Generation Co., Ltd.91411600739082120F1657HenanHenan Gas (Group) Co., Ltd. Yima Gasification Plant9141128187736234XU1658HubeiHubei Huadian Wuchang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420000788174929Y1659HubeiGuodian Changyuan First Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420000177605611M1660HubeiGuodian Qingshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420000770772103A1661HubeiHuaneng Wuhan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9142010030024252XQ1662HubeiWuhan Hanergy Power Development Co., Ltd.91420100616426827H1663HubeiGuodian Changyuan Hanchuan First Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420000707096907B1664HubeiGuodian Hanchuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9142098467649664041665HubeiHubei Energy Group Ezhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420700615789116A1666HubeiHubei Xisaishan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420000722041605E1667HubeiChina Resources Power Hubei Co., Ltd.9142000071463630XX1668HubeiHubei Huadian Xiangyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9140600757029016Y1669HubeiHubei Songyuan Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.9142108766548647181670HubeiHuanggang Dabieshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420000757005065M1671HubeiHubei Energy East Lake Gas Turbine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420100063027120L1672HubeiWuhan Chenming Dry Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420100725793722U1673HubeiHuaneng Yingcheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420981594209011X1674HubeiHanchuan Fuxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9142098455974092351675HubeiHuadian Hubei Power Generation Co., Ltd. Huangshi Thermal Power Branch9142020055066068721676HubeiJiayu County Jianeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91421221744630662G1677HubeiXiangyang Anneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420600784457665R1678HubeiDongfeng (Xiangyang) Energy Development Co., Ltd.9142060067039476631679HubeiSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Yichang Branch91420583798768472R1680HubeiYichang Yihua Pacific Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9142050061557086X61681HubeiGuodian Changyuan Jingzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91421000662253584J1682HubeiSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Jingmen Company91420800662261779J1683HubeiGuodian Changyuan Jingmen Power Generation Co., Ltd.91420800760665777J

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— 66 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1684HubeiHuaneng Jingmen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9142080258545087471685HubeiJingneng Dongfeng (Shiyan) Energy Development Co., Ltd.91420303MA495UEHX91686HubeiChina Resources Power (Yichang) Co., Ltd.9142050057696756441687HubeiYichang East Sunshine Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91420581795916302D1688HubeiWuhan Hankou Green Energy Co., Ltd.9142011679243852831689HubeiChina-Korea (Wuhan) Petrochemical Co., Ltd.9142010007772919071690HubeiWuhan Golden Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd.91420100781991758U1691HubeiHubei Sanning Chemical Co., Ltd.91420500182660666H1692HubeiHubei Xingrui Silicon Material Co., Ltd.91420500670369106J1693HubeiHubei Shanshui Chemical Co., Ltd.91420583662257710U1694HubeiGolden Hongye Paper (Hubei) Co., Ltd.4209231984060500311695HubeiBora Jingwei Fiber Co., Ltd.91420000793261373P1696HubeiHubei Jinhuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd.91420600331780822R1697HubeiXiangyang Longman Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.91420624573722465L1698HubeiChibi Chenli Paper Co., Ltd.9142120072203935351699HubeiQianjiang Zhenghuosheng Aluminum Power Co., Ltd.9142900506068056211700HubeiAdama Co., Ltd.91420000706962287Q1701HubeiChuyuan High-tech Group Co., Ltd.91420000726106146R1702HubeiHubei Hongyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.9142110073519634XF1703HubeiGolden Phoenix Paper (Xiaogan) Co., Ltd.9142090233172872551704HubeiWuhan Steel & Electricity Co., Ltd.91420100300050720E1705HunanDatang Huayin Power Co., Ltd. Leiyang Branch91430481351667608P1706HunanShaoneng Group Leiyang Power Industry Co., Ltd. Leiyang Power Plant91430481597589996B1707HunanHunan Xiangheng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91430400185018396Q1708HunanHunan Hengyang Xinli Chemical Co., Ltd.9143040077446731791709HunanHunan Yuhua Technology Group Co., Ltd.9143040076379852961710HunanKingboard (Hengyang) Industrial Service Company9143040076070220801711HunanHunan Baisha Electric Power Co., Ltd.91430481734784502P1712HunanHunan Huadian Changde Power Generation Co., Ltd.91430700768009686A1713HunanChangan Shimen Power Generation Co., Ltd.91430726750630036T1714HunanDatang Shimen Power Generation Co., Ltd.9143072672798395XG1715HunanHunan Xiangli Salinization Co., Ltd.9143078119024292381716HunanGuangdong VTR Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Changde Branch91430781MA4L2G77XL1717HunanChangde Zhonglian Environmental Power Co., Ltd.9143070079238075XR1718HunanHunan Xinli Chemical Co., Ltd.9143072372795464951719HunanChina Resources Power Hunan Co., Ltd.9143100071786155391720HunanHunan China Resources Power Liyujiang Co., Ltd.91431000743163222U1721HunanZixing Coal Gangue Power Generation Co., Ltd.9143108177445829311722HunanHunan Xiangwei Co., Ltd.91431224189201323N1723HunanDatang Huayin Power Co., Ltd. Jinzhushan Thermal Power Generation Branch91431381763251190H

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— 67 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1724HunanChina Resources Power (Lianyuan) Co., Ltd.9143138266859427531725HunanGuodian Hunan Baoqing Coal Power Co., Ltd.91430500770060667Y1726HunanZhangjiajie Sangzi Comprehensive Utilization Power Plant Co., Ltd.9143082276561770721727HunanDatang Huayin You County Energy Co., Ltd.91430223565933553J1728HunanDatang Huayin Zhuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91430211184357388T1729HunanHunan Huadian Couch Electric Co., Ltd.9143000075580332XT1730HunanChangsha Tianning Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91430124668581757F1731HunanLiuyang Hongyu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91430181670787949J1732HunanSinopec Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. Baling Petrochemical Branch9143060066169914631733HunanYueyang Fengli Paper Co., Ltd.91430600617052089L1734HunanHuaneng Hunan Yueyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91430600616650239M1735HunanChina Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Changling Branch9143060071705234271736HunanYueyang Forest and Paper Co., Ltd. Yueyang Branch9143060072258771261737HunanDatang Xiangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9143030018473464971738HunanXiangtan Electrochemical Group Co., Ltd.9143030018471363791739HunanChangan Yiyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9143090018709289971740GuangdongGuangdong Yuehua Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440000190320848E1741GuangdongGuangzhou Dongfang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440101618459825B1742GuangdongGuangzhou Pearl River Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440101618403485Q1743GuangdongGuangzhou Pearl River Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440101743599608B1744GuangdongGuangzhou University City Huadian New Energy Co., Ltd.91440101671829338D1745GuangdongGuangzhou Hengyun Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.91440101231215412L1746GuangdongGuangzhou China Resources Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91440101783761729J1747GuangdongGuangzhou Zhongdian Lixin Power Industry Co., Ltd.9144018366998758001748GuangdongGuangzhou GCL Blue Sky Gas Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91440116769517842W1749GuangdongGuangzhou Development Aotou Distributed Energy Station Investment Management Co., Ltd.9144010107462313931750GuangdongShenzhen Mawan Power Co., Ltd.9144030061881670681751GuangdongShenzhen Energy Group Co., Ltd. Eastern Power Plant9144030076346175331752GuangdongShenzhen Guangqian Power Co., Ltd.91440300708426330Q1753GuangdongShenzhen Nantian Power Co., Ltd.91440300618837101D1754GuangdongShenzhen Nanshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91440300618815121H1755GuangdongCNOOC Shenzhen Electric Power Co., Ltd.9144030061889468311756GuangdongShenzhen Yuhu Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440300618874658X1757GuangdongShenzhen Datang Baochang Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440300618821660R1758GuangdongGuangdong Zhuhai Power Plant Co., Ltd.91440400618390629Q1759GuangdongCNOOC Zhuhai Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440400584728352D1760GuangdongZhuhai Shenneng Hongwan Electric Power Co., Ltd.9144040061748966XG1761GuangdongGuangdong Zhuhai Jinwan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440400717859111N1762GuangdongChina Power Investment Corporation Zhuhai Hengqin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144040067156996XU1763GuangdongHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Haimen Power Plant91440500688604143E

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— 68 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1764GuangdongHuaneng International Power Co., Ltd. Shantou Power Plant9144050070802811331765GuangdongShantou Special Economic Zone Wanfeng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91440500618393192Q1766GuangdongFoshan Hengyi Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440600617629319D1767GuangdongFoshan Funeng Power Generation Co., Ltd.9144060075366473391768GuangdongFoshan Shunde Wusha Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144060677996657XQ1769GuangdongNanhai First Power Plant Co., Ltd.91440605617645589T1770GuangdongNanhai Changhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.9144060561764635441771GuangdongFoshan Nanhai Jingneng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440605792939488U1772GuangdongGuangdong Shaoguan Yuejiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440205707522080F1773GuangdongRenhua County Huayue Coal Gangue Power Co., Ltd.91440224MA4UM6DX091774GuangdongShaoguan Pingshi Power Plant Co., Ltd. (Plant B)91440281617451696B1775GuangdongShaoguan Yuehua Electric Power Co., Ltd.9144020006217943XF1776GuangdongZhanjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440800232100932G1777GuangdongZhanjiang Zhongyue Energy Co., Ltd.9144080074367331001778GuangdongSuixi County Jicheng Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440823784851777J1779GuangdongGuodian Zhaoqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144120068248296691780GuangdongXinhui Shuangshui Power Generation (Plant B) Co., Ltd.91440700617740498E1781GuangdongXinhui Yuexin Combined Heat and Power Co., Ltd.91440700617690910X1782GuangdongGuangdong Guohua Guangdong Radio Mountain Power Generation Co., Ltd.91440781727840297A1783GuangdongMaoming Zhenneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144090076656459851784GuangdongSinopec Maoming Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91440900194921042C1785GuangdongGuangdong Huizhou Pinghai Power Plant Co., Ltd.9144132379117246511786GuangdongGuangdong Huizhou Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91441300763800663F1787GuangdongHuizhou Shen Energy Fengda Power Co., Ltd.9144130075831285XG1788GuangdongChina Shenhua Energy Co., Ltd. Guohua Huizhou Thermal Power Branch91441300669838702N1789GuangdongGuangdong Baolihua Power Co., Ltd.91441403754512707E1790GuangdongGuangdong Yudean Dapu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91441422061450240Y1791GuangdongGuangdong Red Bay Power Generation Co., Ltd.91441500760618188Q1792GuangdongChina Resources Power (SITC) Co., Ltd.9144150057641218XR1793GuangdongShenneng Hehe Power (Heyuan) Co., Ltd.9144160071788092251794GuangdongYangxi Haibin Power Development Co., Ltd.9144172175832145781795GuangdongDongguan Humen Power Plant91441900618105795Q1796GuangdongDongguan Deep Energy Zhangyang Power Co., Ltd.9144190075365456XM1797GuangdongDongguan Tongming Power Co., Ltd.9144190076064127371798GuangdongGuangdong Electric Power Development Co., Ltd. Shajiao A Power Plant91441900731486219H1799GuangdongGuangdong Guanghe Electric Power Co., Ltd.91440000617402632L1800GuangdongShennan Power (Dongguan) Wonderful Power Co., Ltd.91441900767334137B1801GuangdongShenzhen Guangshen Shajiao B Power Co., Ltd.9144030071522581X01802GuangdongDongguan Sanlian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144190019805736XK1803GuangdongDongguan Zhongdian New Energy Thermal Power Co., Ltd.914419007592352194

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— 69 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1804GuangdongDongguan Zhongdian Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9144190008678567XN1805GuangdongShennan Power (Zhongshan) Power Co., Ltd.9144200075645676141806GuangdongZhongshan Jiaming Power Co., Ltd.9144200061759238401807GuangdongZhongshan Yongan Electric Power Co., Ltd.91442000756458310K1808GuangdongZhongshan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91442000617986252G1809GuangdongGuangdong Datang International Chaozhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.9144510075564834X21810GuangdongGuangdong Yudean Jinghai Power Generation Co., Ltd.9144522477307022XX1811GuangdongGuangdong Yuelong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9144530061785108321812GuangdongGuangdong Yudean Yunhe Power Generation Co., Ltd.91445300694759440G1813GuangdongYunfu Power Plant (Plant B) Co., Ltd.9144530071486192921814GuangdongGuangzhou Shuangqiao Co., Ltd.9144010171638728XY1815GuangdongGuangzhou Jinxing Textile Bleaching and Dyeing Co., Ltd.91440115618788688G1816GuangdongHutai (Panyu) Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.9144011561872051XC1817GuangdongGuangzhou Yuewei Paper Co., Ltd.9144010178894150XP1818GuangdongFoshan Jialida Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.9144060074365942081819GuangdongFoshan Shunde Gold Textile Group Co., Ltd.9144060627998898351820GuangdongGuangdong Zhaoqing Xinghu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.9144120019527675191821GuangdongDongguan Deyongjia Textile Garment Co., Ltd.91441900618116689D1822GuangdongDongguan Shatian Lihai Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.9144190061776893351823GuangdongMinsen (Zhongshan) Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd.91442000719369888N1824GuangdongZhongshan Guotai Dyeing and Finishing Co., Ltd.91442000727071045P1825GuangxiGuodian Nanning Power Generation Co., Ltd.91450100768927073F1826GuangxiHuadian Nanning New Energy Co., Ltd.91450100574559225R1827GuangxiHengxian Dongtang Sugar Co., Ltd. Paper Branch9145010078522792531828GuangxiGuangxi Yongkai Sugar Paper Co., Ltd.9145012769276664771829GuangxiGuangxi Yongkai Bridge Paper Co., Ltd.9145012668012756591830GuangxiShenhua Guohua Guangtou (Liuzhou) Power Generation Co., Ltd.9145022307908286111831GuangxiAngel Yeast (Liuzhou) Co., Ltd.91450222584320701D1832GuangxiLiuzhou Liangmianzhen Paper Co., Ltd.91450200690223200R1833GuangxiGuodian Yongfu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9145032620008022831834GuangxiHuaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co., Ltd.9145032232264340481835GuangxiGuangxi Investment Group Beihai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91450500735163767U1836GuangxiGuangxi Bohai Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.9145050056402356651837GuangxiStora Enso (Guangxi) Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.91450500090707025M1838GuangxiGuangxi COFCO Biomass Energy Co., Ltd.9145050078520756191839GuangxiCLP Guangxi Fangchenggang Electric Power Co., Ltd.91450600763079159E1840GuangxiFangchenggang Hongyuan Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.91450603753707182J1841GuangxiGuangxi Sugar Group Fangcheng Refined Sugar Co., Ltd.91450603552250104T1842GuangxiGuangxi Sugar Group Changling Sugar Co., Ltd.91450621737602495X1843GuangxiSDIC Qinzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91450700756530407N

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— 70 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1844GuangxiGuangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.9145070075124492X71845GuangxiGuangxi Esoke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.9145070069535228X71846GuangxiChina Huadian Group Guigang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91450800753742391M1847GuangxiGuangxi Jinyuan Biochemical Industry Co., Ltd.9145088177596294251848GuangxiGuangxi Yuegui Guangye Holdings Co., Ltd.91450800198227509B1849GuangxiBaise Baike Power Generation Co., Ltd.91451021090719587L1850GuangxiGuangxi Baise Yinhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.9145102176307110611851GuangxiTiandong Power Plant of Baise Baike Power Generation Co., Ltd.91451022MA5MU6NW461852GuangxiJingxi Xiangtan Electrochemical Technology Co., Ltd.9145102577599658761853GuangxiAluminum Corporation of China Guangxi Branch91451023737615325Q1854GuangxiGuangxi Tiandongnanhua Paper Co., Ltd.91451022675011656M1855GuangxiGuangxi Chunsheng Paper Co., Ltd.91451022MA5NBKQD3K1856GuangxiGuangxi Huayin Aluminum Co., Ltd.91451024759788489E1857GuangxiTianyang Nanhua Paper Co., Ltd.91451021747984757L1858GuangxiGuangxi Tiandong Jinsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.9145102266482968XX1859GuangxiGuangxi Xinfa Aluminum & Electricity Co., Ltd.9145102579683177391860GuangxiChina Resources Power (Hezhou) Co., Ltd.91451100669719615A1861GuangxiGuangxi Boguan Environmental Products Co., Ltd.91451200667020800J1862GuangxiGuangxi Wanwei Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.91451200756530693H1863GuangxiGuangxi Guangtou Energy Co., Ltd. Laibin Power Plant9145130019988212601864GuangxiGuangxi Investment Group Laibin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91451300348605166W1865GuangxiDatang Guiguan Heshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91451381732207234X1866GuangxiGuangxi Lianzhuang Technology Co., Ltd.91451322782124007U1867GuangxiGuangxi Nongken Group Tiancheng Paper Co., Ltd.9145130067771527861868GuangxiGuangxi Xiangguihua Sugar Group Laibin Paper Co., Ltd.9145130069537354XJ1869GuangxiGuangxi Laibin Dongtang Paper Co., Ltd.91451300779123070K1870GuangxiGuangxi Xiatian Manganese Mine Co., Ltd.91451322199840778U1871GuangxiLongzhou Nanhua Paper Co., Ltd.91451423680143303L1872HainanHuaneng Hainan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Haikou Power Plant91469027793114699X1873HainanHuaneng Hainan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Nanshan Power Plant91460200747788350L1874HainanDongfang Power Plant of Huaneng Hainan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91469007681167569Q1875HainanChina Overseas Hainan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91460300721281869A1876HainanGuodian Ledong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9146903359490438021877HainanWenchang Branch of Hainan Storage Power Generation Co., Ltd.91469005MA5TB9M1521878HainanHainan Jinhai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.91460300620050666G1879ChongqingPangang Group Chongqing Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.91500000621901522N1880ChongqingOriental Hope Chongqing Cement Co., Ltd.91500230688919962K1881ChongqingHuadian International Power Co., Ltd. Fengjie Power Plant91500236059883813N1882ChongqingChongqing Huafeng Chemical Co., Ltd.91500102556781535M1883ChongqingChongqing China Machinery Longqiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91500102588003295U

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— 71 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1884ChongqingChongqing Baitao Chemical Park Nengtong Construction and Development Co., Ltd.91500102660850908Y1885ChongqingState Power Investment Corporation Chongqing Hechuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91500117753065976T1886ChongqingChongqing Hechuan Salt Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.91500117203643380M1887ChongqingHuaneng Chongqing Luohuang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91500000X21900091C1888ChongqingNine Dragons Paper (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.9150000079588824151889ChongqingState Power Investment Corporation Chongqing Baihe Power Co., Ltd.91500234621193896D1890ChongqingHuaneng Chongqing Liangjiang Gas Turbine Power Generation Co., Ltd.91500000068252378E1891ChongqingChongqing Nanchuan District Xianfeng Alumina Co., Ltd.91500119742891535G1892ChongqingChongqing Nanchuan District Shuijiang Alumina Co., Ltd. (formerly China AluminumLimited Chongqing Branch)91500119MA5YX56B991893ChongqingChongqing Qineng Electric Aluminum Co., Ltd.9150022268145373311894ChongqingChongqing Songzao Electric Power Co., Ltd.91500222750072900W1895ChongqingChongqing Jianxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.9150022675308393971896ChongqingChongqing Datang International Shizhu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9150024078423930XE1897ChongqingDouble Coin Group (Chongqing) Tire Co., Ltd.91500000663566718G1898ChongqingGuodian Chongqing Hengtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91500110745339308A1899ChongqingShenhua Shendong Power Chongqing Wanzhou Port Power Co., Ltd.91500101050356427B1900ChongqingChongqing Sote Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9150010174289888431901ChongqingChongqing Lee & Man Paper Co., Ltd.91500000787487413C1902ChongqingChongqing Songgai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91500118MA5U30CN4K1903ChongqingYunyang Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91500235568720510U1904ChongqingVeolia Changyang Thermal Energy (Chongqing) Co., Ltd.9150011576593894981905ChongqingSinopec Group Chongqing Chuanwei Chemical Co., Ltd.9150000020280376891906ChongqingChongqing Chemical Medicine Enliji Investment Co., Ltd.91500115578997433D1907ChongqingChongqing Qianxin Energy Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.9150011568624093X01908ChongqingChongqing Yongrong Mining Co., Ltd.91500226747451379L1909ChongqingChongqing Pengwei Petrochemical Co., Ltd.9150010279351208071910SichuanGuodian Chengdu Jintang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9151012178266001071911SichuanVeolia Sanwayao Thermal Power (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.91510100564486982H1912SichuanSichuan United Xinli Chemical Co., Ltd.91510132709268194R1913SichuanPetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd.91510182663041209P1914SichuanSichuan Jiuda Salt Manufacturing Co., Ltd.91510000734863892D1915SichuanPangang Group Co., Ltd.9151040020435133931916SichuanSichuan Luzhou Chuannan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91510500767285734Q1917SichuanSichuan Yinge Bamboo Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.91510500204734487D1918SichuanSichuan New Torch Chemical Co., Ltd.91510500797871208N1919SichuanSichuan Jintian Paper Co., Ltd.91510522582157445T1920SichuanSichuan Overseas Chinese Phoenix Paper Co., Ltd.91510681734876810M1921SichuanSichuan Longman Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Longbai Sichuan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.) 91510000725513313H1922SichuanShenhua Sichuan Energy Co., Ltd. Jiangyou Power Plant915107817729546807

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— 72 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1923SichuanSichuan Bashujiang Oil Coal-fired Power Generation Co., Ltd.9151078174971681XL1924SichuanSichuan Huanlong Daily Necessities Co., Ltd.91510700709183502D1925SichuanSichuan Guangwang Energy Development (Group) Co., Ltd. Power Branch91510821905953084D1926SichuanSichuan Jiuda Penglai Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.91510923206300789H1927SichuanSuining Golden Hongye Paper Co., Ltd.91510900052161949R1928SichuanNeijiang Power Plant of Huadian Sichuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9151100066744580981929SichuanSichuan Baima Circulating Fluidized Bed Demonstration Power Station Co., Ltd.91511000714425908R1930SichuanNine Dragons Paper (Leshan) Co., Ltd.9151112378228153971931SichuanLeshan Hebang Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.91511112083381899R1932SichuanLeshan Wutongqiao Hengyuan Paper Recycling Co., Ltd.91511112746928171L1933SichuanSichuan Hebang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.91511100740039656L1934SichuanSichuan Qianwei Fengsheng Paper Co., Ltd.9151112370903276391935SichuanLeshan City, Sichuan Province Fuhua Tongda Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd.9151110066956409411936SichuanSichuan Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd.9151112920765006X41937SichuanQianwei Datong Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9151112366028738541938SichuanSichuan Qianwei Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9151123749613562A1939SichuanQianwei Sanhuan Paper Co., Ltd.9151112332341068831940SichuanSichuan Yilong Kefang Group Co., Ltd.9151112469916107771941SichuanChina National Energy (Nanchong) Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91511300089892737N1942SichuanSichuan Huadian Gongxian Power Generation Co., Ltd.91511526692261067Y1943SichuanSichuan Zhongdian Fuxi Power Development Co., Ltd.91510000669591631K1944SichuanSichuan Push Cellulose Acetate Co., Ltd.9151150066536007851945SichuanSichuan Yibin Huimei Thread Industry Co., Ltd.91511500729799929L1946SichuanYibin Haifeng Herui Co., Ltd.91511523784729819F1947SichuanYibin Paper Co., Ltd.9151150020885098741948SichuanSichuan Guang’an Power Generation Co., Ltd.91511603289562433U1949SichuanSichuan Huayingshan Guangneng Group Sifang Power Co., Ltd.9151168171185455501950SichuanGuodian Dazhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.91511702793987465F1951SichuanGuodian Shenneng Sichuan Huayingshan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91511725767263391Y1952SichuanSichuan Chuantou Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.9151170058648818811953SichuanQingshen Huali Taki Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91511400662766267A1954SichuanDanling Wanping Paper Co., Ltd.91511424MA62J0AK081955SichuanSichuan Huanlong New Material Co., Ltd.9151142556718278141956SichuanChengdu Century New Energy Co., Ltd.91510100765376288Y1957SichuanSichuan Energy Investment Xindu Distributed Energy Co., Ltd.9151011439942177041958SichuanSichuan Zigong Chiyu Salt Products Co., Ltd.91510321MA62042H2K1959SichuanSichuan Dazhu Coal and Electricity (Group) Co., Ltd. Dushi Coal Preparation Power Plant9151170091015191691960SichuanSichuan Dazhu Coal and Electricity (Group) Co., Ltd. Shiban Coal Preparation Power Plant9151170091015084101961GuizhouGuizhou Kaiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.91520121789775128L1962GuizhouGuizhou Huadian Tangzhai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91520181662990824J

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— 73 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code1963GuizhouGuizhou Guanglv Alumina Co., Ltd.91520181MA6DJU9H1W1964GuizhouGuizhou Huajin Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91520181308895250F1965GuizhouGuizhou Chitianhua Paper Co., Ltd.9152000075019890981966GuizhouGuizhou Yaxi Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152032177056356351967GuizhouGuizhou Huadian Tongzi Power Generation Co., Ltd.91520300785458395G1968GuizhouGuizhou Xishui Dingtai Energy Development Co., Ltd.9152033076137530001969GuizhouGuizhou Xidian Electric Power Co., Ltd. Xishui Power Plant91520330714344251W1970GuizhouZunyi Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91520000214810535A1971GuizhouDatang Guizhou Faer Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152020077533714391972GuizhouGuizhou Yueqian Electric Power Co., Ltd.91520222745718447E1973GuizhouGuizhou Panjiang Power Investment Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152000062221145151974GuizhouSDIC Panjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91520200683967260Q1975GuizhouChina Resources Power (Liuzhi) Co., Ltd.9152000067074142271976GuizhouGuizhou Panjiang Clean Coal Co., Ltd. Huopu Gangue Power Plant91520200798836922X1977GuizhouGuodian Anshun Power Generation Co., Ltd.91520400215652284E1978GuizhouGuodian Anshun Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152040074111603581979GuizhouGuizhou Huadian Bijie Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91520502789762095k1980GuizhouGuizhou Dafang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91520521750183651Y1981GuizhouGuizhou Qianxi Zhongshui Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152052275019514291982GuizhouGuizhou Xidian Electric Power Co., Ltd. Qianbei Power Plant9152052374573825351983GuizhouGuizhou Jinyuan Tea Garden Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152052305191601991984GuizhouState Power Investment Corporation Guizhou Jinyuan Co., Ltd. Nayong General Power Plant91520525714392122J1985GuizhouGuodian Zhifa Electric Co., Ltd.9152000067074142271986GuizhouDalong Branch of Guizhou Wujiang Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.91520600MA6HUC6F0R1987GuizhouGuizhou Qiandong Electric Power Co., Ltd.91522600766088157E1988GuizhouGuizhou Qiya Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.91522601692733327E1989GuizhouGuizhou Tianfu Chemical Co., Ltd.91520000775342460C1990GuizhouGuodian Duyun Power Generation Co., Ltd.91522702666987243D1991GuizhouGuizhou Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd.91522300770575708B1992GuizhouXingyi Shangcheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.9152230105502966061993GuizhouGuizhou Xingyi Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.9152230076608285551994YunnanGuodian Yangzonghai Power Generation Co., Ltd.91530100216875172N1995YunnanYunnan Huadian Kunming Power Generation Co., Ltd.91530181753577189W1996YunnanKunming Sanfeng Renewable Energy Power Generation Co., Ltd.91534001555125392A1997YunnanYunnan Green Energy Co., Ltd.91530112673608352X1998YunnanKunming Xinxingze Environmental Resources Industry Co., Ltd.91530100757155389E1999YunnanKunming China Power Environmental Protection Power Co., Ltd.9153010077550209X22000YunnanYunnan Nanlin Group Electrochemical Co., Ltd.91530129795158505P2001YunnanYunnan Xianfeng Chemical Co., Ltd.91530129695652776K2002YunnanYunnan Salt Industry Co., Ltd.91530000MA6K89A40N

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— 74 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2003YunnanSinochem Yunlong Co., Ltd.91530129763882136J2004YunnanKunming Shennong Huifeng Fertilizer Co., Ltd.9153012521686082742005YunnanYunnan Huadian Zhenxiong Power Generation Co., Ltd.9153062775359220732006YunnanYunnan Energy Investment Weixin Energy Co., Ltd.9153062977859169X02007YunnanGuodian Xuanwei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91530381738062005Y2008YunnanHuaneng Yunnan Diandong Energy Co., Ltd.91530325748281375K2009YunnanDongyuan Qujing Energy Co., Ltd.9153030075355312872010YunnanYunnan Diandong Yuwang Energy Co., Ltd.91530325770461073N2011YunnanYunnan Dianneng Luliang Xielian Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91530300622753437K2012YunnanYunnan Xuanwei Phosphorus Power Co., Ltd.9153038175358571X92013YunnanYunnan Dawei Coking Co., Ltd.91530328781658066J2014YunnanYunnan Jinhanguang Paper Co., Ltd.91530423757173632F2015YunnanYunnan Xinping Nanen Sugar Paper Co., Ltd.9153042770981818422016YunnanYunnan Huadian Inspection Division Power Generation Co., Ltd.91532526753566439J2017YunnanYunnan Datang International Honghe Power Generation Co., Ltd.9153250272729024832018YunnanGuodian Kaiyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91532502760447825P2019YunnanYunnan Wenshan Aluminum Co., Ltd.91532600760446160M2020YunnanYunnan Yunjing Forest Paper Co., Ltd.91530000731215865H2021YunnanLincang Nanhua Paper Co., Ltd.91530900790284203N2022ShaanxiDatang Shaanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Xi’an Thermal Power Plant9161000075522868772023ShaanxiYuneng Yushen Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91610800061909963N2024ShaanxiShenhua Shendong Electric Power Co., Ltd. Guojiawan Power Plant9161082268795601622025ShaanxiShaanxi Energy Zhaoshipan Coal Power Co., Ltd.91610823MA7030WJ5A2026ShaanxiShaanxi Deyuan Fugu Energy Co., Ltd.9161000077698866962027ShaanxiShaanxi Qingshuichuan Energy Co., Ltd.91610000580766765J2028ShaanxiShaanxi Huadian Power Generation Co., Ltd.916100066119433262029ShaanxiShaanxi Huadian Pucheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610000294207807W2030ShaanxiDatang Yan’an Thermal Power Plant9161000029419556XT2031ShaanxiShaanxi Huadian Yuheng Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. Yuheng Power Plant91610823061905049H2032ShaanxiShaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yulin Kaiyue Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.9161080068158787062033ShaanxiXi’an Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9161010074281218XU2034ShaanxiDatang Shaanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Weihe Thermal Power Plant91611103221704693H2035ShaanxiDatang Hancheng Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610000294206660T2036ShaanxiFugu Jingfu Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.91610822710053561Q2037ShaanxiGuodian Baoji Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161032255936889362038ShaanxiDatang Binchang Power Generation Co., Ltd.916000067154907XN2039ShaanxiNational Energy Group Shaanxi Fuping Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91610528078641086W2040ShaanxiChina Coal Shaanxi Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.9161089355218831222041ShaanxiXi’an Guowei Starch Co., Ltd.9161012572287756852042ShaanxiShaanxi Huadian Yaochi Power Generation Co., Ltd.916104275622416233

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— 75 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2043ShaanxiShaanxi Meixin Industry Investment Co., Ltd. (Non-ferrous)91610200567136996Y2044ShaanxiHan Zhonghua Fu New Energy Co., Ltd.91610700570658998G2045ShaanxiDatang Lueyang Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161072778697256482046ShaanxiShaanxi Shangluo Power Generation Co., Ltd.91611000573527635R2047ShaanxiShaanxi Yulin Energy Group Hengshan Coal Power Co., Ltd.91610823MA7030E21X2048ShaanxiShaanxi Huadian Yangling Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9161040367793600312049ShaanxiShaanxi Weihe Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161000062374776852050ShaanxiShaanxi Huafu New Energy Co., Ltd.91610581770024834B2051ShaanxiShaanxi Dongxinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.91610822694929032M2052ShaanxiShaanxi Ryder Group Huasheng Comprehensive Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610821671537108L2053ShaanxiShenmu Hengdong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610821562228197B2054ShaanxiShenmu Jieneng Comprehensive Utilization Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161082167792431X42055ShaanxiShenmu City Zhuge Tower Resources Comprehensive Utilization Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610821790760484L2056ShaanxiShaanxi Jintai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd.9161000075522182172057ShaanxiShaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Yulin Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.9161080069112780082058ShaanxiShenmu Calcium Carbide Group Energy Development Co., Ltd.9161082155568685172059ShaanxiFugu County Haotian Coal and Electricity Smelting Chemical Co., Ltd91610822583528754G2060ShaanxiShaanxi Xinyuan Clean Energy Co., Ltd.9161082256713049882061ShaanxiShaanxi Guohua Jinjie Energy Co., Ltd.91610806755247976C2062ShaanxiShenhua Shendong Electric Power Co., Ltd. Dianta Power Plant91610806758848611Y2063ShaanxiNational Energy Group Shaanxi Shenmu Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161082268795601622064ShaanxiShaanxi Yahua Coal and Electricity Group Jinjie Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91610806735348921D2065ShaanxiDatang Shaanxi Power Generation Co., Ltd. Baqiao Thermal Power Plant91610000675147772T2066ShaanxiXi’an Guowei Starch Co., Ltd.9161012572287756852067ShaanxiDatang Baoji Thermal Power Plant91610301671549918G2068ShaanxiShaanxi Baoji Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610000220592466B2069ShaanxiHuaneng Shaanxi Qinling Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161000070997471832070ShaanxiHuaneng Tongchuanzhaojin Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91610000776987404X2071ShaanxiShaanxi Shenmu Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.91610000748646493C2072ShaanxiShaanxi Runzhong Clean Energy Co., Ltd.91610428671533369W2073ShaanxiShaanxi Beiyuan Group Jinyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.9161082175882664XH2074ShaanxiShaanxi Beiyuan Chemical Group Co., Ltd.91610821748622598U2075ShaanxiShaanxi Nonferrous Yulin New Material Co., Ltd.9161000055937006122076ShaanxiShaanxi Yanchang China Coal Yulin Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91610824675115447J2077ShaanxiShaanxi Coal Industry Chemical Group Shenmu Electrochemical Development Co., Ltd.91610821562219223W2078ShaanxiShenhua Shendong Electric Power Co., Ltd. Daliuta Thermal Power Plant91610000710924961H2079ShaanxiShaanxi Qunsheng Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610000755207843B2080ShaanxiShaanxi Shaanbei Qianyuan Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.9161080055219628392081ShaanxiYulin Economic Development Zone Huitong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91610823755214998B2082ShaanxiYuneng Group Jiaxian Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.916108285756188568

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— 76 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2083ShaanxiDongshan Power Plant in Fugu County, Shaanxi Province91610822224041784B2084ShaanxiShaanxi Energy Linbei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610329MA6X92141L2085ShaanxiChina Salt Yulin Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.9161082719760510D2086ShaanxiFufeng Xiangyun Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9161032469113227132087ShaanxiPower Branch of Shaanxi Coal Chenghe Mining Co., Ltd.9161050076255245002088ShaanxiShaanxi Xinyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161000029419404972089ShaanxiShaanxi Shaanxi Coal Pubai Mining Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Company91610500MA6Y6W2U752090ShaanxiShaanxi Yinhe Yulin Power Generation Co., Ltd.91610000735388763B2091ShaanxiFugu County Comprehensive Power Generation Jinliyuan Co., Ltd.9161082273043645532092ShaanxiFugu County Yellow River Group Longhua Power Generation Co., Ltd.9161082277993440492093ShaanxiShenmu City Longhua Sunshine Power Co., Ltd.91610821766336843W2094ShaanxiBaoji Fufeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91610300766301413G2095ShaanxiYulin Northwest Chemical Co., Ltd.91610800694925584L2096ShaanxiShaanxi Black Cat Coking Co., Ltd.91610000755217689E2097GansuDatang Gansu Power Generation Co., Ltd. Jingtai Power Plant9162000069562218XY2098GansuDatang Gansu Power Generation Co., Ltd. Xigu Thermal Power Plant91620104063906686H2099GansuLanzhou Xigu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91620104712797011F2100GansuGansu Power Investment Jinchang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91620321675912083H2101GansuGansu Power Investment Wuwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9162000069036138XB2102GansuGansu Power Investment Zhangye Power Generation Co., Ltd.91620700745886635H2103GansuNational Energy Group Gansu Electric Power Co., Ltd. Lanzhou Fanping Thermal Power Plant91620104MA7282C82M2104GansuNational Energy Group Lanzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91620102224439397C2105GansuGuodian Power Jiuquan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9162090066541576192106GansuGuodian Jingyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91620000710375413Q2107GansuChina Power Construction Gansu Energy Chongxin Power Generation Co., Ltd.9162082366002119XP2108GansuChina Power Construction Gansu Energy Huating Power Generation Co., Ltd.9162082475094071252109GansuHuaneng Pingliang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91620000224369878C2110GansuJingmei Group Baiyin Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91620400053135750G2111GansuJingyuan Second Power Generation Co., Ltd.91620000624172476W2112GansuJiayuguan Hongsheng Electric Heating Co., Ltd.9162020073964670732113GansuJinchuan Group Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91620300MA7394RY2F2114GansuLanzhou Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.9162010031617447X02115GansuGansu Yaojie Inferior Coal Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91620111720272207M2116QinghaiQinghai Huadian Datong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91630121710545857L2117QinghaiQinghai Ningbei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91630000710558797X2118QinghaiHuaneng Xining Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91630122564946803F2119QinghaiTanghu Branch of Qinghai Ningbei Power Generation Co., Ltd.91630000661906096D2120QinghaiXining Power Generation Branch of Qinghai Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.91633000059141270T2121QinghaiQinghai Fatou Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.91632800091616563H2122QinghaiChina Salt Qinghai Kunlun Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.916300006619381515

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— 77 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2123QinghaiQinghai Salt Lake Industry Co., Ltd.91630000226593742J2124QinghaiQinghai Wucai Alkali Industry Co., Ltd.91632824698512023R2125QinghaiQinghai Salt Lake Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd.91632801710565823J2126QinghaiQinghai Hengxinrong Lithium Technology Co., Ltd.91632802091608408Q2127QinghaiQinghai Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd.91630121679175017Q2128QinghaiChina National Petroleum Corporation Qinghai Oilfield Branch91632826710587504P2129NingxiaNingxia Qiyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.9164000071507061922130NingxiaNingxia Power Investment Xixia Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91640000788225976K2131NingxiaChinalco Ningxia Energy Group Co., Ltd.9164000075080505172132NingxiaNingxia Yipin Biological Technology Co., Ltd.9164000075081028062133NingxiaNational Energy Group Ningxia Coal Industry Co., Ltd.91640000735972927P2134NingxiaHuadian Ningxia Lingwu Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640000774928697L2135NingxiaNingxia Guohua Ningdong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640000670449894C2136NingxiaShenhua Guohua Ningdong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91641200MA75X48J1Y2137NingxiaState Power Investment Corporation Ningxia Energy Aluminum Co., Ltd. Linhe Power Generation Branch91641200397977417G2138NingxiaNingxia Yinxing Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640181317727814A2139NingxiaNingxia Eastern Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91640000694331006L2140NingxiaNingxia Taiyixin Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91640122554166459D2141NingxiaGuodian Shizuishan First Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640200788223911R2142NingxiaGuodian Ningxia Shizuishan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640000710627078F2143NingxiaGuodian Dawukou Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91640200670412389Y2144NingxiaNingxia Yinglit Chemical Co., Ltd.91640000227693163J2145NingxiaNingxia Tianrui Heat Energy Manufacturing Co., Ltd.91640221774913911N2146NingxiaNingxiaxiasheng High-tech Industry Co., Ltd.91640200MA75W4KG8W2147NingxiaHuaneng Ningxia Daba Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640000227693892A2148NingxiaNingxia Jinyuyuan Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.91640381MA75WDQ50M2149NingxiaNingxia Cocome Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.91640381317819735D2150NingxiaNingxia Datang International Dam Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640381750823663B2151NingxiaQingtongxia Aluminum Power Generation Co., Ltd.9164038178820809262152NingxiaShenneng Wuzhong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91640300684241808T2153NingxiaNingxia Zhongning Power Generation Co., Ltd.9164000073597054252154NingxiaMCC Meiliyun Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.9164000022769500352155NingxiaState Power Investment Corporation Ningxia Energy Aluminum Zhongwei Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91640500574895704Q2156NingxiaNingxia Tianyuan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9164052139730473032157NingxiaNingxia Xinghao Yongsheng Salt Industry Technology Co., Ltd.91640404MA75W19B9G2158NingxiaShenhua Guoneng Ningxia Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.9164000068423641952159NingxiaNingxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd.9164000077491784062160NingxiaSinopec Great Wall Energy Chemical (Ningxia) Co., Ltd.9164000055416168212161NingxiaNingxia Jingneng Ningdong Power Generation Co., Ltd.91640000670427556F

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— 78 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2162NingxiaNingxia Hening Chemical Co., Ltd.9164000071505076512163NingxiaNingxia Zaoquan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9164120069432118252164XinjiangSDIC Yili Energy Development Co., Ltd.9165400067929191522165XinjiangXinjiang Suyuan Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.91654002568851641H2166XinjiangYili Chuanning Biotechnology Co., Ltd.91654002564379263N2167XinjiangCOFCO Tunhe Yili Xinning Sugar Co., Ltd.91654000230572514A2168XinjiangXinjiang Qinghua Energy Group Co., Ltd.9165402168648046612169XinjiangCOFCO Tunhe Xinyuan Sugar Co., Ltd.91654025748656923J2170XinjiangXinjiang Sifang Industrial Co., Ltd.9165000073445332452171XinjiangAngel Yeast (Yili) Co., Ltd.9165400275769224802172XinjiangYili Xintian Coal Chemical Limited Liability Company91654000552434456E2173XinjiangXinjiang Zhonghe Co., Ltd.91650000228601291B2174XinjiangGuodian Xinjiang Hongyanchi Power Generation Co., Ltd.91650000228601080U2175XinjiangHuadian Xinjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Hongyanchi Branch91650100568851158J2176XinjiangHuadian Xinjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Urumqi Branch91650105666676699U2177XinjiangShenhua Shendong Electric Power Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Midong Thermal Power Plant9165010967925189222178XinjiangShenhua Xinjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.91650109MA776JNR882179XinjiangXinte Energy Co., Ltd.9165000067023030762180XinjiangXinjiang Fufeng Biological Technology Co., Ltd.91650100589323493W2181XinjiangXinjiang Huatai Heavy Chemical Co., Ltd.91650000757660799G2182XinjiangChina National Petroleum Corporation Urumqi Branch9165000071890209782183XinjiangXinjiang Tianlong Mining Co., Ltd.91650000722355102Y2184XinjiangXinjiang Qiya Aluminum & Power Co., Ltd.9165232756436163732185XinjiangShenhua Shendong Power Xinjiang Zhundong Wucaiwan Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652327085351693N2186XinjiangDatang Hutubi Energy Development Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91652323592817128A2187XinjiangState Grid Energy Fukang Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652302092765456P2188XinjiangHuaneng Xinjiang Fukang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9165230271088412X82189XinjiangXinjiang Manas Power Generation Co., Ltd.9165232468645277202190XinjiangManasi Aoyang Technology Co., Ltd.9165232474866269652191XinjiangXinjiang Tiandian Qitai Energy Co., Ltd.91652300595911670J2192XinjiangHuadian Xinjiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Changji Branch9165230069782251342193XinjiangQitai Sugar Branch of COFCO Tunhe Co., Ltd.91652325734460241R2194XinjiangEnergy Power Branch of TBEA Co., Ltd.91650000710774895D2195XinjiangManasi County Shunda Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.91652324397341566L2196XinjiangXinjiang Henglian Energy Co., Ltd.9165232766667022XF2197XinjiangXinjiang Changji Special Variable Energy Co., Ltd.9165230108021666082198XinjiangXinjiang Guoxin Coal Power Energy Co., Ltd.91652325560529033Y2199XinjiangXinjiang Lanshan Tunhe Energy Co., Ltd.91652300057732384U2200XinjiangXinjiang Yihua Chemical Co., Ltd.9165230069784857XM2201XinjiangXinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Fukang Energy Co., Ltd.9165000689594039B

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— 79 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2202XinjiangXinjiang Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd.91652302663603830E2203XinjiangXinjiang Shenhuo Coal Power Co., Ltd.91652327564387589X2204XinjiangXinjiang Oriental Hope Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.91652327564387693P2205XinjiangXinjiang Jiarun Resources Holdings Co., Ltd.9465232457254558332206XinjiangXinjiang Guotai Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd.9165230008535474572207XinjiangGuodian Karamay Power Generation Co., Ltd.9165020055243997802208XinjiangChina National Petroleum Corporation Dushanzi Petrochemical Company9165020271299884112209XinjiangXinjiang Tiantai Fiber Co., Ltd.91654223697818194A2210XinjiangState Power Investment Corporation Xinjiang Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Wusu Thermal PowerBranch office9165420268646516XM2211XinjiangState Grid Energy Hefeng Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.91654226776056693U2212XinjiangCOFCO Tunhe Co., Ltd. Emin Sugar Branch9165422172696882XB2213XinjiangCOFCO Tunhe Bozhou Sugar Industry Co., Ltd.91652700710793359E2214XinjiangXinjiang Bosheng Wine Brewing Co., Ltd.91652700787634751C2215XinjiangXinjiang Shengxiong Energy Co., Ltd. (thermal power plant)91650400795776397R2216XinjiangXinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Toksun Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Plant91650422053185037B2217XinjiangState Grid Energy Hami Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. (Dananhu Power Plant)9165220075166414X22218XinjiangState Grid Energy Hami Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd.9165220075166414X22219XinjiangSDIC Hami Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652200599163921M2220XinjiangXinjiang Huadian Hami Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91652200580200198R2221XinjiangGuodian Hami Coal Power Development Co., Ltd.91652200313310050Y2222XinjiangXinjiang Guanghui New Energy Co., Ltd.91652223792268282K2223XinjiangXu Mining Group Xinjiang Aksu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9165290068956465792224XinjiangGuodian Kuche Power Generation Co., Ltd.9165292374224263112225XinjiangXinjiang Hengfeng Sugar Co., Ltd.9165290072698161002226XinjiangZheneng Aksu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91652900584793015P2227XinjiangHuaneng Xinjiang Energy Development Co., Ltd. Luntai Thermal Power Branch9165282269782717042228XinjiangRuoqiang Jiusheng Heating Co., Ltd.9165282469783335182229XinjiangXinjiang Taichang Industrial Co., Ltd.9165280122947345552230XinjiangXinjiang Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd.9165280166364511732231XinjiangCOFCO Tunhe Co., Ltd. Yanqi Sugar Branch9165282672232823572232XinjiangGuodian Korla Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652801584752256D2233XinjiangSDIC Xinjiang Lop Nor Potash Co., Ltd.91652800722329078T2234XinjiangXinjiang Meike Chemical Co., Ltd.91650000763775568N2235XinjiangXinjiang Huadian Kashgar Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91653101580206661E2236XinjiangWarwick Hotan Power Generation Co., Ltd.9165320067342932XW2237corpsAlar Shengyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91659002576244024Q2238corpsXinjiang Jinchuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91652827592829321R2239corpsTumushuke Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91659003599154857W2240corpsXinjiang Jintai Electric Power Co., Ltd. Thermal Power Branch916590033288867146

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— 80 —Serial numberareacompany nameUnified social credit code2241corpsXinjiang Lvhua Sugar Co., Ltd.91654023731795070B2242corpsXinjiang Yilite Industrial Co., Ltd.91650000710892189L2243corpsHorgos Nangang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9165400455244104XR2244corpsYining Nangang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91654021333021299H2245corpsYili Xingang Thermal Power Energy Co., Ltd.91654024062074347H2246corpsXinjiang Chuxing Energy Development Co., Ltd.91652700599181353P2247corpsXinjiang Xinye Energy and Chemical Co., Ltd.9165900469344460712248corpsXinjiang Meihua Amino Acid Co., Ltd.91659004568855917R2249corpsXinjiang Agricultural Sixth Division Coal Power Co., Ltd.91659004689576105R2250corpsKuitun Jinjiang Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9165400366064408XB2251corpsXinjiang Huayi Jinlong Thermal Power Co., Ltd.9165400359919456812252corpsXinjiang Jinlong Power Group Co., Ltd. Kuitun Thermal Power Branch91654003MA788614662253corpsKuitun Jinjiang Chemical Co., Ltd.9165400367926272792254corpsTianchen Chemical Co., Ltd.91659001798177840Y2255corpsTianneng Chemical Co., Ltd.91659001552437577B2256corpsTianwei Chemical Co., Ltd.9165900109550151XB2257corpsTianshan Aluminum Co., Ltd. of the Eighth Division of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps9165900156052365102258corpsXinjiang West Tianfu Hesheng Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91659001568856987W2259corpsXinjiang Tianfu Energy Sales Co., Ltd.91659001MA776GG0482260corpsShihezi Tianfunan Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91650000717865327D2261corpsShihezi Guoneng Energy Investment Co., Ltd.9165900155645359032262corpsXinjiang Tianfu Energy Co., Ltd.91650000718900147A2263corpsXinjiang Lvxiang Sugar Co., Ltd.91654221751686381Y2264corpsXinjiang Tunfu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.91659005065529095R2265corpsXinjiang Production and Construction Corps Red Star Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652200313472826B2266corpsHami Yile Energy-saving Technology Development Co., Ltd.91652201333116968L2267corpsShanghai Electric Power Hami Xuanli Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd.91652201396575096Y

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