AUDIO: 1 hr 14 mins… Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange’s Phone Call With Hillary Clinton’s State Department: Project Veritas (1)

Jan. 4, 2023–CarrZee: This audio is fascinating because it shows how Mr Assange was determined to publish military secrets and protect “his” scoop, against the wishes of a powerful government.

Assange seems to think the US government may have had a way of removing things from the Internet….ie if it had the encryption key, file locations.

Twitter under Elon Musk has been revealing how the US government sought to censor/control information during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Assange campaign press release:


Supporters of award-winning journalist and WikiLeaks publisher, Julian Assange say the World’s most famous political prisoner may be unconditionally released as soon as March this year.
Julian’s freedom has now been arbitrarily detained for almost 13 years since he published a series of 250,000 confidential US diplomatic documents known as Cablegate, that were leaked to him by US Military Analyst, Chelsea Manning.

For seven years he sought asylum in the London Ecuadorian Embassy where he was arrested on 12 April 2019 and has been held since without conviction in the high-security British Belmarsh Prison usually used for terrorists and members of organised crime groups. Julian faces extradition to the US and a sentence of up to 175 years in an American maximum-security prison.

“There is a global wave of support for Julian’s release” said brother, Gabriel Shipton.

“The hypocrisy of Julian’s persecution is so obvious even his detractors are calling for his release. They join every major press freedom and human rights NGO, a growing list of world leaders, journalist associations and unions, plus millions of everyday concerned citizens.”

On ABC TV News Breakfast this week, Global Affairs Editor John Lyons said he expects Julian will be ‘unconditionally released’ by March.

“My sources tell me that there is considerable movement behind the scenes on the matter of Julian Assange and that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is strongly in favour of the matter being brought to an end within the next two months, with the release of Mr Assange. The overwhelming sentiment in the Australian Cabinet is that the US military officer involved in the whole matter is now free yet the Australian publisher remains in prison,” said John Lyons.
On 28 November last year, the original five media groups who helped Julian and WikiLeaks publish ‘Cablegate’ in 2010, united to call on the US to drop the charges against Julian. In a letter to US President Joe Biden, the editors and publishers of The New York Times (US), The Guardian (UK), Der Spiegel (Germany), Le Monde (France) and El Pais (Spain) citied that the continued US persecution of Julian it is a direct attack on press freedom and sets a dangerous precedence for the future of journalism and free speech.

Publishing is not a crime: The US government should end its prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing secrets.
On 4 December, Elon Musk conducted a 24-hour Twitter poll asking if Julian Assange should be pardoned, 3.3 million people responded with 80.5% saying that Julian should be pardoned.At the Woodford Folk Festival last week, Prime Minister Albanese reiterated his statement made in the Australian Parliament on 30 November 2022. He told festival-goers that he has made diplomatic requests on behalf of Julian Assange: “It is time that this matter be brought to a close. We have made representations to the US Government. We have made our views very clear to the US administration and we will continue to do that.”In London, Julian’s wife Stella Assange said that their legal team has made a request for Julian to attend the funeral of his close friend and staunch supporter, Dame Vivienne Westwood.
“There is no obvious reason why the prison would not be able to grant the request. There are good compassionate grounds why it should,” said Stella Assange, whose wedding dress and son’s wedding kilts were designed by the late designer.Additional quotes from Stella Assange:
“Julian is 51. He was 39 when I met him, and I have never known him as a free man. Julian is a husband. A father to two young children. He is an award-winning publisher. He is a political prisoner relentlessly persecuted for publishing truthful information that was unquestionably in the public interest.
He is currently detained in the crushingly oppressive Belmarsh Prison, known as Britain’s Guantanamo Bay. Julian is locked up for over 20 hours a day.
His mental and physical health are in steady decline because of his mistreatment over the years, and because of his day-to-day environment which he has had to endure month after month, year after year. He is an innocent man that needs to be allowed his freedom.
If he is extradited to the United States his treatment will only get far, far worse. Julian’s freedom is the ultimate test for Western democracy. Julian’s life hangs in the balance. His imprisonment is intolerable on every level.”
Quotes from Greg Barns SC, Assange Campaign Legal Advisor and Tony Nagy, Assange Campaign Policy Advisor:
“On Wednesday and Thursday this week, the UK and Canadian Governments are hosting a conference in London called Defend Media Freedom. Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne is participating.
The irony is, that in the same city behind bars languishes Julian Assange, the journalist and publisher of WikiLeaks. His ‘crime’ is reporting on murders and other atrocities committed by the US and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Reporting war crimes is a duty for every citizen. For journalists it can often be the pinnacle of their career.
Julian Assange and WikiLeaks revealed to the world in 2010 the war crimes, including the killing of journalists, of the United States and its allies in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. That Assange finds himself fighting an attempt by the United States to jail him for 175 years because of the fact that he did his duty, represents an attack on that duty.”See all 224 Assange supporter organisationsAvailable for further media comment:Gabriel Shipton – brother of Julian AssangeJohn Shipton – father of Julian AssangeGreg Barns SC – Assange Campaign Legal AdvisorMedia contact:   Jodie Harrison  0425 754 370

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