Assange Should be Freed; Journalists Should Fear Espionage Act: Many, Many Important People (6)

(Part of CarrZee series on: there is no climate justice without press freedom)

Picture report and links by Mathew Carr (a “possible” climate whistleblower, according to at least two judges in the UK judiciary …though more judges labeled my whistleblowing as “non whistleblowing”)

Journalists will stop highlighting wrongs because of the US Espionage Act, multiple people said today in Washington DC.

Press conference labelled a “tribunal” was on today, Jan. 20, 2023.

UK politician Jeremy Corbyn (Labour)

Chevron whistleblower:

Assange’s Dad: 14 years of torment, due process is everyone’s right stemming from the Magna Carter

Assange himself, here — apparently a careful, thoughtful, protective journalist:

(Not part of the event, like many of these CarrZee stories – I present them here for context)

Ellsberg, famous whistleblower in history, asks to be prosecuted (please Mr Biden), or set Assange free …SEE NOTE BELOW AND STORY SNIP

US regards its biggest enemies as those who expose its abuse of power: Vijayan

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As supporters of Julian Assange fear his extradition to the United States could be just weeks away, and President Biden faces growing pressure to drop espionage charges against Assange, we are joined for an exclusive joint interview with Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and John Young, the founder of, who have both asked the Department of Justice to indict them for possessing or publishing the same documents as the WikiLeaks founder.

The Biden administration is asking the U.K. government to extradite Assange to the U.S., where he faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage and hacking charges for the release of documents that exposed war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Ellsberg has revealed that he was in possession of confidential documents leaked by former military analyst Chelsea Manning and given to him as backup by WikiLeaks, and Young says he published some of the same documents days before WikiLeaks did.

“If they succeed with Julian Assange, … we will not have a First Amendment,” says Ellsberg.

“This accusation against Assange would be illegal against an American citizen, so we think it’s selective prosecution and it should cease,” adds Young.

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