$ – U.S.-Jordan Deal for $10 Billion is a Giant Puzzle that Could Include a World First Carbon Credit Element (1)

صفقة محيرة بين الولايات
المتحدة والأردن

SEPT. 20, 2022 (LONDON)

Research and analysis by Mathew Carr

The $10 billion strategic partnership memorandum of understanding “deal” between Jordan and the USA could demonstrate that the world’s richest nation wants to use carbon credits as part of its climate collaboration to meet a 50% emission-reduction target in 2030.

It’s looking like IT COULD BE a bold world first.

And potentially really exciting.

But the State Dept. of the U.S. is not really answering my basic questions about it, so far, and its language is a little vague. So it remains somewhat of a puzzle, for now.

I do know some people with inside knowledge of what is going on and that information is in the pay-for story below.

Here’s what the State Dept. did say Monday after I asked about it, last week (tiny paywall):

Google snip

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