BBC Says Media in Petrostates Struggle to Properly Report Climate Change; I’m in the Employment Tribunal Today Debating My Struggle With Bloomberg News; You Can’t Watch, Yet (1)

Sept. 24, 2021 (LONDON)[UPDATED] — What role has the media played in the climate crisis? BBC Worldwide asked earlier this week.

In petrostates, they struggle to report on the world’s biggest crisis properly, it concluded.

I’m speaking about it in the Employment Tribunal today. The case is Case number: 2205003/2020. It’s a closed session today, the Tribunal says.

It’s about the quality of Bloomberg’s climate coverage, whistleblowing, detriment and allegedly unfair dismissal / my capability.

I was fired last year. The U.S. is a petro state and Bloomberg is based in New York.

Mathew Carr v Bloomberg LP

The hearing today is expected to run 10am to 4pm London time …and the case probably through December at least and there’ll be a hearing in the Employment Appeal Tribunal after I appealed a lower-Tribunal decision to strike out some of my whistleblowing.


The hearing went to about 4pm. My day was even more brutal than I thought it would be … and I thought it would be brutal.

Apparently, whistleblowing in the U.K. about the climate puts your family at huge risk of suffering not only your legal costs, but those of the other side.


Details of BBC show:

Released On: 19 Sep 2021

For decades, around the world, climate change coverage has been thin. Guests discuss why the media in petrol states, in particular, have struggled to tell that story. Science illiteracy in newsrooms has led to a mixture of climate silence and false balance in print and on air. But, even when the science has not been contested, the way the crisis has been reported may have caused audiences to turn away. Can climate coverage learn lessons from how that other hugely consequential science story of our time – the pandemic – has been told? Contributors : Mark Herstsgaard, co-founder Covering Climate Now Marianna Poberezhskaya, associate professor Nottingham Trent University Kris De Meyer, neuroscientist Kings College London Wolfgang Blau, The Reuters Institute Presenter: Graihagh Jackson Producer: Rosamund Jones Editor: Emma Rippon Read less

(Added this on Sept. 30 for clarity: The U.S. is a petro state and Bloomberg is based in New York.)



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