Salesforce Announces First-of-Its-Kind Carbon Credit Marketplace, Empowering Journeys to Net Zero + CarrZee Complaint

Unedited press release — September 20, 2022 (below that my run-in with bad Salesforce customer relationship management at the Economist):

New Net Zero Marketplace connects buyers with ecopreneurs in a trusted, transparent carbon credit platform to scale climate-positive impact

Carbon credit providers Climate Impact Partners CloverlyLune,Pachama,Native, A Public Benefit Corporation,Respira International, andSouth Pole;third-party rating companiesCalyx GlobalandSylvera;and curatedclimate portfolio providerCO2.comjoin us as inaugural partners

Ushers in a new era of carbon credit market transparency by aggregating third-party ratings and pricing for projects

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the global leader in CRM [CarrZee: customer relationship managment], today introduced Net Zero Marketplace, a trusted platform that makes carbon credit purchases simple and transparent, allowing organizations to accelerate climate positive impact at scale.

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The global voluntary carbon market is estimated to grow to $50B by 2030 as many organizations race to achieve their net zero commitments. Yet, organizations may not always know how to build a carbon credit portfolio — or even where to start. What’s more, the path to purchasing carbon credits is complex, and buyers want to trust that the carbon credit projects have a positive impact.

Net Zero Marketplace, built on Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, connects buyers and ecopreneurs — environmentally-focused entrepreneurs who lead and drive climate action worldwide — offering a catalog of third-party rated carbon credits and a seamless ecommerce experience for purchasing them. Net Zero Marketplace also features a climate action hub where anyone — businesses or individuals — can learn about climate issues.

“The uptick in extreme weather events shows that no one is spared from climate change — we need smart climate solutions now,” said Suzanne DiBianca, EVP and Chief Impact Officer, Salesforce. “Businesses aiming to achieve long-term emission reductions can complement their efforts with high-quality carbon credits. Net Zero Marketplace brings together Salesforce’s valuestechnology, and commitment to ecopreneurs to accelerate climate action.”

Quality carbon credits through Net Zero Marketplace can complement long-term emissions reductions

We are at an all-of-the-above moment in the climate crisis. Carbon credits are one important tool that when made and used well can play a critical role in an organization’s comprehensive climate strategy.

“The first step of anyone’s net zero journey is clearly reducing emissions. But we now know that reducing self-generated emissions is not going to be enough,” said Christiana Figueres, former Executive Secretary, UN Convention on Climate Change and co-host, Outrage and Optimism. “We’re at a moment in the climate emergency in which we need to put everything on the table. Carbon credits are a way to incentivize further emissions reductions by placing a price on carbon and making an impact now, while other climate efforts are also underway.”

Carbon credit projects go through a series of independent verifications against global standards. If they pass the verification process, the projects can issue carbon credits that can then be sold. Projects can include forest conservation, tree planting, wind farms, solar cookstoves, or better farming methods.

Partners bring innovation, scale, and ratings to trusted platform

Finding and verifying a carbon credit’s quality can be difficult and time-consuming. Net Zero Marketplace eliminates the uncertainty by aggregating and publishing third-party ratings for projects not locked behind paywalls or account registrations. This level of transparency helps empower organizations to determine which carbon credits are best for them.

New partners announced today include ecopreneurs who bring innovative, diverse projects to support decarbonization and trusted ratings companies with expertise in identifying projects that deliver real climate benefits.

“Sylvera and Salesforce share the same mission of bringing transparency and trust to carbon markets to drive real climate impact. Quality carbon projects are a powerful and necessary tool to fight climate change, but reliable data and investment is needed to unlock their full potential,” said Sam Gill, co-founder and COO, Sylvera. “With Sylvera’s ratings, Net Zero Marketplace users can discover projects that deliver real climate benefits.”

“Partnering with Salesforce to create this Marketplace will turbocharge climate action and empower every company — large and small — to take responsibility for its emissions. We are proud to provide high quality offsets to clients who understand the value of compensating for their impact on the environment,” said Renat Heuberger, CEO, South Pole. “There is no time to waste, let’s take action today.”

At launch, Net Zero Marketplace will offer nearly 90 projects across 11 countries throughout Africa, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and the United States. Buyers will be able to see project descriptions, alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and, for many, official third-party ratings.

Net Zero Marketplace offers carbon credit purchase to any organization

Any organization can access Net Zero Marketplace and buy carbon credits. For organizations currently using Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce’s carbon accounting solution, the credits are also easily integrated into the platform and will be tracked against their current emissions. Buyers will also get updates on project progress, which will encourage reinvestment.

More information:

  • Net Zero Marketplace will be available for carbon credit purchases in the United States starting in October 2022, and will be expanding to additional markets in 2023.
  • Learn more about Salesforce’s carbon credit journey.
  • Learn how Salesforce continues to advocate for ambitious climate policy with newly-published nature policy priorities.
  • New Salesforce research reveals that 82% of employees want to help their company reach climate goals.
  • Read about three Salesforce employees who changed careers to support sustainability efforts.

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But is Salesforce good at customer relationships?

CarrZee: I had a run in with Salesforce the other day. I tried to get “the Economist” magazine to honor my subscription. Turns out Salesforce does their customer service. Judging from my interaction with someone called Robinr, Salesforce need help themselves with customer service. I’m blowing the whistle on Robinr (but it might not be his/her fault).

We’ve paid for an Economist subscription. But our login won’t work. After more than 20 painful minutes, Salesforce could not help, even though there were “zero” people in the chat queue. There was a lot of thanking me for my patience. A lot of repeated, automated messages. “Nice to have you on chat today”. It wasn’t nice for me.

Robinr claimed he/she couldn’t see the top of the chat. What’s the point of a chat, then ?

I got asked how my day was. The pretend corporate-speak help was infuriating.

Weeks later, the problem is not solved.

I will try again.

I hope Salesforce is better at carbon credits than customer relationship management.

As for the Economist … for a company touting capitalism’s greatness, its version of capitalism is pretty bad. Change suppliers, would be my advice.

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