People worried about the fate of the internal combustion engine miss the big picture

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Is Biden crazy to mothball the ICE car? Not if you look at the big picture.

Yesterday the Biden administration proposed new tailpipe pollution limits that just might turbocharge the clean energy transition. The EPA projects that the new rules could spur automakers to manufacture nearly ten times as many electric vehicles (EVs) over today’s sales.

It’s a tall order for car and truck company leadership and their workers. There will be moaning and groaning, and probably lawsuits and other stalling tactics because this transition will be difficult – with consumers changing their fueling patterns and significant investment needed to expand and upgrade the whole charging network. But it can be done.

The IRA and Infrastructure legislation provided many incentives to smooth the way. Other countries, including China and those in the EU, are doing it a lot faster than us, and when we look at the big picture, it makes so much sense. Transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions in the U.S. The EPA proposal, if enacted, could  reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 56% compared with the cars slated to come off the assembly line in 2026.

Critics say that EVs cost more. But again, let’s look at the big picture. EV prices are declining and the savings owners will accrue – in maintenance, fueling costs and the extended longevity of electric vehicles – make buying one now a smart choice financially. (And did I mention they are much more responsive and fun to drive?!)

Add in the fact these emissions cuts could save significant taxpayer dollars spent remediating the destruction climate change causes to our food and water systems and our homes and communities. Factor in that the energy transition is already creating new jobs and stimulating local economies around the country, and suddenly the big picture becomes much clearer: investing in EVs and other clean energy technology looks downright fiscally prudent.

There’s a simple truth we need to face. The faster we build the road to a smooth transition to cleaner energy, the better. Our children and grandchildren will wonder what took us so long.

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