Energy firm to give customers cheaper energy bills if they live in areas supplied with wind power (1)

CarrZee: These type of programs giving discounts for clean energy will speed the energy transition: those that reward clean energy will see profits surge.

UK Mirror newspaper (unedited, but I tweaked the order of the sentences):

The CEO of Octopus Energy has warned the worst of price rises “have not yet passed on to customers” as the company slashes bills by up to half for lucky customers in three areas.

Octopus, which has a “Fan Club” that gives cheaper electricity if you live near wind turbines, has expanded a scheme that allows households to get up to £350 off their annual bills.

The energy tariff is already available in two locations, but now Octopus has launched its third local tariff in Halifax in Yorkshire.

When the wind blows, the unique tariff can provide customers in the HX2 postcode area of Halifax with a discount of up to 50% off the unit rate, which the company estimates can save households around £350 on their annual bill.

In an email to energy users, Greg Jackson said global gas prices are around eight times higher due to Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine .

He claimed that as the energy price cap is based on wholesale costs, the worst of these hikes “have not yet passed on” to Brits.

His comments come as the energy firm announces plans to give customers cheaper energy bills if they are fortunate enough to live in three areas that are supplied with renewable wind power.

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