Gold Standard Seeks to Help Companies Navigate Convoluted Carbon Credit Market

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Gold Standard Releases Climate Mitigation Framework

Gold Standard unveils a framework for discussion and feedback aimed at helping organisations make a fair contribution towards global climate mitigation efforts. Recognising the necessity for businesses to shift towards making significant strides in global net zero efforts and beyond, this playbook aims to support those navigating the convoluted climate strategy landscape.

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – 22 May 2023 – For global climate mitigation goals to be achieved it is essential that business practices shift towards making a fair contribution to global net zero efforts and beyond. Navigating these waters has proven challenging due to a lack of clear definition of a ‘fair contribution’ and an overflow of initiatives focusing on individual aspects, leading to confusion and contradictory information.

To aid companies, Gold Standard have today released two documents for discussion and feedback under the banner “Fairly Contributing to Global Net Zero”:

  • An initial framework for organizational climate mitigation strategies – a consolidated series of principles and criteria, which provides a credible framework for organisational climate mitigation strategies, set out in a series of principles and criteria. It also provides an outline of which criteria require further development support in terms of supporting tools and guidance, alongside what can still be meaningfully progressed now.
  • Considerations for credible claims – supplementary input to organisations applying the framework, providing discussion, ideas, framing and ‘how to’ considerations.

Margaret Kim, CEO of Gold Standard said:

“For some, the truth of the climate crisis is motivation enough to take action, while other organisations seek business justifications ranging from brand equity and risk mitigation to share price impacts, regulatory readiness, or building a more resilient business. Gold Standard’s new framework provides a clear, comprehensive guide to understanding the key elements of becoming a positive and fair contributor towards global climate goals.”

The newly published documents represent both a strategy playbook and an evaluation of various tools and initiatives that contribute to making a fair contribution towards global net zero efforts. Gold Standard anticipates this work to frame and supplement further developments, including:

  • Unlocking the potential for investment in value chains, continuing work with the Value Change Initiative and the AIM Platform.
  • Exploring the role of sustainable landscapes and nature-based solutions as both goals and tools towards realizing the potential of ambitious corporate action. Additionally, Gold Standard is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Milkywire and Murmur, part of its ongoing efforts to expand and enhance its climate action initiatives.

The framework and supporting documents are initially published for discussion and feedback, with plans to tackle adaptation, nature, and society-focused frameworks in 2024. This will culminate in a holistic vision of positively contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and beyond. Whilst it may be possible to rate or assess a company against these ideas, this was not the intention and is not something Gold Standard is currently pursuing.

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