Bill Gates’ Graphyte gets carbon capture costs below $100/ton: Time,internal%20cost%20per%20ton%20is.

Unedited snip: Academics and industry experts generally agree that getting costs down below $100 per ton of sequestered CO2 would be the point at which, economically, such massive carbon capture schemes become feasible.

Many of the largest carbon removal startups project that level of affordability is years or even decades away.

A Bill Gates-backed startup called Graphyte, however, says it’s hit that cost benchmark.

In an announcement this morning [Nov. 13 to be sure], Graphyte claims that its new carbon sequestration technique beats the $100 per ton bar—though it declined to specify exactly what its internal cost per ton is. It has not completed a pilot plant yet—that facility will come next year—but it says there’s nothing holding it back from rapidly scaling up.

(The company has not yet sold the carbon removal service to potential buyers, but it says it will be announcing offtake agreements soon.)

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