Green roles at least doubled in all regions of UK, trebled across nation

Times section…unedited:

While the number of green roles remains relatively small, roles have at least doubled in every region of the UK and have trebled across the country as a whole.

Scotland was the highest-ranking area of Britain, benefiting from a strong presence of energy and utilities roles in areas such as renewables.

London was in second place, but it delivered the highest growth in the number of green jobs advertised over the 12 months to the end of July, with the southeast in fourth place. One in five new green jobs is based in the capital. If growth continues on this trajectory, it risks exacerbating London’s “dominance” over other parts of the UK, the report says.

The regional disparity is partly explained by the concentration in scientific, technical and professional roles in the south, the sectors where most new green jobs are being created.

Northern Ireland and the northeast were ranked at the bottom of the barometer’s league table, with the highest carbon emissions per employee, alongside Wales.

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