LETTER Yale News: Price Carbon and Break Free from Global Oil Markets

Yale News: See link…https://apple.news/AV2K6_A_vSAGTH8hFb1R0Aw

excerpt here:

To decarbonize, we need effective policy that will accelerate the transition without harming our collective well-being. Carbon pricing in the form of “Carbon Cashbacks” can accomplish this by putting us on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050. It makes big polluters pay then transfers cash to American households. It creates jobs and eliminates pollution, saving lives. If warming is stopped by 2ºC, researchers expect more than 4.5 million premature deaths will be avoided, not to mention the 3.5 million hospitalizations and emergency room visits, and approximately 300 million lost work days in the U.S. The health gains to be made through carbon pricing are astronomical, something that resonates deeply with me as a master’s student in the School of Public Health.

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