Energy Transition Accelerator Seen Generating Max $108 Billion Investment Through 2030: Trove + Africa

Dec. 6, 2022. By Mathew Carr

Trove Research hosted a carbon credit / COP27 webinar and outlined the prospects for the Energy Transition Accelerator, a new carbon market proposed last month by the U.S. government and others.

The maximum emission reductions seen through 2030 from ETA was 2.8 billion tons cumulatively, with a maximum value of $108 billion. That signals an average price of $38.57 per metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent in that 8-year period, more than double current futures prices.

The average price could be higher if that scenario assumes a lower volume of reductions than 2.8 billion tons — it is a “high demand tight supply” scenario, afterall.

Per year, that is an average emissions reduction of 350 million tons per year.

The world needs reductions of about 20 billion tons a year by 2030 to meet the target for keeping global temperature rises below 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. Spending on the climate transition needs to be about $5 trillion per year vs $1 trillion now.

Carbon markets can allow investors to make money saving the climate. So, this measure has no where near the scale required to make much of a dent in the climate crisis, but it’s a start.

Source: Trove webinar snip

The Africa Carbon Market Initiative could provide an additional average of 175 million tons a year (ACMI scenario, see report below for your convenience).


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