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A carbon budget is the total amount of additional carbon dioxide that we can add to the atmosphere to limit the chance of average #globalwarming to a given temperature.

It’s a helpful way to consider it, unlike ‘net zero by _insert date here_’ which is unhelpful.

It’s a bit like managing finances. Imagine you have an overdraft limit, and that you are currently borrowing a lot of money every year, so much so that if you don’t do something about it you’ll hit that limit in around 5-7 years time.

Net zero by 2050 is: “by 2050 i plan to not be borrowing more (and i haven’t a clue how I’ll do that, but who cares, it’s 28 yrs away).”

That’d be a stupid way of thinking about it because that way it’s certain that you will go over your limit.

Understanding what your total budget is, and reducing your borrowing every year so you stay within that limit is much more sensible… That’s pretty basic finance management surely?

In the UK, to stay within the carbon budget that limits the chance of warming by 1.5°C to a 50:50 chance (rubbish odds admittedly) would require a year on year reduction in emissions, starting now, of around 13% (ish).

The added bonus is that IF we were doing that (which we’re not) in less than a year that would also more than deal with all the natural gas and oil that the UK gets from Russia.

Paying companies to dig up more of the stuff is like taking on credit card debt to bail our overdraft out – we know that’s a really stupid idea that puts us further into ‘debt’.

We’d surely only do that if:
1- we couldn’t think of any better options.
2 – OR if we were stupid (see 1).
3 – OR if we secretly worked for the credit card company.


See here for a cool impact tool.

See here too for the Tyndall Carbon Budget tool.

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  1. This blather about ‘Net Zero’ is insane. For starters . . . There is no such thing as ‘Clean or Green Energy’ !

    ALL Energy Production of ALL kinds . . . Poisons Planet Earth . . . Somewhere, Somehow . . .

    Do Not be fooled . . . Wind Turbines . . . Solar Panels . . . Bio-Fuels . . . Electric Cars . . . ALL BAD!

    They ALL have a Huge Carbon Footprint Hidden behind the Propaganda . . .

    Why Have we NOT been Told . . . Where is Government? Where is the Media?

    Today . . . We are going to Question ‘What’ we are being taught . . .

    In the beginning, the goal for all ‘Right Thinking’ people on Planet Earth was to clean-up the disgusting mess humans have been making on Planet Earth since The Industrial Revolution . . . What Ever it takes!

    That Said . . . This is where Manipulation and Propaganda raise their Ugly Heads. We are ALL so focused on cleaning up the environment ‘At All Costs’ that we forget to ask . . . How Clean are the Alternatives?
    So, I Ask . . . How Clean or Dirty are the Alternatives ??

    THAT is a Dirty question . . . That makes me one of those ‘Deniers’ . . . NO . . . I want the TRUTH!

    This is where it gets Ugly, because ALL the Alternatives to conventional energy production are just as bad, or worse, than burning Fossil Fuels in conventional ways of producing Energy and / or Electricity !

    There is one big advantage of ‘Carbon Offsets’. If you’re the company selling them, they can provide a significant revenue stream! The best example of this, beyond those ‘Clean Energy Producers’ as wind and solar or bio fuels, is Tesla. Yes, that Tesla we all know and love, the Electric Car maker. Tesla who sold Carbon Credits on the ‘Market-Based Carbon Emissions Trading Exchanges’ to the tune of over 2 Billion dollars of Credits in 2021. About $2,000 per car, because Environmentalists, under the Kyoto Accord, have declared Electric Cars Officially, ‘Emissions Free’ . . . Those Carbon Credits sold for Each Car . . . Permit ‘Excess Polluters’ to buy those credits and ADD about 400 Tons more CO2 to the Atmosphere to meet their ‘Net Zero’ targets without spending a dime on cleanup. That’s the ‘Net Zero’ and the ‘Clean Energy’ Program hard at work . . . Just shuffling Pollution around . . . But Hey . . . It looks Soo good . . . On Paper . . . Advocates call this Success . . . I DO NOT!

    All of this and how I expose the complete fraud of ‘Net Zero’ is from the following paper . . .

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