Drax Accused of Climate Racism Before it was Accused of Lying About Trees (1)

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Oct. 12-16, 2022 (LONDON) By Mathew Carr

After being accused earlier this month of using whole trees from native forests in a BBC Panorama program — to make biomass it imports into the UK — Drax was forced to defend itself:

See this link in response

to this program.

And this snip:

A Drax spokesperson said: “Canada has some of the most highly regulated forests in the world which ensures the forests in British Columbia (BC) are managed properly and provide positive benefits to nature, the climate and people.

“People living in and around these forests are best placed to determine how they should be looked after, not the BBC. Drax’s own world-leading sustainable sourcing policies are aligned with the rigorous regulatory frameworks and rules set by both the BC and UK governments.

“The UN’s IPCC – the world’s leading science-based climate authority, backed by thousands of scientists – restated in their latest report the critical role that biomass will play in meeting global climate targets when sourced sustainably. 

Even before that, it was being accused of climate racism:

CarrZee: I sense a renegotiation of Drax’s renewable subsidies is on the cards and indeed the current U.K. government is pushing for this is a wide way

Updated Oct. 16 to add the controversy over Canadian wood-pellets sourcing.

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