Court Reverses Decision About Openness of my Bloomberg-Climate-Whistleblowing Hearing, After it Happened (3)

–Updates with further Tribunal comments (for transparency rather than enlightenment) — see note 1

Sept. 26-28, 2021 — By Mathew Carr

Friday, I wanted to notify the public that it could listen into my UK Employment Tribunal whistleblowing hearing before it got underway at 10am London time.

I asked the Tribunal for a link for the public to view the hearing. This is the response I got:

Snip of email — I redacted the name of the officer

Friday night, after the long, complicated hearing, I sent this question to the Tribunal — the judge — among some other requests, comments:

OK, I should have included a question mark — it was late.

Still — I was surprised that when I got the decision Saturday, the Tribunal said the hearing was “open”.

See this (I get the impression the judge won’t mind me naming him):

Snip from one of the emails from the Tribunal Saturday; Mr Laddie is the Respondent’s counsel

Making the hearing open only after the fact really does smack of an attempt to cover up just how justice is handed out in UK Employment Tribunals to whistleblowers in 2021 (but I may be missing something, so I’ve asked the Tribunal for further comment and will report back if I hear anything — see note 1 for starters).

By the way — and more on this later — I lost my bids to expand my claim, add additional respondents, whistleblowing, detriments and force additional disclosure from the Respondent (Bloomberg LP) about what pressure it is under from fossil-fuel customers to fashion news a certain way during the climate transition.

NOTE THIS: In limiting viewership of the hearing, the Tribunal/judge might have thought it/he was protecting me from further damage to my reputation. I was self litigating, and possibly not very well.


The case is Case number: 2205003/2020.

It’s about the quality of Bloomberg’s climate coverage, whistleblowing, detriment and allegedly unfair dismissal / my capability.

I was fired in May last year.

Mathew Carr v Bloomberg LP

The hearing Friday ran ~10am to 4:30pm London time …and the case will last probably through December at least and there’ll be a hearing in the Employment Appeal Tribunal after I appealed a lower-Tribunal decision to strike out some of my whistleblowing.

Friday was even more brutal than I thought it would be … and I thought it would be brutal.

Apparently, whistleblowing in the U.K. about the climate puts your family at huge risk of suffering not only your legal costs, but those of the other side.

(Smooths language, adds extra Tribunal comments; more to come. Stay tuned on I’m striving to be balanced. Let me know if I’m not. Comments, offers of pro bono legal help via

A whistle — on a train in Spain, where the plain rains are painfully strained. Receipt is the price (approx) of one metric ton of carbon dioxide in Europe’s carbon market (It needs to quickly double or quadruple and be implemented across the world, say economists). Current price across about 80% of the world: zero. Footprint of Bloomberg LP’s influence on market structure, markets themselves and capital allocation: close to 100% of the world. CarrZee

(Tweaks headline again Sept. 30, earlier to include the word “climate”)


1. Comments from Tribunal on why the hearing was “closed” then “open”; other hearings were open:

Personally, I cannot offer you any explanation as to why this may have happened. It may have been a tribunal error caused by an administrative mistake by the listings department when this case was processed in our electronic dossier.

I do not work for the listings department so I will get your email sent over to them and see whether they can shed some light on this matter.

I will also forward your email to EJ Burns and ask whether they can provide some comments.

I will send a further email to you when I gain some clarity on this matter from other members of the tribunal office.

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