Alaska Senate Passes Carbon Credit Bill — I Love Some of the Comments

May 17, 2023: News plus CarrZee comments


The state Senate on Monday unanimously approved allowing Alaska to seek extra revenue via the carbon credits market, which essentially would involve leaving vast amounts of carbon-absorbing areas such as forests undisturbed. The approval came despite strongly voiced concerns by a couple of members.

Within hours the bill authorizing the state to enter such agreements, introduced by Gov. Mike Dunleavy, received its initial consideration by the House Finance Committee during a late-night meeting, part of a series of moves aimed at resolving differences among the House, Senate and governor before the session is scheduled to adjourn Wednesday. Part of the plan involves the House passing what many lawmakers are calling the “trees bill” in time for the Senate concur with any changes.

“We’re trying to work for the governor on one of his priorities,” said state Rep. Neal Foster, a Nome Democrat who co-chair the committee, after Monday night’s meeting.

The bill would also allow legislators to state they are creating a new source of sustainable revenue as part of a long-term fiscal plan, the proposed elements of which are one of the prime causes of division this session.

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