Vivienne Westwood knew capitalism needs to be saved: you rest in peace but we won’t (2)

Here is a terrific rant from Feb. 2018 … even more relevant today (I’m modernising slightly for the times)

1. Opposition needs to say anything privatised today under this government will be taken back without compensation if the opposition gets into office

2. Sellers of a new, more sustainable way of doing business won’t be demonised this time by the billionaire press

3. The world is bankrupt. The system is wrong. We need a green economy. That will save us. It’s in total decline this economy. It causes poverty; it causes climate change; it causes death

4. In the end the market won’t exist because people will either be too poor or dead

5. It’s run on investor bubbles; they create bubbles; it’s pass the parcel because they know it’s shit what they are selling

And I feel the need to add: Given Westwood complained so much about the existing capitalist system, it’s surprising her store does not include more low-cost items.

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