Climate-Killer Countries Want Control of Deeming Who’s Vulnerable and Who’s Not: Person

By Mathew Carr, Egypt

— Nov. 18, 2022 — Countries most responsible for the climate crisis are seeking to control who determines which countries are vulnerable to climatic events and which are not, according to a credible UN envoy familiar with the matter in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where COP27 negotiations are taking place.

It’s a way for rich countries to create a loophole, in case they don’t want to pay what’s due, said the person.

Emerging countries are seeking establishment of the fund that will pay out immediately as climate events take place, easing their impact. They want a system to pay for loss and damage.

“Loss and damage is lost and damaged,” said a different envoy familiar with negotiations, around noon on Friday in Egypt.

Who is most responsible for climate death?

Source: Carbon Brief


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