Sri Lanka to Turn its Beauty Into an Economic Asset via Carbon Credits

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Sri Lanka 🇱🇰 will find a green way out of the crisis!

I had a delightful Sunday afternoon meeting with President Wickremesinghe in his home in Colombo.

The President is determined to use green investments to reduce the hardships facing Sri Lanka. He wants to set up a coordinating unit for climate change. It will work with investors and global institutions to supercharge investments in solar, wind, hydro and green hydrogen.

We discussed the huge opportunity for Sri Lanka to obtain international carbon credits to restore mangroves, plant trees and protect forest and nature. Turning the beauty of the island into an economic asset!

It’s time for optimism in Sri Lanka 🇱🇰!

I have had five great days in Sri Lanka discussing how this wonderful island can find a green way out of the economic hardships facing most people. President Wickremesinghe has the vision that investments in solar, wind, hydro and green hydrogen can bring numerous jobs. Conservation of mangroves, wetlands, forests and tree planting can provide jobs financed by international carbon credits. The President has asked me to help.

I have met leaders from most political camps. They all agree that time has come to solve both the economic and ethnic crisis. An agreement with IMF, China and India will relieve the economic pain. The All Party conference led by the President must lead to solutions to the ethnic issue based on the 13th amendment to the Constitution.

It’s time for hope in Sri Lanka! 👍

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