Whistleblowing around the world: report

Report from 2021, in case you missed it.

Two years ago, the International Bar Association et al conducted the first review of its kind to assess countries with whistleblower legislation against compliance with international best practice. The UK ranked only 12th out of 16 levels of compliance.

Co-published by the International Bar Association (IBA) Legal Policy & Research Unit (LPRU) and Government Accountability Project, the report aimed to support legislators, policy-makers and regulators in designing and developing normative, institutional and judicial frameworks that effectively protect whistleblowers in law – and in reality.

Appendix 2
National laws’ track record for compliance with best practices
(Number of criteria met, followed by relevant national law)
16 – EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, Australia, US
15 – Ireland, Serbia
14 – Namibia
13 – Kosovo
12 – Cayman Islands, Croatia, Latvia, North Macedonia, Zambia
11 – Kenya, New Zealand
10 – Guyana, Lithuania, Republic of Korea
9 – Slovakia
8 – Albania, Jamaica, Malta, Uganda, Vietnam
7 – Bosnia, France, Ghana, Malaysia, Tanzania, Tunisia
6 – Moldova
5 – Britain, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa
4 – Bangladesh, Belgium, Botswana, Italy, Rwanda
3 – Papua New Guinea, Romania, Sweden
2 – Israel, Hungary, Netherlands, Peru
1 – Canada, Lebanon, Norway

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