Global climate cooperation could double the speed of emission cuts

Uncooperative geopolitics is getting in the way of climate action to a huge extent.

Here is one measure of by how much.

Unedited from IETA, updated research:

WASHINGTON, D.C., 18 May – International cooperation under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement could more than double the volume of carbon reductions that nations can make towards their national targets, according to an updated report by the International Emissions Trading Association and the University of Maryland.

A capstone report produced with the help of new and updated research shows that countries that employ Article 6 mechanisms to cooperatively meet their targets could always benefit, regardless of how many countries participate in cooperative mitigation. The degree of benefit and the role of each country (buyer or seller) will depend on what cooperative mitigation “club” the country is part of.

(More to come)

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