NATO pulls out of Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe

CarrZee: this seems like an escalation, yet it perhaps it enhances a deterrent …see below

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Suspension of CFE obligations will strengthen the NATO Alliance’s deterrence and defense capacity by removing restrictions that impact planning, deployments, and exercises

Matthew Miller, US State Department Spokesperson:

Earlier today, the North Atlantic Council issued a statement announcing the decision of NATO Allied States Parties to the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) to suspend all of their obligations under the Treaty. The United States fully joins in and supports this decision. Our suspension of CFE obligations is consistent with our rights under international law, in response to a fundamental change of circumstances caused by the combination of Russia’s withdrawal from the CFE Treaty and its continuing full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine, another CFE State Party, using the very forces the Treaty aims to constrain. The U.S. suspension will take effect on December 7. A number of our CFE partners that are not NATO Allies also support and intend to join us in suspending CFE Treaty obligations in response to Russia’s actions. Russia’s continued destabilizing behavior undermines the key arms control principles of reciprocity, transparency, compliance, and verification, which have for decades been the bedrock of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture.

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