Carbon credits could help big G7 firms tracking 2.7 C rise in temperature (1)

CarrZee: this is why it is important that Article 6 of the Paris climate deal is locked down this year….6.4 + voluntary market can be merged!

Let’s go.



G7 firms failing Paris agreement on 2.7°C warming path

  • Analysis of corporate climate targets suggests they need a step change to achieve Paris agreement
  • Progress on target-setting since 2020 ‘cools’ European economy by 0.3°C,to 2.4°C
  • Asian and North American companies fare worse, at 3.1°C and 2.9°C respectively 
  • In Canada – the worst in G7 – under half of corporate emissions covered by targets.

September 6, 2022 (Berlin): Global leaders will meet in Sharm el-Sheikh in November to keep the Paris agreement’s 1.5°C target alive, but climate ambition in G7 economies and beyond is putting the COP27 vision out of reach, according to new analysis by non-profit CDP and global management consultancy Oliver Wyman.

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