Jarring: Press is Not Free Today in London, Unless Approved by Ministry of Defence; ‘Attack is Likely’ (1)

“We own the streets,” said a representative (no. 35) of JAR, who declined to say who hired the firm.

Another security officer said my UK press card was not enough. I needed a Ministry of Defence -issued pass to view and film the Coronation Parade.

I tried to get a good view of the parade…and a brown-skinned man said my press badge was useless in obtaining any privileges just like the press in Britain was being subjected to persecution like other press around the world.

Attack is Likely

JAR website

Interest Free Mr and Mrs Riches

From JAR’s accounts:

JAR shrinks

Closest I got. Cardboard cutout in shop

I’m astonished how quickly press freedom has vanished in Britain…my chosen home.

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