Global emissions may be little changed 2019-2030, destroying chance to save climate: UNFCCC

Climate targets under the Paris climate planned by nations will see flat emissions instead of a 50% cut in the period: nationally determined contributions.

See this snip from a new report (below).

Total global GHG emissions (without LULUCF) taking into account implementation of the latest NDCs are estimated to be around 53.4 (51.8–55.0) Gt CO2 eq in 2025 and 52.4 (49.1–55.7) Gt CO2 eq in 2030, which are:
(a) In 2025, 53.7 per cent higher than in 1990 (34.7 Gt CO2 eq), 12.6 per cent higher than in 2010 (47.4 Gt CO2 eq) and 1.6 per cent higher than in 2019 (52.6 Gt CO2 eq);
(b) In 2030, 50.8 per cent higher than in 1990, 10.6 per cent higher than in 2010 and 0.3 per cent lower than in 2019, as well as 1.9 per cent lower than the estimated level for 2025, indicating the possibility of global emissions peaking before 2030.

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