Ramaswamy is a fully ‘bought and paid for’ climate-science denier: Heated (1)

By Mathew Carr


Here is a key snip from the article (I’m not sure I entirely agree, btw):

Denying the need for fossil fuel reduction is climate denial.

Ramaswamy’s style of fossil fuel boosterism, as described by the New Republic, is on the rise in Republican circles. So as we continue to hear it, it’s important to remember two things:

  1. If someone says climate change does not pose a massive threat to human life, economies, and ecosystems, then they are denying the science of climate change. 

  2. If someone says climate change can be effectively managed without reducing the use of fossil fuels, then they are denying the science of climate change.

CarrZee: My view is the fossil fuel industry’s climate damage can be limited by technology, such as carbon capture and storage. But markets need to be fashioned to make that happen.

And fast.

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