Rivaling G7: Saudi Arabia may be able to join BRICS country group: China

CarrZee: BRICS is becoming even more powerful than the G7. Based on population — it already is (and what democratic power isn’t based on population?)

What do the U.S. “Democrats” have to say about global democratic authority and who should be influencing UN rules? I do of course realise some of these countries are not democratic, yet they are the representatives of their people.

See this section of China spokesman’s press conference from today Oct. 20, 2022

Note: China didn’t confirm Saudi Arabia’s likely membership, to be sure. BRICS= Brazil Russia India China South Afrcia. Emphasis added. Unedited.

The Paper: It is reported that according to South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia expressed the desire to join BRICS. What is China’s comment?

Wang Wenbin [China spokesman]: “BRICS came into being in the wake of the arrival of an era of major development, transformation and adjustment. For 16 years since its inception, it has delivered fruitful outcomes, making important contributions to the cause of world peace and development. That is why BRICS has gained extensive recognition and support from the international community. More and more countries want to be a member of BRICS, make joint efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, and realize common development and prosperity.

“As the BRICS chair for this year, China has actively supported the BRICS in starting the membership expansion process and advanced the “BRICS Plus” cooperation. The 14th BRICS Summit was successfully held in June earlier this year. President Xi Jinping noted at the meeting that BRICS countries gather not in a closed club or an exclusive circle, but a big family of mutual support and a partnership for win-win cooperation. At the summit, BRICS leaders reached important common understandings about BRICS expansion and expressed support for the discussion on the standards and procedures of the expansion. This has been well received in the international community and many countries have expressed interest in joining the BRICS. China supports and welcomes this. Going forward, China will work with fellow BRICS members to steadily proceed with the BRICS expansion process and enable more partners to join this promising endeavor.

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