UK PM Liz Truss Could Have Saved Herself by Being Honest About the Free Markets She Loved (1)

By Mathew Carr

October 21, 2022

European natural gas markets have dropped 63% from their peak.

So. Where are the honest utilities dropping their prices carged to customers?

That would help taxpayers and voters.

Where are the central banks dropping their interest rates, which were hiked in recent months?… because of the high natgas prices?

euros / MWh

Free markets are not necessarily good if they are left unchecked.

But if Liz Truss had admitted the free markets needed strong guardrails, she might have survived her role as British PM.

If she had educated her party and the electorate to understand that higher carbon prices probably need to replace retreating natural gas prices to help save the climate (the carbon pain will be a lot less than the natgas pain, believe me).

But, she didnt. So she was forced to resign (and for a few other reasons …ahem).

She should have thought more long term.

Perhaps I gave her too much credit, here:

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