G20 Seeks Expanded Climate-Finance Risk Sharing Facilities

www.g20.org/content/dam/gtwenty/gtwenty_new/document/1st FMCBG Chair Summary.pdf

Key bit: “We recognize the importance of increasing finance from a variety of sources, public and private, bilateral, and multilateral, including alternative sources of finance. We also encourage financial solutions, policies and incentives needed to mobilize capital for the rapid development, demonstration, and deployment of climate technologies, which are vital for a robust ecosystem of climate technology start-ups. We look forward to the development of a list of options to support climate investments and transition activities in line with country circumstances. The options will include ways to expand risk- sharing facilities, as well as policies and financial instruments to support private capital for investment in green and low-carbon technologies. We reiterate the importance of a policy mix consisting of fiscal, market and regulatory mechanisms including, as appropriate, the use of carbon pricing and non-pricing mechanisms and incentives, towards carbon neutrality and net zero. We look forward to the compendium comprising the discussions at the workshop on “Non-Pricing Policy Levers to Support Sustainable Investment”.”

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