Gold Standard on Article 6: Rulemaking slowed by tricky concepts

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COP27: What happened on Article 6 and carbon markets, and (why) does it matter?

If you missed [Gold Standard’s] latest webinar from the Article 6 series, you can watch the recording over on [Gold Standard’s] website [or use this link below to You Tube, because the Gold Standard ink didn’t work for me]:

[Gold Standard’s] Head of Market, Hugh Salway, was joined by a panel of carbon market experts to reflect on the decisions taken (and not taken) on Article 6 during COP27, plus the related initiatives that were announced and developments that took place outside of the negotiation rooms.

  • Lisa DeMarco, Senior Partner and CEO, Resilient LLP, covered some of the most central questions, including, What is meant by the term “authorisation”? Can authorisation be revoked? What does the new term “mitigation contribution” mean for the market?
  • Jonathan Crook, Global Carbon Markets Policy Expert, Carbon Market Watch, shared his perspective on the outcomes, including the lack of clarity around confidentiality and 6.2., after being a delegate in the negotiations rooms himself.
  • Florian Eickhold, Climate Finance and Carbon Market Expert, atmosfair gGmbH shared a project developer perspective and his optimism that COP27 provided some of the right signals to create further movement towards a Paris-aligned market.
  • Teresa Hartmann, Director, Voluntary Carbon Market Formation, International Emissions Trading Association, spoke about pertinent questions related to carbon credit claims, in particular around credits with corresponding adjustments and what that may mean for market actors.

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