COP26 Glasgow Presidency Publishes ‘Overarching Decision’; Other Docs Out — 6.2, 6.4; Push for Human Rights (4)

By Mathew Carr

Nov. 10, 2021: UNFCCC publishes six draft negotiating texts in bid to build trust and win agreement by Friday in Glasgow at climate talks.

Draft Negotiation Documents Published early Nov. 10:
CarrZee analysis from Nov. 9, updated Nov. 10:

Comment today from Tim Williamson (former renewable energy official under President Obama): “Delegates appear to be making great time, and progress. Now comes the hard part” — the next three days, including getting feedback from national capitals.

Article 6.4:

Key option here providing nations hosting 6.4 projects with flexibility (I added emphasis in bold):


[The mechanism registry shall identify issued A6.4ERs that are authorized by the host Party for international
transfer for use towards achievement of NDCs
or authorized for other international mitigation purposes, in
accordance with the host Party’s approval of the registered Article 6, paragraph 4, activities as referred to in
chapter V.C above (Approval and authorization)].


So the A6.4ERS can be sold to a country to help them achieve their NDC or to an airline or shipping company for other international purposes.

6.4 text here:

Fascinating provisions to avoid double counting …emphasis added in bold — rules may change again in 2025:

IX. Avoiding the use of emission reductions by more than one Party

  1. A host Party shall, consistent with decision X/CMA.3 (Guidance on cooperative approaches referred to in Article
    6, paragraph 2, of the Paris Agreement):
    (a) Apply a corresponding adjustment, for all A6.4ERs first transferred where they are from the sectors and
    GHG [, and the policies and measures] [activities] covered by its NDC
    (b) [Apply a corresponding adjustment for all A6.4ERs first transferred where they are from the sectors and
    GHG [, or the policies and measures] not covered by its NDCs [from [2025][2030] [and may do so prior
    to that date
    ]] [unless the A6.4ERs are not authorized by the host Party to be used towards achievement of
    any NDC]].

83.c Kyoto: CER usage option — must be used by 2023 (just one of many options):


The CERs are used towards achievement of the NDC by transferring them from a holding account of the
Party to a cancellation account in the CDM registry by no later than 31 December [2023][2025][2030];


Article 6.2 text 1am … Nov. 10:


There’s a push for human rights in Article 6

Draft overarching text below.

(Updates with human rights push, Updates with use Kyoto credits by 2023 option, Updates with double-counting section, Updates with Article 6.4 text, analysis)

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