It’s a pity Biden does not show this scale of leadership on the climate fight

See this Washington Post story

Opinion by Mathew Carr

The democratic world in Europe appreciates US money to help protect it against Russia’s aggression.

Yet it is a pity President Biden can’t spend these resources – political and financial – on the climate fight, which is even more important.

I’m pleased some Republicans are skeptical about continued funding for war when funding to find compromise would be money better spent.

And funding to change markets in favor of nature protection and GHG cuts would top even that.

President Putin should realise he can’t win this war and if he wants his country to have any sort of future (especially one supplying natural gas) he must curb his aggression and step down as President.

If peace talks can’t be started, perhaps turning the contested area between Russia and Ukraine into a completely new country should be considered…before it is returned to Ukraine at a future time.

In the meantime, the political and financial focus should be on the global climate fight.

It is pathetic that America can only repair the climate by pretending it is solving a different problem entirely (ie inflation).

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