Getting the world to listen to each other like musicians do: how to solve climate change; Max Richter (1)

I spoke briefly with Max Richter, the famous composer and musician, about how music’s unity – its ability to get us to listen to each other – might show the world how to solve climate change.

Oh – recycled tractor sheds and global tax reform (including a tax on banking transactions), might help too.

He was speaking after his performance for BBC on Earth Day in Mile End Park, east London (April 22).

Click the link to hear the conversation:

BBC concert and another conversation with Richter:

Listen to the performance today at 6:30pm London time on BBC3 and many other radio stations (see below).

CarrZee: The performance was brilliant; acclaimed violinist Elena Urioste stole the show somewhat and the multi-racial Chineke! orchestra was the ultimate demonstration of unity.

(Original link didn’t work, apologies)

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