India-Born-and-Raised Banga Nominated to Head World Bank: FT Page 1 Splash

CarrZee: Banga is also an immigration expert, which might come in handy, since climate change is boosting migrant flows …(see Whitehouse comments below).

From the Whitehouse website:

Statement from Vice President Harris on U.S. Nomination of Ajay Banga to Lead World Bank

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Ajay Banga will be a transformative World Bank President as the institution works to deliver on its core development goals and address pressing global challenges, including climate change.

Since I was elected Vice President, Ajay and I have worked closely together on a new model of public-private partnership designed to address the root causes of migration in Northern Central America.

Through that partnership, nearly 50 businesses and organizations have mobilized to generate more than $4.2 billion in commitments that will create opportunity and hope for people in the region.

Ajay has brought great insight, energy, and persistence to the challenges of promoting economic development and tackling the root causes of migration.

India-Pakistan Border at Night
India-Pakistan Border at Night by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC-BY 2.0

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