U.S. climate measure advances in 51-50 Senate vote: NYT + CNN (1)


The Senate on Saturday voted to advance Democrats’ sweeping health care and climate bill toward final passage — putting the package on track to pass the chamber as soon as this weekend.

The first procedural vote to proceed to the bill succeeded by a 51-50 tally, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. The Senate is now taking a series of amendment votes as part of a process known on Capitol Hill as a “vote-a-rama” — which is expected to stretch into early Sunday. A vote on final passage of the blll will take place when amendment votes end, the timing of which it is not yet clear.

The bill — named the Inflation Reduction Act — would represent the largest climate investment in US history and make major changes to health policy by giving Medicare the power for the first time to negotiate the prices of certain prescription drugs and extending expiring health care subsidies for three years. The legislation would impose new taxes to pay for it.

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