Pipeline Sabotage Tweet From Former Poland Minister Points at U.S.: ‘Thank You USA’ (3)

News and analysis by Mathew Carr

Sept. 29-Oct. 4, 2022

CarrZee wonders whether it really was the USA — or interests associated with it — who blew up natural gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2.

To prevent Europe from gaining access to Russian natgas indefinitely this way, before the outcome of the Russia-Ukraine war is known, would seem like some sort of diplomatic outrage. That’s because it boosts European natgas prices in the short term, mid term, and maybe even in the long term.

Comments my way. The political theatre is coming thick and fast.

See below and this Tweeted excerpt of a Bloomberg video interview, also:

Sky News: Fourth leak revealed on Nord Stream pipelines as Russia denies sabotage

Teams with underwater drones are expected to investigate but it could take a week or so before it’s safe enough to begin, Sky said.

Russia has denied it sabotaged the pipelines, it said…Its (Russia’s) foreign ministry also claimed the leaks occurred in an area controlled by US intelligence, according to RIA Novosti news agency.

See also: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/tucker-carlson-nord-stream-pipeline-russia-b2177405.html

Has the US denied involvement?

My publishing software, WordPress, is now denying me the ability to embed the Tweet. I took a photo of it, and put it in the notes below.


From Days Before the War

Other officials had said similar things, the previous month. See this from Victoria Nuland from the State Dept., the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs:

This type of speculation arose after the sabotage:

The pipeline sabotage is also spurring Europe’s climate transition, even as it causes a huge spill of methane / natural gas into the atmosphere. That gas traps 80 times more heat than CO2, so this is a significant climate-damaging event.

Still, the ocean will absorb some of it.

A faster transition away from fossil fuels would be a good turn, and could help inspire the US to do the same.

The timing of the explosions was also spectacular, potentially symbolic, because a rival supply line carrying natgas from Norway was being completed – the Baltic Pipeline. See this from its website:

27/09/2022 (unedited – emphasis added)

GAZ-SYSTEM completed Baltic Pipe construction

GAZ-SYSTEM has completed the construction of Baltic Pipe – the most important energy project implemented as part of the [Polish] government’s strategy to diversify sources of gas supply for Poland. Both the offshore part of the pipeline system and the onshore facilities are ready to start gas transmission.

On September 27, pipeline launching ceremony was held at the Goleniów gas compressor station with the participation of the President of Poland and representatives of the governments of Poland, Denmark and Norway.

The objective of Baltic Pipe is to diversify sources of gas supply to Poland and Denmark, as well as other countries in the Baltic Sea region and Central and Eastern Europe. The project will provide Poland with direct access to gas deposits located on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The new interconnector between Poland and Denmark will significantly enhance the stability, security and competitiveness of the gas market in this part of Europe.

The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and representatives of the governments of the Republic of Poland, the Kingdom of Denmark and the Kingdom of Norway attended the opening ceremony at the Goleniów compressor station.

– For the past years, we have been preparing to gain independence from an unreliable partner – the Russian Federation. Diversification of natural gas supplies to Poland ensures energy security, and the Baltic Pipe interconnector is a symbol of Polish energy sovereignty. In these uncertain times our situation is stable. In the aftermath of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the domestic, but also the European energy sector is now at a turning point. Owing to its geographic location and strategic investment projects, Poland will also have the opportunity to play a key role in ensuring regional security  – said Anna Moskwa, Minister of Climate and Environment [Poland].


The act of apparent sabotage also happened under the cover of a developing financial crisis — as interest rates spike around the world, hurting debt-laden developing countries.

This adds to a polycrisis that includes climate, inflation and skyrocketing energy prices…all fueling anger and discontent among people around the world.

Photo snips

(Correctsthis Biden section above to say “days” before the war instead of two days; adds context, Baltic pipeline, Nuland)

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