This one Aussie state wants 8 new coal expansions: Really? Another wants 116 (2)

CarrZee: there needs to be more global coordination about who gets to profit from new coal (and indeed from all new fossil-fuel expansions). The Paris climate deal requires it. I’m not saying it’s going to happen quickly, but it does need to.

“Common but differentiated responsibilities,” the agreement requires.

Australia knows it’s used more than its fair share of the global carbon budget, so time for a reality check. Let’s drop this pretence that it is only domestic emissions that matter.

Selling coal to the rest of Asia and belong is a highly damaging business and that damage needs to be factored into any licence issuing.

If Australia wants to benefit from more of the world’s carbon budget, it needs to do a deal under Article 6 of the Paris agreement. It needs to do a carbon trade.

Key bit:

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