Denmark agrees $159 Carbon Price, Europe’s Highest: Press

Reuters snip: The total CO2 levy will be 1,125 Danish crowns ($159) per tonne by 2030 for companies subject to the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and will consist of a 375 crowns fee on top of the projected 2030 price of EU carbon permits of 750 crowns.

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From government press release Saturday:

The ambition is that all gas in Denmark will be green by 2030, and that from 2035 there will be no homes that are heated with gas.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has stressed that climate policy and security policy are inextricably linked. The green transition is therefore crucial for the climate and the independence of Russian energy. In continuation of the proposal Denmark can more II have entered into the agreement with the Liberal Party, the Socialist People's Party, the Radical Left, the Unity List, the Conservative People's Party, the Danish People's Party, the Liberal Alliance, the Alternative and the Christian Democrats.

With this agreement, Denmark will be a large green power plant for the whole of Europe, when we now create the opportunity for a fivefold increase in Danish offshore wind turbine power in 2030. It is absolutely crucial for the climate and to make Denmark independent of Russian energy that a broad and responsible majority in the Folketing now stand together and show that Denmark can do more. 

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