Greenwash regulators in U.K., EU and US are messing with your head; you need to respond to their consultations

This snip from the UK Financial Conduct Authority regulator shows how it and its counterparts across the Channel and across the Atlantic are messing with your head.

You need to respond to this one by Jan. 25. If you don’t, greenwashing could get even worse.

Ask them to make it much more simple, would be my advice. It appears they are trying to erode their own accountability for the climate crisis, perhaps? Will their proposals slow the response or make it faster?

Please keep these questions in mind as you respond to their consultations. There are multiple overlapping consultations going on right now. Check out this for a couple at the global level.

Instead of just putting a price on carbon emissions– making polluters pay — they are doing things like this:

Check out this crazy stuff:

The UK regulator explains how UK companies / sellers of ESG products need to “label” their products ESG compliant, or otherwise. Note that SFDR is the EU version, SEC is the US version. See the full report to untangle the alphabet soup. “Our” is the FCA.

I guess Britain should be glad the FCA is at least trying to explain how the like-for-like works…might work.

See page 83 of this full consultation document:

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