EV that goes 1,200 kms on a single charge … now we are talking (1)


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Time and again, the number one complaint we hear about EVs (besides non-existent mandates) is driving range. To some, even a Tesla Model S doesn’t have enough range, even though versions of it now top 400 miles on a charge. Even the affordable Chevrolet Bolt gets 259 miles. What mileage would be enough for these naysayers? 500 miles? 600? How about 752 miles without needing a charge?

Our Next Energy—stylized as ONE and based out of Novi, Michigan—has achieved just that using a battery the same size as the Tesla Model S P100’s battery pack. Dubbed “Gemini,” the battery pack employs ONE’s own battery management and controls, and it was installed in an otherwise unmodified the Model S.

The Trip

2020 Tesla Model S Our Next Energy ONE Gemini Battery 17

According to ONE, its upgraded Tesla Model S tester went on a road trip from its headquarters north up the “Mitten” of Michigan and back, traveling on highways and averaging about a speed of 55 mph. The semi-scientific trip hooked east over through Detroit using I-96 and then followed I-94 west to Ann Arbor before joining with State Route 52 to get back to I-95 and Lansing. Then the team took I-69 to stay on the west side before heading north on State Route 127 and merging with I-75 around Pere Cheney.

Old One

Not this kind of battery

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