UN Climate Envoys to Give Themselves Another Year to Identify Non-Market Approaches

Nov. 8, 2022

Opinion By Mathew Carr

The climate envoys in Egypt are suggesting an identification phase through 2023, though there is an option (C) to drop the phased approach to non-market climate action.

This shows why the market approaches to cutting emissions that can be deployed right now (including Article 6.4 as far as possible), should be implemented, urgently.

I’m unclear what the Article 6.8 negotiators have been doing if they have not identified “non-market activities” by now, seven years after the Paris climate deal was struck.

Message me at mathew@carrzee.net if you have some insight.

See this section (for instance) of the draft negotiation doc., below (emphasis added):

Option A

{2022–2023 focus on para. 8(a) and (b)(i) and 2024–2025 focus on para.

(a) An [identification phase]first phase that focuses on work
programme activities referred to in paragraph 8(a) and (b)(i) of the annex to decision
4/CMA.3, with a view to providing Parties an opportunity to establish a better understanding
of existing and possible non-market approaches;


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